Georgia Moon

Georgia Moon Whiskey has been in love with Luke Hannah for as long as she can remember, but he’s never given her a second look. It doesn’t matter anymore. He betrayed her brother and left town with his tail between his legs. Having bought Luke’s property to expand the family business, Georgia Moon turns Luke’s home into a residence for their bull riding students and moves herself into the master bedroom all in the name of therapy to get over the man who never knew he held the power to break her heart.

Luke Hannah has made a mess of his life and has only one person to blame for it: himself. After spending a year in Florida, he comes back to his hometown for the wedding of the man who used to be his best friend the brother of the woman he never had the nerve to ask out on a date. All Luke wants is a second chance, but there is still one secret from his past that looms over his head, threatening to destroy everything.

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