State of Play: Passion Meets Politics (The Candidate Book 2)

Shocked at Gia’s entry into what he’d assumed would be a walk in the park campaign, her hapless political opponent brazenly labels Logan her sugar daddy. He ups the ante claiming that Gia sold her body to get his financial support. Given Logan’s special operative background, it was an unwise move at best.

In his former Special Operative career, lying and lying well was often a matter of life and death. Logan admits it’s questionable if that excuses his lies of omission to Gia regarding his current operation. He has to hope what’s usually considered dishonorable isn’t when the life and well-being of the woman he’s deeply in love with is at stake.

Logan is an entrepreneurial genius, accustomed to ruling every arena he chooses to enter. No shrinking violet, Gia rules her life with an iron hand. It’s not surprising that occasionally in public and, particularly behind closed doors, their relationship is an explosion waiting to happen.

Gia admits the problem with Logan’s commanding arrogance, in addition to annoying the hell out of her, it also turns her on.

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