Just when Alana Morgan thinks she “has it all,” she catches her fast-talking fiancé cheating and her employer goes bankrupt.

Short on cash, Alana needs to find a job—fast—but her mom wants her to clean out her late Grandma Essie’s house. As she expects, the memories in that house overwhelm her; what she doesn’t expect is her attraction to Reid Sinclair, the handsome guy next door. The last thing she needs is another romance! Worse yet, her best friend has a crush on him. In her heart, she knows she should avoid him, but Reid desperately needs her to help solve a problem…

Who murdered Essie Anderson?

Though the local authorities have ruled her death an accident, the question haunts Reid Sinclair night and day. He’s convinced Essie died from foul play, but he doesn’t have much to go on. When Alana Morgan consents to team up with him—as friends only—they agree to keep their investigation secret until they have enough evidence to go to the police. Can he keep his feelings for Alana a secret as well?

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