Happy Halloween (bwa-ha-ha)

How many of you have plans to see a spooky movie this weekend? I will see Malificent eventually. That’s about as close to a horror movie that I can deal with. When I was a kid, my mom picked me up from school every Friday and we went to the movies which showed a double feature. I had been having too many nightmares from House Of Wax (Vincent Price) and Tarantula. So mom decided I couldn’t see Creature From the Black Lagoon, but she still wanted to.

She left me in the lobby with familiar workers (things were different in those days, so she wasn’t endangering me) and told me not to peek and I could go in to see the second movie. Of course, tell a kid not to peak and what is she to do? Every time, the monster was on screen! Afterward, I believed the Creature hid in our basement. We lived in a Pullman apartment on the first floor, and since mom worked second shift, I was a latchkey kid and was there alone after school until dad arrived from work.

So when I came home from school, the first thing I did was make sure the hook on the basement door was latched (like that would keep away a monster, right?). And when mom insisted I go to the basement to get something for her, I would turn on the light and sit my way down the stairs, looking at the surroundings as I made the turn where I could see everything.

I never told her about my childhood fears until I was an adult and took her to see The Exorcist at her insistence. Yikes! That movie was way too scary for me.

My favorite entry into the romantic horror story is Wolf Moon (The McKenna Legacy Book 7). It combines an old fashioned scary werewolf tale with romance.  Romantic Times named it Best Intrigue of the Year and warned readers they would soon believe in werewolves… on sale for 99c through Halloween!

Aileen McKenna arrives in Wolf Creek to study wolves in the wild only to learn Rhys Lindgren has a unique connection to the local pack. Frightened townspeople fear the three men found dead and mutilated in the woods were killed by a wolf. Rhys doesn’t believe that any more than does Aileen. But can she trust this secretive man to take her into the snow-covered forest to prove the wolves are innocent… and possibly to draw out a killer.


Tell me about your favorite or funny scary time with horror movies for a chance to win a free copy of Haunted – a much milder romantic suspense ghost story set at Halloween.

Egg on His Face from Three French Hens

I have been busy writing and now have two brand new stories coming out: Three French Hens and Christmas Cupid.

Thinking about the holidays reminded me of the song, the Twelve Days of Christmas, so I wrote a novella called Three French Hens. I pictured my hero stealing eggs from the heroine’s French Hens, and her sic’ing her dog on him. He, of course, runs away, falls, and gets egg on his face. The chocolate brown eggs laid by French hens are considered a delicacy, so she didn’t take kindly to the theft.

That was the set-up. I had to give my hero an acceptable reason to steal the eggs, and then her a good reason to put down her gun and get to know him. In almost all my stories, my heroines know how to handle a gun, since women who live alone in any day and age must be able to protect themselves. In Three French Hens, my modern-day heroine keeps a shotgun handy.

The song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, is all about giving and giving abundantly. My hero wants to rescue the young widow from an evil brother-in-law who is foreclosing on her ranch. He offers all he has but still does not have nearly enough money. How will he help her?

Look for Three French Hens in the Authors’ Billboard set, UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS DREAMS.


UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS DREAMS is now available on Amazon for 99¢, or free in KU. Get yours today.

Christmas Cupid is still on pre-order, this one in the Authors’ Billboard set, CHRISTMAS SHORTS, a collection of new, very short stories designed to be ones you can read quickly during the busy holidays. My Christmas Cupid is young and worried that the arrows he is shooting into a couple won’t hold them together, especially when one of them is flying away.



CHRISTMAS SHORTS is also now available for pre-order on Amazon at 99¢/ Free KU, so grab them both.

Sic’ing is a short form of “seek them”, used a lot in the Pacific Northwest, which is a command we give to dogs. If a person doesn’t know much, we say he doesn’t know sic’cum, which means he’s not as smart as a dog and can’t follow directions. This phrase is used in Three French Hens and the word has many different spellings.

Finn’s Christmas Dilemma @AliciaStreet1 #mgtab

Going home for Christmas often brings as many dilemmas as it does joy and in my latest release ~ Finn’s Christmas Dilemma ~ my character faces a father who threw him out of the house and a woman he thought he had lost.

Even after being featured on TV and hailed as a sex symbol in the media, Finn Brogan’s career as a dancer meant losing the respect of his father, a hardworking construction worker who would never be caught dead in a dance studio. Finn returns home for the holidays intent on repairing the rift, but he runs head-on into an even bigger problem—his unresolved romance with the only woman he could ever love.

On sale for 99¢ during release, Finn’s Christmas Dilemma is part of a multi-author collection of steamy holiday romance.

Seven USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors come together to give you Holiday Hunks, the next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection.

A helicopter pilot with a decision to make, a cowboy working on his best roundup yet, a dancer faced with a dilemma, a hockey player’s surprise, a roping rodeo star’s ultimatum, a fireman’s miracle, and a billionaire’s wish. What do these seven hunks all have in common? They are spending the holidays with family and friends where each and every one has a life-changing event. Read along and watch these seven hotties meet their match, fall in love, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Does Autumn smell like sports to you?

No matter where I go, someone has a team logo pasted somewhere. Whether it’s a tee shirt for the local high school, bumper sticker for the university, or major league team hat, fans are everywhere. That means I need to write a sports romance!
Several of my Authors’ Billboard friends felt the same way, so we got together and wrote stories (some already had one written) with athletic themes. Boxers, footballers, soccer players, hoopsters, you name it. We tried to grab a bit of everything for The Players: Overcoming the Odds.
My story, Too Fast for You, is about a woman baseball player. I created a new format for this story. I call it Now and Then, alternating chapters between eras in Loren and José’s involvement with each other. Chapter One: Then is about their early years and Little League. Chapter Two: Now brings the reader to present day and what’s going on in their Minor League Baseball careers. Of course, Loren has to deal with gender prejudice (I wrote from my own experience there!) and José tries to help her adjust without letting her know he was once her best friend. We have some bad guys in there, too.

Take a minute to add The Players to your Kindle Unlimited library or buy for less than a buck. Now you’re ready for the weekend! Oh, and don’t forget to leave a review. Authors are forever grateful for them.