The Beauty of July and Friendships @josieriviera #mgtab

Did you know that connection with others is one of the six core needs for human development? It is as important as food and water to our well-being and survival.

We begin to develop connections from birth, with our mom, dad, and siblings. As we grow, so does the group of people we connect and form relationships with. These relationships impact our physical health and are key to our wellbeing even as adults.

Realizing the importance of the relationships in our lives made me think about how to nurture and care for them during this pandemic. Of course. we are not spending a lot of time together physically, so how do we keep our connections alive and well, and thereby, those we care about and ourselves healthy?

Group texts can connect you with a group of family or friends. Maybe a simple good morning or a shared joke, just to get the day started.

Send a handwritten card or letter. Write about a shared experience that holds a special place in your heart or tell that special person why they are important to you.

A care package is a wonderful surprise—anything you know your friend will enjoy. From a book to a gourmet meal, simply order it online.

Host a virtual dinner, happy hour, or family game night. Always fun, and our family loves board games.

There are many examples of ways people are caring for others which you’ve probably seen pop up in your social media news feeds during this crazy time. Neighbors singing from their balconies in Italy, or gathering to applaud frontline workers, closed restaurants supplying meals to those in need are all ways to keep connections alive. May you do the same with those in your circle of friends and family!

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Life’s a beach!

Have you ever been to a beach? Which is your favorite?

Pacific City, Oregon, USA

I didn’t realize I’d seen the Atlantic but I guess that was because I was less than three years old at the time. I guess I can’t count that one.

We went to San Diego when I was in middle school. I’d never seen fog before and was fascinated. Growing up in Arizona, I’d never seen more than a mist on the ground and that was rare.

Knik Arm, north of Anchorage, Alaska, USA

When I moved to Alaska, I was surprised that they didn’t have sandy beaches. At least where I went. There is ‘dangerous mud,’ silty mud flats that can literally suck a person to his death if they’re stuck in it when the tide comes in. Turnagain and Knik Arms are notorious for this type of ‘beach.’

Arctic Ocean area has gravel for a beach. I wanted to put my toes in the Arctic when I went up there in 1994 but it was too cold in August to take off my hiking boots. I did get a picture of my foot on the wet, rocky ground but those photos are still ‘misplaced.’ I don’t want to believe they’re lost. That beach was the inspiration of ONE ARCTIC SUMMER.

Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia (near Sydney)

In January or 2014, I flew to Sydney, Australia to research future books of THE FAIRIES SAGA. Manly Beach was amazing! It was also the hottest! Did you know there wasn’t sand? Or not much. The ground was covered in slabs of granite, the beach with bits of shattered shells.

Swona Island, Scotland: the setting for my story in Summer Shorts

No matter which hemisphere or whether it’s a lake, river, ocean, or swimming pool ‘beach,’ make sure you have a great read for the relaxing part of your day. This set of SIXTEEN short stories is perfect for between snacks and swims. Only 99 cents or Free with Kindle Unlimited.

My Top 5 Best Movie Kisses 💋

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well, although that’s more and more difficult to say these days. Since I figured we all need a break from news and politics, today I want to share with you my favorite kissing scenes in movies. It was very difficult to make a Top 5 because I love all of these movies, but here it goes:

5. Vivian and Edward in Pretty Woman

This movie has a simple plot, yet the characters and the dialogue are so witty and beautiful it became an instant classic, inspiring many stories throughout the years. Edward and Vivian are two jaded people who stopped believing in love. No kiss has ever been as magic as the one they share to express the revelation of their love.

4. Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing

I adore this movie, even though it’s the same age I am. I must have seen it a couple dozen times at least, and never get tired of it. If you remember, there hasn’t been much kissing in it, which makes it even more memorable when Baby and Johnny finally show us a proper smooch!

3. Bridget and Mark in Bridget Jones’s Diary

I don’t know if there’s anyone on the planet that doesn’t know the famous story of Bridget Jones, a typical singleton who manages to be awkward, sexy, clumsy and witty at the same time. While Bridget is probably one of the most relatable female characters in modern literature, we can’t say the same about the classy Mr. Darcy, which is rara avis indeed. Yet Bridget manages to win his heart. How can we not be a little jealous on Renée Zellweger  for getting to kiss the amazing Colin Firth?

2. Claire and Jamie in Outlander

I discovered and fell in love with Diana Gabaldon’s books long before Starz made a TV series based on them. While I was reluctant regarding the TV series at first, I have to admit the actors playing Claire and Jamie are incredible, and the chemistry between them is sizzling. There are plenty of kissy scenes in the show, but my favorite is still the one from their wedding night.

Aaannnddd… drum rolls, please!

1. Morticia and Gomez in The Addams Family

I’ve been obsessed with the family created by cartoonist Charles Addams ever since I was a kid. I supposed it’s because I can relate to their unconventional habits, weird sense of humor and overall quirkiness. But what I admired the most was the passionate love story between Morticia and Gomez – one of those love stories you know are going to last forever. They deserve to be #1! 💋

I very much hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please share it with your friends to brighten their weekend. And even though this is what kissing looks like these days, it’s moments like these that last forever.

Stay safe and healthy!

Just What the Doctor Ordered by Nancy Radke #mgtab

“Put ice on it and sit and watch TV.” That advice from my doctor would have been great except he also told me to stay off the computer. I tore the ligament in my shoulder and needed to keep from using it while it healed, so I watched a lot of TV. Still not healed completely, still watching TV. Able to do a limited amount of computer work.

Thankfully I have Netflix and discovered the many Asian romantic TV series on that site. Subtitled, I didn’t know if I could get used to reading the words until I found myself turning up the sound when I didn’t quite catch something said. Needless to say, turning up the sound doesn’t help.

It is interesting to note how many different ways of meeting the writers come up with. My favorite meeting so far is in the series called “O2O.” The couple play online video games and their characters meet in the game and agree to act as a married team. She doesn’t know who he is, but he saw her playing at an Internet Cafe and knows who she is. She actually falls in love with him before they ever meet. This is the kindest couple and a delight to watch.

Another of my favorites is called “Cinderella and the Four Knights.” This one has the mean stepmother and stepsister, but it puts a funny twist on the Cinderella story with four guys interested in her. This one made me laugh, cry, and just feel good.

I wish I could put music into my books, as the music that accompanies the better ones of these heightens the emotions, so that I found myself laughing or crying on cue. I’ll mention some of my other favorites: “Fall in Love With Me,” “Good Morning Call,” “Meteor Garden,” “Crash Landing on You,” and “I Hear You,” about a violin maker.

Their last name is said first, they do a lot of bowing out of respect for each other, and some of the scenery in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan is spectacular. Try some of these and see if you are as pleased as I am. Some are annoyingly juvenile, with the actors too old for their parts, but I’ve learned to watch at least 2-3 episodes, because often the first two episodes take place in high school, while the rest occur several years later and then the age is better.

I’ve recently put up a story entitled “The Golden Legacy, The Prisoner Returns.” The Golden Legacy books are still coming out, with a new story, Aurora’s Treasure, by an award-winning author, Jacquie Rogers, which involves magic and fairies. See if her magic makes your reading fun.

Jacquie’s book will be out around the 20th, so I don’t have a link for this now. To find it, search “Golden Legacy” on Amazon. All the series books are together there.

Be sure to go to our monthly board and check out the books there. Also, enter the contest there.