Struggling with your weight by Mona Risk

If you are struggling with your weight welcome to the club. Did you know that 55% of adult Americans are overweight? It’s a growing problem. Apparently weight-loss products and services average $34 billion a year.

Part of the problem is that weight management is hard, complicated by genes, environment and emotional issues. Chances are that unless we make long-term lifestyle changes to alter our eating habits and become more physically active, the pounds lost with a strenuous diet come back on, with a few extra.

The only way I managed to lose weight was to keep a journal and record everything that went into my mouth. Keeping records made me aware of the quantities I ate.

Exercising is essential. But I have never been an athletic person, and I suck at sports. Regardless, I make it a point to move as much as I can around the house, walk every morning, do my own type of swimming in the pool.

By the way I highly recommend getting a Fitbit watch that counts your steps and makes you feel guilty if you don’t walk enough.

I will never be as slim as my heroines, but I am trying to be healthy and make up for the hours I spend sitting at my computer, writing and editing!

Unfortunately, writing and publishing don’t fall under exercising. Yet it requires so much effort!

I have two new books published almost back to back:

Prince Philip’s Cinderella: Modern Princes Series, book 4
A charming jogger saves her from danger. But he’s a prince… and she comes from nothing. Should she run or risk her heart?

Not Ready Yet: The SEnator’s Family, book 4
High school sweethearts separated by life…They meet years later, successful but different, each with a heavy baggage.

Frustrated Beyond Words

Have you ever had a day or event planned and it all fell apart for no apparent reason? I think we all have.

I was super stoked about releasing the 12th box set in the Sweet and Sassy series: SWEET AND SASSY HEROES. Pre-orders had been live for two weeks, promotions purchased, newsletters written (by all the authors in the set and a few others who weren’t), interviews given, videos produced: you name it.

And then the email from the big guys (who shall remain nameless): Your pre-order has been cancelled.

No reason was given, so as the publisher of the set, I made phone calls. After I spoke with three different representatives — including one at the senior level — I found out that they were as confused as I was. They still can’t figure it out, so asked for 72 hours to find an answer.

Corporations aren’t human, but they do make the same kind of mistakes. You know what I mean: dumb and unexplainable, costly and embarrassing, but mostly frustrating.

What can we do?  I guess we  – authors, readers, promoters – all have to be patient and wait for the Big Guy to find out why they thumped us off their list. Keep watching, though. SWEET AND SASSY HEROES will arise again: meaner, sassier, sexier. You can’t keep the great ones down, and this set is stainless!

Fall in love! #mgtab

Ahhhh, as much as I adore summer and can never get enough of the lovely warm months in my cold hemisphere, there is something about falling into autumn that is lovely too.

The crisp air is invigorating, and the excitement of the kids going to back to school is contagious. I always feel ready to make plans and be extra industrious come September/October, though maybe that’s just the drop in temperature, making staying inside more palatable!

Whatever the root cause, the freshly kindled inspiration and motivation to work is extra handy because THE CATCH—Aisha’s long awaited story!—Book 8 in my River’s Sigh B & B series, hits shelves everywhere in November, and I have tons to do before then.

Aisha is near and dear to me, and I love her stubborn streak and fierce independence. Despite doing great on her own (like a lot of us) and having a deeply sceptical nature (inherited from her birth mom, no doubt, not her sappy romance writing father!), she craves connection, true partnership, romantic love.

I’ll give you a full blurb and a teaser next month, and I can’t wait to share the full story with you in November!

In the meantime, you can prepare by making sure you haven’t accidentally missed any previous books in the series (though, don’t worry, like all the River’s Sigh B & B novels, THE CATCH is a solid standalone).

Hurricane Season in the Sunshine State

Hurricane Dorian

An answer to friends and family as to why I live on the coast <3

I live in Fort Lauderdale and I love the sun, the beach, the tropical weather—but there is a price to pay for living in the subtropics. Tropical storms.

Hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin is June 1st through November 30th.

Some years are quiet with storms staying off shore but other years are monstrous. Hurricane Dorian has made records of high winds and destruction as a Category 5 over the Bahamas. This ties with a storm in 1935, also over Labor Day, at winds of 185 mph. As I write this, Dorian is still churning up the east coast as a Category 1.

I’m from Washington state and moved to South Florida in 2001.We don’t have hurricanes there—ice storms, snow storms, hail and fickle temperatures, yes. Cold rain (brr) and sleet. I don’t miss the weather at all. I prefer warm rain, and while it can rain a lot in the summer, I just learned to wear flip flops.

Our first hurricane we didn’t know what to do—there was a lot of hype around the impending storm—so we went to a shelter to wait it out. It was at a school and there were hundreds of us on air mattresses or sleeping bags. There is an eerie quiet when the eye passes over, and you can hear transformers pop in the dark. The winds and rain remind you that you are one little human in the storm. That said, we felt better prepared for the next hurricane, a Category 3, that went over our house. We lost some roof and the back fence—but we had shutters and a safe room in the interior of our house where we all hunkered down with blankets, water, snacks, batteries, flashlights, books and games.

There is nothing that can really prepare you for being without power for days or weeks or longer. It’s good to have friends with electricity and showers!

Now we have a place to go that is inland, safe with shutters. I am, after almost twenty years, familiar with the hurricane drill. We have warning of when the storm is going to come and if we need to evacuate. Being prepared is the main thing.

Sunshine and palm trees, sandy beaches. Dolphins and pelicans! I even like the rain and storms but I don’t take them lightly—my heart goes out to the people in the Bahamas right now. I’ve included a link of possible donation sites if you are interested—I don’t recommend one over the other.

There is a spirit of togetherness after a major storm—we all want to help those affected to get back on their feet.

As to why I live in South Florida—most days the sunshine is worth the rain.