The Lighthouse

Logan Sarich is content with his life, but he’s never been satisfied and has never been in love. Not that he doesn’t want a woman in his life, in a forever way…but no woman has ever touched his heart and soul more than his career in the military or his current job as an agent with THE AEGIS NETWORK. That is until he’s sent to his hometown Jupiter, Florida to serve as a bodyguard to one of the most brilliant ethical hackers in the country…who happens to be his high school sweetheart. 

While doing a cyber security check for a defense contractor, Mia Vanderlin discovers the company’s computer has been hacked, as well as her own and top secret plans are being stolen. Concerned for her safety, her family calls THE AEGIS NETWORK. When Logan Sarich pulls into her driveway, her heart beats a little faster. Their romance wasn’t one for the books. They both had dreams and goals, walking away from each other after high school, with no regrets and fond memories. But seeing him again, all she can think about is picking up right where they left off…

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