She’s Me

Spoiled model, Jenna McBride, sits on a bench in 2006, pricks her finger on a magic rose bush and gets transported back to 1963 England to inhabit the body of a chubby Cinderella, Lucy McGillicuddy. As her spiritual roommate, Jenna’s cynicism forces Lucy to adhere to a model’s lifestyle of sparse eating and physical exercise. Lucy’s body undergoes changes, becoming svelte and beautiful. Conversely, Lucy’s kind-hearted, generous spirit leaves a lasting impression on the temperamental fashion plate who exists inside her.

Along with the helpful Dr. Andrews, Dr. John Norman, the man Lucy loves, plans to help Jenna return to her own body. Jenna’s Business Manager, Jake, assists and mistakenly shifts into Dr John’s body. Now the four spirits are vying over two bodies. Meanwhile, Jenna realizes an attraction for Jake, who’s very endearing, and she falls madly in love with him. While you giggle over their antics, these four appealing characters will steal your heart.

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