Best Man on Campus

Some guys get stupid when they fall for a girl. Some guys are just born stupid.

Not sure which I am, but I am sure I’m hooked on Jazzy. The worst possible broken girl on campus. Damaged by unholy demons from her past, she has a razor-sharp take-no-prisoners attitude that runs true and deep.

No matter.
She had me the first time I heard her open her mouth and sing. Her tragic voice spoke of soul-splitting pain and I knew I should run the other way.
But in the crowded bar in front of all my teammates, she has to dare me.
I shouldn’t be charmed by her broken, hard-luck anti-charm, but I have to take her dare.

No matter if it leads us down a path of mutual self-destruction. I need to try to save her.

The thing I never expect is the devastating chemistry we have in bed, and worse, the vulnerable underbelly of the grittiest, toughest woman I’ve ever met.

But if I save Jazzy from her demons, who’s going to save me and my heart from her?

*Warning: Adult language and sex.

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