Love Letters from a Snowman: A Christmas Romance Story

The end of the Napoleonic Wars, leaves estates desolate, with their owners penniless. The Right Honourable Barnard Lewis, son of a Baronet desperate to save the estate and family from starvation, studies to be a physician. Yet, he cannot raise enough funds to complete his final year of training. Much to his horror, his sister, Miss Tabitha Lewis, is determined to help him and the family by seeking employment as a governess.
Enter The Right Honourable Owen Balfour, Viscount of Thurleigh, deserted by his wife, to bring up their infant son Charles. To his despair, the child is tragically diagnosed as suffering from consumption. He advertises for a governess who is also capable of nursing his beloved Charlie.
Tabitha replies to the advert and is accepted by a delighted Lord Balfour. Despite her brother’s arguments she travels to Balfour Mansion to take up her post. But it is not just the position that attracts but the twinkle in Lord Balfour’s green eyes.
However, on meeting her little charge she is suspicious of the family physician’s diagnosis. On her first day, she realizes she must put an end to a domineering aunt’s horrific regime of nursing care.
Tabitha is determined the little boy will enjoy Christmas. She is unaware the Earl has visions for a Christmas with her, which are of a more intimate nature. Little does he realise Tabitha’s iron will and feisty reactions to any uninvited overtures.

Sample of Reviews of Katy’s novels.
Waiting to buy my wife the next book from this author : Clanger
charming, delightful novel. I definitely will read more of this series and look forward to it very much : ZM
kept me reading into the night and then made me glad I gave up the sleep. I thoroughly recommend this whole series : Mimi Barbour
so enjoyed reading this book. It was a great romantic escape. It had all the things I love in a romance: unexpected and twisting plots, detente and intrigue, romance and of course, a sexy hero: Alyson

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