The Lost Soldier

Savanah Raven has always embraced her psychic ability, along with the idea that her sisters were the female half of the collective order. What she didn’t expect was for her ex-boyfriend, who thought her abilities were smoke and mirrors, to be her soul-mate, and one of the four brothers separated at birth who made up the other half of the order.

Chad Pendleton spent his childhood jumping from one foster home to the next, never feeling like he fit in anywhere until he became a Navy SEAL. Even then, he always felt like something had been missing. When he first met Savanah, he thought he’d found his other half, that was until she revealed her psychic abilities and then had the nerve to tell him he had the same powers. Believing all that stuff to be smoke and mirrors, he quickly broke things off.

Months later, he finds himself with a missing SEAL team and his superiors bring in agents from the GLOBAL ALLIANCE CORPORATION (GAC) and THE PERCEPTION PROJECT to help him in his search. Not only does he believe that his team has disappeared thanks, in part, to physics, but now his ex-girlfriend and her crazy psychic notions are forced upon him in the field. As they search the jungles of South Korea, he discovers his own psychic powers. He’ll allow Savanah to help him cultivate his new abilities in order to find his men, but he will not let her into his heart.

Nor will he accept he is one of four brothers who make up the collective order.

But if he doesn’t, the only surviving member of his team could die.

And he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

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