Special Agent Storm

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Agent Storm is way too gorgeous for a mere mortal. Considering his looks mean nothing to him, that detail has hindered him all his life. For Kurt, it’s all about his ability to be a good Navy Seal and eventually the FBI agent that works undercover and gets the bad guys. 

Therefore, when a stranger gives him a hard time in a bar, and then kisses him crazy before she’s done, the aftereffects of that meeting change his whole life. From then on, her problems become his focus, and she leads him on a merry chase… especially when she informs him in no uncertain terms to back off because she’s married. 

Ruby loves her profession as a firefighter, and though her mother lives in fear every day, Ruby clings to her career as a way to honor her father who’d died in a fire saving others. 

After feeling unwell for some time, she visits her doctor, and when he informs her of the wonderful news of her pregnancy, she blasts the poor guy. 

It’s impossible… right? How can she be carrying a child when she hasn’t been with a man for over a year? Then she sees her ultra-sound, and in a shocked voice she mutters, “Son of a Bitch! It’s a-a baby!” 

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