Rx Missing

When Mack Bradley bails out of his F-18, he ends up at a luxury hotel that could be in India–or maybe the Twilight Zone. Are he and a group of strangers trapped in a mind-control experiment? Can he figure out a way to escape? And is one of the people he’s met in on the con?

Soon after he wakes up, Mack rescues a woman named Lily Wardman from a madman’s attack.

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“Are you all right?” Mack asked.

She flexed her arms and legs. “I think so.”

“Any reason he should be trying to kill you?”

She shook her head helplessly. “I can’t think of any. Did you get hurt?”

“No,” he answered, studying her, trying to recall where he’d seen her before. “Do I know you?”


But she’d hesitated for a fraction of a second, making him wonder if she was as uncertain as he–or lying.

He kept staring at her, cataloguing her narrow face, her slightly shaggy haircut, her slim build. When he tried to place her, he couldn’t come up with anything specific, only vague feelings of familiarity.

And protectiveness.

When he saw she was wavering on her feet, he pulled her into his arms, feeling her trembling in reaction to the attack as he cradled her in his embrace.

“You’re okay. Everything’s going to be okay,” he said, wondering if he was speaking the truth, as he stroked his hands up and down her back, feeling a shiver travel over her skin. He still didn’t know where the hell they were or why.

He liked the feel of her body against his and wanted to keep holding her. To reassure her? Or himself? Or was he simply feeling the need for human contact? In this strange, empty place, he’d finally met two more people, and one of them was obviously dangerous.