Best Things In Life

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Years ago I made the choice to make hockey my number one priority.
That’s why I let her go…

Exchanging a bro-hug with Alan Bigsby, I look past him to the girl standing next to him.
Did I say girl? I meant she-devil.
“Nate, how was your summer?” he says. “Great to see you back, man.”
The musty air in the old house–Big Man on Campus House–stills and presses in as the three of us stand in the front hall.
“This is my new girl, Sarina Torini.” Bigsby pulls her into his side and her eyes flash, chin lifting in defiance as she stares me down. “She says you knew each other a while back. You remember her?” Bigsby looks from Sarina to me, broad smile announcing he’s on top of the world, expecting an innocent answer.
“Sadly, I do remember Sarina.” I admit, keeping my voice neutral in spite of my words. His smile stumbles but refuses to fall. I go on, “but not because I haven’t spent a lot of whiskey and two-fisted nights trying to forget her.” It’s not in me to lie or pretend.
I stare at her startled deep brown eyes. I could still drown in them after all this time. She takes in a quick breath, then she recovers, glaring back at me and I can feel the frost forming on my dick…

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