Always a Bigger Fish

Just when you think you’ve nabbed crime’s biggest boss, you realize there’s ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH (Arlie Undercover Book 3).
Arrested and in prison, the De Lucas are no longer a problem for Arlie and the Anchorage Police Department, but whoever’s been taking scalps is. When Arlie’s forensic specialist’s former co-worker from North Carolina comes to visit, the two detectives discover the scalp-seeking bandit they’re looking for in both states is the same person.

For fans of The Fairies Saga, you’ll remember Detective Billy Burke and his young son, Mac from AYE, I AM A FAIRY and THE GREAT BIG FAIRY. Father and son have come out for a winter vacation, but it seems helping Arlie catch the baddie is the best – and safest – thing for him to do.
Enjoy the blending of the two series!

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