Buried Secrets (Deadly Secrets Book 3)

Chet Daniels was hoping for an exciting boost to his career when he joined the (CTA) Counter-Terrorism Agency. Bodyguard duty for the frustrating Jayne Parker wasn’t what he had in mind. But a known terrorist has his sites on Jayne, and Chet has to find out why to keep her safe.
The job gets more complicated when Jayne makes it clear she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him or the CTA. When fighting with Jayne becomes the highlight of Chet’s day, he knows he’s in trouble.
Jayne takes Chet to her childhood home to discover why this terrorist is after her and what it has to do with her parent’s death. The deeper she delves into her family’s secrets, the more she fears there isn’t anyone she can trust. Not her aunt, not the CTA, not even the bodyguard who’s stolen her heart.

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