Johnny’s Girl

Will he choose the Mission or the Girl?
Counter-terrorist Agent, Johnny Garino is hot on the trail of a deadly terrorist, until he gets a call. The body of his high-school sweetheart has been found in a mine on his family ranch. He has to come home. Slam dunk, he thinks, until he discovers the investigating cop is the girl who stole his heart and never gave it back.
Small town cop, Gemma Connors doesn’t believe Johnny had anything to do with the death of their old friend, but after another body is found, and an attempt made on Gemma’s life, it’s clear they have a killer living among them. And he’s not done.
All Johnny knows is he can’t let anything happen to Gemma. But straddling two worlds is proving more difficult than he thought. This killer must be stopped, and fast because there’s a terrorist on the loose. Torn between his career and the woman he never stopped loving, Johnny Garino has a choice to make. And lives to save, including Gemma’s.

Johnny’s Girl is the Second Book in the Deadly Secrets series.

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