Turnagain Love

Two people alone on an island, not marooned, but both trying to do the same job. A sweet romance with humor.”I still don’t see what the flap was,” he said, using the amazed tone men use when a woman has just done what to them seems illogical. “Why the stranded sailor routine? All you had to do was start the generator. And the canoe in the basement is in good condition.” Jennel stopped gathering her clothes to stare at him. Canoe? Generator?

Enjoy a delightful story of pure romance set on a beautiful but deserted island in the middle of the lovely San Juan Islands of Washington State. A girl from Boston with long flowing black hair and eyes the color of a blue lake enchants the handsome man who wants nothing more than to get her off the island so he can concentrate on his job there. Weather, the tides, and a crusty old sea captain contrive to keep the two together. What fun!

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