Got Cabin Fever? Read On…

One thing I’ve been passionate about during this surreal, scary time, besides the safety of my loved ones, is being able to entertain our readers and thank them for their support during better times.

Our writers’ group, The Authors’ Billboard, devised an idea to not only express our thanks to our devoted readers – without them, we wouldn’t be able to pursue our crafts – but to engage them in some fun, prizes, and silly facts (or not), about the authors they follow.

Please join us Friday at 4PM EST until 8PM for our Cabin Fever Party! We’ll be giving away a $50 Gift Card, Free eBooks, and other swag! If you partied with us the past several Friday, expect more of the same highlights, including being able to grab any or all three of our FREE collections! Here’s where you join:

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Thanks for reading and see you at the Cabin Fever Party May first! #MGTAB @mimisgang1

Twist of Fate: Who Could Have Guessed?

Fortune Cookie Transparent & PNG Clipart Free Download - YWD

Do you believe in fate? Some call it destiny, others karma, and still more refer to it as fortune. Who hasn’t pulled a slip of paper out of a fortune cookie and read it? Not that I usually set much store by them. Interestingly, I opened a fortune cookie last night and my fortune read, “Enough is as good as a feast.” Rather cryptic. but then, most fortunes are.

When I started to think about it though, I realized how apt it was, especially at this moment in time. As I begin my seventh week of social distancing and staying home, I realize that I do have a feast of blessings. I have enough food and toilet paper to see me through, not that I hoarded it. My daughter shops for me. I have enough beer and wine to enjoy a drink at the end of the day, even if I don’t get to go to my favorite bar. I have enough friends on Facebook to keep me entertained and in the loop. But most importantly I have enough free time with my husband to make me feel loved and appreciated. In truth, my life is a feast of blessings right now, and God-willing I won’t get sick,so that I can enjoy my unexpected bounty.

The one benefit of this COVID 19 pandemic is that I have plenty of time to write. Thanks to the wonderful ladies in the ABB, I was given the opportunity to write a book introducing a new series. The Golden Legacy.

Each book in the series is based on the same premise, although the books are not sequential in terms of time. Some will be historical, while others will be contemporary. As well, they will come in different genres, since the series may contain suspense as well as fantasy and paranormal.


In the early 1700s, a pirate brigantine attacked a merchant ship, The Golden Fleece, in the Caribbean. Although smaller, the merchant ship bested the pirate craft that contained a treasure trove of gold and jewels. A dying pirate claimed the Incas had cursed anyone who misused the treasure, hence the reason the merchant crew was victorious. The treasure would also bless anyone who used it for good. The greedy merchant captain, James Carlson, was killed during the battle, but his eighteen-year-old daughter, Sarah, survived in her cabin. Mindful of the curse and to thank God for their salvation, she asked the crew members to split the treasure equally, but to make a binding pledge that they would keep only twenty percent for their own use, and give ten percent to help others. With the rest, each was to buy something of great value that could be passed down to their descendants, with the curse passing onto anyone who broke the line and used it selfishly. If used selfishly, the treasure would be lost, but reappear in some form after skipping a generation. Every three weeks a new book will tell you what happens to other Golden Legacy descendants.

Here is the blurb for Twist of Fate

Can a cursed treasure unite two lonely outcasts?

Overton Stafford, shunned by his family because of a birthmark on his face, made a life for himself as Second Mate on The Golden Fleece. In a battle with pirates, Overton loses his left arm, ending his career. Knowing he will be a wealthy man makes the pain easier to bear, especially when he discovers he can repay a moral debt and help an old friend. When he meets Anna, Overton realizes he wants more from her than a financial partnership.

Anneliese Van Stubel lost her sight at nine as a result of Smallpox. Now eighteen, a ward of the crown because of the Danish Age of Majority law, she lives in limbo, uncertain what will happen to her. When Overton approaches her with the proposition to help her rebuild the plantation, she’s excited with the idea of returning to her home. But her joy fades when her caregiver makes it plain that he has a different future in mind for her, one that will profit him.

Set in a time when brutality against women and slaves was the norm, Overton seeks to change things as he falls in love with the girl who has lost so much.

Twist of Fate is now available for pre-order for the special price of 99 cents. or from The book will be live May 16, 2020, when the price will be $3.99. At that time, the book will also be free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

The Beauty Of Spring…@JosieRiviera #mgtab

The beauty of Spring is obvious. Green replaces the brown of winter, the flowers bloom, the birds sing. Basically, we have a rebirth. Fresh and new.

However, this year is different.

Daily, we hear what is happening throughout the world because of the pandemic, and it is devastating. Certainly it is changing how we live. Let’s look beyond that, enjoy Spring and celebrate with joy. We can make the choice to see beauty.

Here are some suggestions.

  • Social Distancing is a new word for us, but we still are home with our families. Bring out the board games, which inevitably brings a great laugh or two.
  • Cook together. Prepare your family’s favorite meals and pass those recipes from grandma to the next generation.
  • While we may be “stuck” at home, no one says we have to be ”stuck” inside. There are no bans on enjoying your yard. As I write this, birds are searching for worms just outside my window.
  • Is there a wonderful craft project you’ve wanted to try? Do it now.
  • As I LOVE chocolate, let’s indulge. In fact, I declare chocolate calorie-free for the month of April. Why not?
  • Read, or listen to, a good book. We have the time, our to-do lists are smaller because of these changes, so take advantage.

Choose to see the good in this downtime and make the most of it.

Today, I will sit in my reading chair with a great book, a cup of tea, and some calorie-free chocolate. (Wink, wink!)

What will you choose to do today? Please leave your comments below.

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Party on!

Yesterday, The Authors’ Billboard had the first of three (at least) Cabin Fever Quarantine Reading Party. I kicked off the event at one o’clock Pacific Daylight Time with kudos to all who volunteer to help others. Rule number one for a hostess: make your guest feel at home. Well, since so many folks are tired of being at home, I did my best to make our guests feel comfortable with what they’ve done for others.

Loads of free ebooks and audiobooks were given away outright, plus there were contests to #win some of the bigger prizes. It was fun finding out what everyone was wearing (mostly sweats, pajamas, yoga pants, and tee-shirts), finding companionship with people around the world with our dress and attitudes.

Did you miss out? No worries. FIRST, three of our WEDDING BOX SETS are still #FREE until Sunday, April 19. SECOND, we’re having Facebook Parties at ABB PARTY PLACE for the next two Fridays, plus we’ll be giving away different box sets. Here are the links for the sets available now. Sweet and Sassy Weddings, Sweet and Sassy Brides, and A Wedding She’ll Remember.

FREE BOX SETS! For a limited time.

Remember: set your Calendar/Alexa/Google Home reminders (or put a note on the refrigerator) to come to Facebook’s ABB PARTY PLACE at one o’clock Pacific Daylight Time (which is otherwise known as four o’clock Eastern Daylight Time). We’ll have more #Giveaways and Safe Social Distancing diversions for you with more of the authors from The Authors’ Billboard.

For giggles and guffaws, check out CUTE BUT CRAZY – WACKY, WONDERFUL WOMEN

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