TATIANA (The Trouble Sisters Saga )

If her father knew what Arnold was doing to her, he would destroy him. She promised herself that wouldn’t happen. If anyone killed Arnold, she would.

Tatiana Trouble, the redheaded middle Trouble sister, is proud of the women’s shelter she created. The Sanctuary is helping countless women and their children survive the ravages of abuse. Unlike her brazen sisters, Tatiana is quiet, reserved, and something of an enigma. An acknowledged leader in the domestic abuse arena, she’s determined to provide a peaceful life for her two young children. Unfortunately, her former husband is far from on board. Rather, his goal is to make her life as close to a living hell as he can.

Zane Wilder, the formidable district attorney, is more than a little cocky. As the dashing chief law enforcement officer of the county, he has reason to be. Attracted to the beautiful, accomplished redhead, Zane is fascinated by Tatiana’s shy, somewhat aloof demeanor. It isn’t surprising that she seems determined to keep him at a distance. Zane admits that in addition to his reputation as a politician on the move, he’s also known for being a man on the make.

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