Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Have you ever stood on your head? It seems simple enough. Select a spot close enough to the wall to offer you some support. Grab a pillow for your head since the floor is hard and, with your head in the center of the pillow, launch yourself upwards, working work your feet along the wall until you’ve reached a pseudo-standing position.

Now, once you’ve done this, you’re in the perfect position to look at the upside-down world around you. But a cautionary word. Stay like that too long, and you’ll get a headache.

I’ve always believed that life is an ongoing learning process. And while there were times that I felt as if I had to literally stand on my head to do so, recently I’ve found myself figuratively doing so one more.

What has me so bemused? Change and the constant need for more change. I hate to admit it, but I’ve reached a point in my life where change seems harder and harder to accept. Today, I attempted a new skill. I put together a Table of Contents for one on my eBooks on Amazon. In the past, I simply skipped over that suggestion, but since I wanted to put some of my books in a series into a box set, I had to learn how to do it. Believe me, teaching this old dog that new trick wasn’t easy. Thankfully my son is home for a few days and in his best Computers for Dummies and Parents patient voice, he managed to guide me through it. Was it easy? No. Were there raised voices and frustration? Yes. Did I get it done? I did!

The reason I had to learn to do this is because my wonderful cover artist, Melinda de Ross made me all new covers for my Cocktails for You series, and I decided to update the blurbs along with the new vector covers. The second thing I needed to relearn was how to write blurbs. Let me make this perfectly clear. I despise writing synopses and cover blurbs, so having to go back and do them again was akin to root canal. But Melinda knows best, and figuratively kicking, screaming, and standing on my head, I got to work. Here are the results. All of these books are available in Kindle Unlimited.

She left him in stitches before pulling a Cinderella and disappearing. Ten years later, she wants a second chance.

Kelly Winters, an up-and-coming recreational facilities designer, is thrilled to be part of Conway Enterprises’ latest resort reconstruction in Mexico.

Discovering Liam Conway, a blast from the past and sexier than ever, will be her seatmate on the flight thrills her, especially when he’s willing to forget parts of their first encounter and start fresh.

When Liam shows up at the Mexican restaurant where she and her coworkers are enjoying lunch, she can’t believe her luck. Sun, sand, and sex. Who could ask for more?

But when she realizes Liam is Conway’s CEO and her new boss, her hopes plummet. Can they make their renewed attraction work, or will it be another short-lived office romance?

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She wrote a nasty letter to Santa, not expecting he would send a life-sized elf to her door with an offer she can’t refuse.

All Ronnie Daniels wants this year is to give her daughter Dottie a memorable Christmas. Unfortunately, she can’t find the special doll she needs to make that happen and blames the toy company for the shortage.

When the company’s new CEO takes her letter seriously and shows up at the bar where she works, Ronnie is mortified to discover he’s none other than the boy she humiliated herself in front of in high school.

Can she give her daughter the Christmas she deserves and have all of her own dreams come true, or will this be a blue Christmas for them both?

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She’s determined to control her own destiny and not be a bargaining chip in her father’s business empire.

Jewel Wellington, leaves home and masquerades as Jess Wells, a singer with the Silvertones. The honky tonk band expects a three-week gig at The Squawking Tomcat, a bar on the outskirts of Alice, Texas. Unfortunately, the bar’s owner, Lance Corcoran, doesn’t hire women and wants to send them away. Jess makes a deal with the bar’s owner—pick any song by any artist, and let her prove she and the Silvertones can do the job as well as any men could

Unfortunately, the bar’s crusty cowboy owner is none other than the surfer she spent one steamy night with eight years ago, one she left without saying goodbye. If Lance recognizes her, will it cost them the gig and force her back home to a marriage she doesn’t want?

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A socialite, a lone wolf, a snowstorm, and a pig with a taste for dandelion wine—the perfect recipe for disaster or romance?

Dreading publicity over her recent divorce, her ex-husband’s arrest, and her upcoming 40th birthday, Sahara Larson escapes from Toronto with her cat hoping to hide at a friend’s rustic cabin near Algonquin Park.

Among her unusual neighbors is handsome Hiram Colson, a recluse who rescues discarded pets and has his own reasons for avoiding the press.

When the truth comes out, will it bring them closer together or force them apart for good?

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What’s an author to do when she’s hopelessly stuck and the deadline is eight weeks away?

Bestselling author Sydney Sanders, aka Robin Langford, is stumped. On impulse, the thirty-three-year-old introvert decides to immerse herself in her story by assuming her heroine’s identity. She heads to Manhattan determined to live out the plot and finish the story.

What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the handsome stranger on the train and have the best sex of her life.

When he discovers her real identity, will it destroy their fantasy romance?

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You don’t always get what you want, especially when a typo can spell disaster.

Photographer Lee Andrews has sworn off men and hopes this assignment with travel writer Sasha Fedorov will bring her the recognition she craves. She’ll be sharing a room with the author for the duration of the trip.

Discovering Sasha is male changes everything, especially when he didn’t expect to be working with a woman. Both are determined to be adult about the situation, keep their distance, and complete the contract. But that may be easier said than done, especially when the attraction she feels for him is magnetic.

Can they keep their hormones in check and get the job done or will her heart be broken along with the contract if they can’t?

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What do you do when your family disappoint you? Run away, of course.

Eva Malone wants two things out of life: her freedom and answers about her past.

When she inherits a resort from an uncle she didn’t even know existed, she heads to the seaside town where she was born, eager to uncover old secrets. When she arrives, the old resort is a disaster, the sky’s about to open, and there isn’t a room to be had anywhere in town.

Mysterious and handsome Callum Doyle emerges from the darkness and offers her a bed for the night. But the oh-so-hot tour boat captain, carpenter, and chef may have an agenda of his own. He’s determined to keep his promise to Eva’s uncle, no matter the cost.

Fighting her attraction to the man is impossible, but when she learns the truth, will it drive Eva into his arms or make her run away again?

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A delicious smorgasbord of romantic comedies designed to make you laugh and brighten your day.
Meet Kelly, Ronnie, Jewel, Sydney, and Robin, five women at a crossroad in life, each one searching to redefine themselves as only they can. Follow them as they blunder their way to falling in love and finding their own happily ever after.

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So, that was my lesson for today. Don’t forget to check out all of the ABBs wonderful Christmas box sets including Unforgettable Christmas Miracles featuring Forever in my Heart.

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Christmas is so close & yet so far away!

I keep thinking that there are still 38 days until the big holiday but everywhere I look, I see signs of the season.

Go shopping for groceries and yep – Christmas decorations.

Go to the mall, and they’re everywhere.

Went to my son and his girlfriend’s house for supper last night and was met by a big, freaking, gorgeous, decorated tree. I thought the two presents sitting under it were so awesome… (it’s their first home, and she’s a Christmas nut.)

I’m starting to get the willies, thinking I need to get my decorations out. Heavens to Betsy, there’s a number of houses on my street lit up and looking great. Yet, I know for me, it’s too early. I never even pull the stuff out until we’re into December.

And I know this… my first responsibility is to my author friends and for us to get our Unforgettable Christmas collection published for this year. Thank goodness, we made it.

Unforgettable Christmas Miracles is now available for your pleasure and of course, we’re thrilled to say the charge is still only $0.99. And it’s FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

International Amazon Link: https://mybook.to/UnforgettableChristmasMiracles

The 11 stories include a brand-new sweet romance from me called Christmas is for Everyone which features an old man, wearing only a sweater and slippers while wandering in a budding snowstorm. Nestled in his arms is a small, dirty, hungry puppy. Now… what in the world is my impoverished heroine to do??

The other books are:

Rebecca York: Christmas Captive – His life was in her hands. Was it attempted murder or a boating accident? Psychic nurse Hannah puts her life at risk by investigating the conniving relatives who want to inherit the comatose man’s fortune. A paranormal romance.

Leanne Banks: The Billionaire’s Holiday Proposition – Falling for her had not been in his plans. Would she believe him? A billionaire romance.

Rachelle Ayala: Nick’s Christmas Ride – Nick Jolly’s antique convertible turns into a wild ride when his best friend and secret crush, Hayley, chooses three social media starlets for his Christmas-promotional dates. Two irascible Texas Hold’em playing ancestors, three social media narcissists, an old-time fiddler, and a flying car seem kind of normal for Nick Jolly and Hayley Brockman’s unexpected Christmas Creek romance. A fun romantic comedy.

Stephanie Queen: Small Town Glamour Girl Christmas – What chance does a poor small-town girl have at a romance with a rich big-city boy? Julie and Jack had a special connection a long time ago as kids, but does he remember that time? The magic and charm of the small-town Christmas rekindle their connection, but would her small-town life be enough for the billionaire? A small-town, second-chance romance.

Josie Riviera: Candleglow and Mistletoe – Their unexpected attraction kindles something as warm and sweet as a holiday candle. But the weight of their pasts could turn the promise of their love to ashes. A small town, sweet and wholesome romance.

Susanne Matthews: Forever In My Heart – There’s nothing Michael Branscomb won’t do for his brother, including marrying the woman his twin wronged, but will Callie give him a chance? A contemporary marriage-of-convenience romance.

Traci Hall: Mistletoe Christmas – West Coast – Fireworks ignite when a retired Navy officer inherits a seaside cottage, accidentally burning down the deck his first day only to be saved by a sexy firewoman and the station’s dog. Set in their ways, can Mistletoe over the holiday be the miracle they both need? A contemporary military romance.

Dani Haviland: Chasing Christmas – Only love could be sweeter than freedom. When Samuel arrived to ask her to join his tribe, rescued slave Annie thought her life couldn’t get any sweeter. But it did. 18th-century American Native historical romance.

Taylor Lee: Reckoning – Christmas Finale – Nothing will keep Cal from marrying Scarlett, the beautiful blonde media sensation. But the crooked Attorney General is going to try. Romantic suspense.

Nancy Radke: The Bend In the Canyon – His wedding was scheduled in two weeks. Only a miracle could bring them together. A sweet, western romance.

Changes, deals and easy meals

Happy National Homemade Bread Day!

Yep, that’s a thing, and I didn’t know it until today. This reminds me of the days back in high school, when my dad fell in love with homemade bread. For about a year I made bread every single day, a recipe that I had learned from my grandmother, and by the next day without fail there was not a single crumb left.

I haven’t made bread in years, but a few days ago I made a delicious batch of cheesy snacks, which in Romania are called “sărățele”. These are made with cheese, butter, eggs and flour. You can sprinkle all sorts of things on top of them, like poppy seeds, grated cheese, sesame seeds, or whatever you like. Find the recipe here.

And because nothing goes better with a snack than a good book, I would like to present to you my new covers. The trend for rom-com covers leans heavily on illustrations right now, so I decided to give my covers a facelift. What do you think?

Today and tomorrow, Celebrity is at 99 cents, so if you haven’t given it a try already, now is the time!

And for all the binge-readers out there who love to read rom-com after rom-com, laugh, dream, and forget about the news for a while, I put together a box set with my entire Lovestruck series.

I hope you have a great rest of the week, and I wish you an early Happy Thanksgiving!




I love being an old lady!

I love being an old lady.

I’m aging. Silver hair, wrinkles, and a few liver spots ensure I’m no longer referred to as a chick (cute, dumb, or otherwise) or a ditzy broad (although I have my senior moments). I don’t have to worry about spending hours on make-up, styling my hair, or wearing the latest fashion.
Men both young and old open doors for me. Clerks offer to carry out my groceries. Do they think I’m feeble or do they respect me because of my age? Either way, I don’t care. No one has been rude to me in ages, and I don’t have to stand while commuting in a public conveyance.

I don’t have to worry about fancy clothes, either. I go with the three C’s: Clean. Comfortable. And Convenient. No glittery low-rider pants with hard-to-find belt loops that always seem to come undone, tight hammertoe-creating shoes, flaking eyeliner and mascara, pokey, pushup underwire brassieres, and hand-wash only blouses.
My usual attire consists of a colorful ‘scrubs’ top with front pockets for my pen and notebook, a tissue or two, and smartphone with gray yoga pants, shorts, or sweats, depending on the season. If it’s really cold, the scrubs are replaced with a bright hoodie. After I slide into my Crocs (no chance of blisters or bunions), I’m ready to tackle the world.

There are a few negative aspects of being old. I need reading glasses, but not for gardening or watching rainbows and wild turkeys. I don’t like the achy joints that came with the years, but other than that, I’m doing okay. I beat COVID (the 2020 nasty version). My heart and lungs work well enough that I can get where I’m going. My brain still functions well enough. I may not remember what I came into a room for, but I know my name and all the important stuff: phone, social security, and where I hid my credit cards.
I’m glad I paid attention to my grandmother. I brushed my teeth, ate well (maybe too well), and still take vitamins. I have all my teeth, pertinent parts, and can cook and clean better than any woman half my age (when I want to). My advice and/or opinion is still sought (sometimes) and I can crack a joke with the best of them. True, I only get wolf whistles from my husband, but he’s the only one I want them from anyhow. And thanks to that now long-gone miserable time of life referred to as ‘the change,’ I no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. Phew!

Do I have any regrets? Yup. Don’t we all? However, I’ve learned that no matter what, I can’t change the past. I can do my best not to make the same mistakes again, can gently urge my daughters, granddaughters – and anyone else who might listen and benefit – not to make rash choices and ALWAYS treat others as they want to be treated.
Yup. Be kind, patient, and enjoy the life you have right now. Tomorrow you might be laid up from an accident, or without a job or best friend because of hasty or cruel words, or maybe have a horrible toothache because you didn’t brush your teeth.

I’m hoping to avoid all of the above discomforts because I’m getting older and, I think, wiser.

Here’s a great story about an older woman who was able to do it all over again, but in a younger body. In a different time era. And with a severe case of amnesia. Perky old lady in a young, hot body. Will her innate sense and savvy get her out of predicaments with cougars (the mountain lion-type), creeps and kidnappers? Check out NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND, #free to read with Kindle Unlimited.