JANE (I’m Still Single) JONES

A billionaire, a movie star, a secret crush. A Gilligan’s Island re-run? No, just your typical high school reunion!

What could be worse for a former high school beauty queen, who never landed the only man she ever loved, than attending her 10-year high school reunion alone? Not much, according to Jane Louise Jones as she prepares to endure the weekend in her hometown, just south of nowhere in the rolling hills of Louisiana.

To make matters worse, Morgan Sherwood, the town boy-wonder who made good in a big way, arrives with his entourage in a stretch limo, and he’s not a geeky kid any more. He’s six feet of tanned, rippling muscles, and he plans to focus his high-powered brain and every seductive charm he possesses on the lovely Miss Jones.

With a former classmate intent on claiming the billionaire as husband number four, a Hollywood starlet who shows up to party with Morgan, and an old boyfriend intent on stealing Jane’s affection, Morgan has more obstacles than he’d expected.

Throw in her grandmother and the rest of the blue-haired, matchmaking women of the Vernon Ladies Bridge Club, lots of southern charm, a ten-year old betrayal, and plenty of humor for a heartwarming—and heart throbbing—sexy romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile.

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