The Beauty of Inspiration

Now that January is almost over, and our remnants of the holiday season are safely stored away, have you embraced the new year?

I have, and one of the reasons is because of the wonderful encouragement and support I have received from my readers.

What is the definition of inspiration? There are many, but I love this one:

“An uplifting influence on another person’s intellect, feelings or imaginativeness.”

I love reading, and, of course, writing. In many ways, reading allows us to armchair travel to exotic locales, cultivating excitement and inspiration along the way through our heroes and heroines.

Who needs inspiration?

Everyone. Your best friend, your children, your significant other. We can never offer too much inspiration and encouragement.

How can we offer inspiration?

By a light touch or word of comfort to a friend.

Sending cheerful emails.

Showing up at a hospital to cheer a loved one.

Quietly listening when your teenager complains.

Reminding your husband or significant other how special they are.

And lastly, as we begin this new year, evaluating the past with a different point of view. Go easy on yourself.

There is a bright 2020 future ahead, just waiting to be explored.

Is there someone in your life you can inspire this week? Please leave your comments below.

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When faith is adrift, the heart is the compass leading the way home.
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Do people prove their worth by strength, or by character?

Feed The Creative Juices

Authoring can be all consuming at times. There can be days when I don’t speak to another human for eight hours–pretty bad when you and your husband are both home all day. But it is one of those things, when the words are flowing, then the hands on the clock seem to whiz around at lightning speed.

Being an introvert, I don’t crave others company, am happy in my own skin, and love the solitude that my writing gives me. But, every now and then, I can feel drained of the creative juices and need to step back from the pages and find something to kick start my creativity.

I broke for Christmas this year, I hate taking full breaks as it always seems to take twice as long to get back into the swing of things. But Christmas was busy, with lots of guests staying over so, writing was not on the table. Going back to it in January, I thought I’d be refreshed, but it has been an up-hill slog. I’m writing, but feel that it is a case of supergluing my bum to the seat to make myself do it. While scrolling through social media–an avoidance tactic–I spotted a course being promoted by a talented cover designer that I admire.

Now, some of you may know that the other hat I wear is that of Book Designer. I create and sell covers for the Cat’s Pyjama’s. I started this out of necessity, way back in the beginning of my writing career, because I was so clueless about the whole book publishing business. Back then, I was truly terrible, as I had no idea how to use Photoshop. I may have lacked the skills, but I had big ideas and have always had an artistic bent. Many of my hobbies fall into that side of things. I also have a good eye and a nose for analyzing the market in this area. So, with the help of my daughter, an Art student at SCAD at the time, I set about learning how to use the Photoshop software.

Once I had gained enough skills, I started producing my own covers, then ones for friends, and finally moved on to selling them wider. The course I spotted the other day, sounded like just what I needed. It promised to teach the most useful 20% of the software’s features that book designers will use 80% of the time. Being self-taught, I knew my gaps and my limitations so I signed up immediately.

OH. MY. God!

Talk about game changer. I have spent so many hours watching the videos and then practicing the skills that a whole week has whizzed by. Surprisingly, I have also managed to fit in writing a couple of chapters a day too! My hubby has had to remind me when to eat, and around ten o’clock at night, he opens my study door and mumbles, “are you gonna be on there all night?”

picture of a chair burning in a room

Day 1 challenge, becoming more adventurous with layers and blends

Even when I go to bed, I have been running through the stuff I have learned in my head, and thinking up new possibilities. It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about something. But improving my design skills aside, I have also noticed a bit more pep in my step with regards to my writing–even though part of that is due to wanting to get on my computer to do the next lesson! I am now drafting out a chapter a day, and rewarding myself with doing the next element of the course.

Day 2 – refining composition and using pen tool more adeptly for cutting out

Trouble is, I am running out of classes. Still, my creativity juices are flowing, and my brain seems to have enjoyed the chance to do something different for a while. More than that, expanding my knowledge has given me a sense of fulfillment. Pushing my skills to the next level, challenging myself to understand all the tricky nuances associated with that very technical piece of software, is quite uplifting and re-energizing.

So, I am making a late New Year’s resolution, to take more meaningful breaks over this next year, and I’m going to take that time to give myself training. Other, big companies do it. They see the value in training their staff, so even though I am a one-man band, Author Angela Stevens will be closed for training until Wednesday next week, and scheduling more motivational courses for the summer.

But for now, I am upping my game, and just completed new covers for my next release, Hat Trick, in my brand new pin-off series Hockey Boyz. For those of you that loved my Hockey Punk series, then you should know, this book stars one of the Hockey Punk guy’s sons. We are going Next Gen!

picture of 3 books with hockey theme

No New Resolutions by Mona Risk

May the New Year bring you health, joy, success, and many books. Have you made any resolutions for this year? Walk more? Eat less? Read more if you are a reader? Write more if you are an author?

Good books offer the best entertainment and vacation, sometimes even an armchair trip in the comfort of your home.

As I was reviewing my last year’s efforts and achievements, I discovered I wrote SEVEN new books. Seven?!  I was the first one amazed by the number! That makes more than a book every couple of months. Any short break was used for promotion, or editing and formatting.

Let’s count them:

Prince Philip’s Cinderella — Modern Princes Series, Book 4

It was also part of Sweet and Sassy Cinderella

A charming jogger saves her from danger. But he’s a prince… And she comes from nothing. Do fairytales exist today?

Not Ready Yet — The Senator’s Family Series, Book 4

It was also part of Unforgettable Charmers

M NotReadyYet.jpg
High school sweethearts separated by life… They meet years later, Successful but different, Each with a heavy baggage.

A Complete Family — Love You Doc Series, Book 1

It was also part of Unforgettable Christmas Dreams

Nurse Melody has an adorable four-year-old girl, a vicious German shepherd, a meddling neighbor-nanny. But Dr. Aidan wants to give her a complete family.

The Captain Christmas Leave –Sweet but Sassy Series, Book 2

It was also part of Christmas Shorts

Wounded and almost divorced, Dr. Joshua Alexander lost his medical career and any chance of happiness…until his sassy wife takes matters into her own hands.

A Dance for Prince Eric–Modern Prince Series, Book 5 Not published individually yet, but part of All That Glitters Box on pre-order

Love in the ER– Love You Doc Series, Book 2 Not published individually yet, but part of Doctors in Love 1 -Passionate and Dedicated on pre-order

Love on the Slopes– Love You Doc Series, Book 3 Not published individually yet, but part of Doctors in Love 2 -Sexy and Determined Coming soon

New Year, Fresh Start, New Resolutions

Have you noticed how hard it is to get used to a new year? At least for me it’s always a challenge for the first couple of months when I have to fill in the date. Thinking back of my childhood, it’s hard to imagine I’m in 2020. I mean, back then, that was the future! In one of my favorite movies, Back to the Future, Steven Spielberg had imagined a much more evolved 21st century. According to him, by now we should all travel in space cars, have voice-command appliances, and eradicate most illnesses. Wasn’t he an optimist, back in ’86 when he made the first movie?

While we’re working on technologies that will eventually make all of these things possible, everything is moving slowly. And although we can definitely survive without flying cars and smart refrigerators, our quality of life depends on our health.

When we’re healthy we are unaware of how important this is. It’s only when we’re confronted with illness—or worse, death—that we start appreciating what truly matters in life. I’ve had such a terrible revelation right after Christmas, when I learned that a high school mate of mine died of cancer at the age of thirty-three. The news was shocking for all of us who knew him. We all hoped and prayed for a miracle until the last minute, but in vain. I can only shudder when I think of his poor wife and six-year-old-son, who have to deal with so much grief. I was touched by how many people jumped in to help them, morally and financially. It’s probably not that much of a comfort, but seeing this proof of kindness reassured me there’s still hope for humanity.

It’s a bitter irony that I have just finished a book where the hero is a researcher and fights to cure cancer. Although the book is a fictional suspense romance, a lot of the medical facts are true. With medicine advancing fast, I pray this terrible disease will soon be eradicated forever and stop being a constant threat to us and those we love.

In International Affairs: LONDON, Dr. Gerard Leon develops not one, but two cures for cancer, with the help of Linda, a beautiful and wealthy Italian artist. If in life we’re not guaranteed a happy ever after, one of the things we can do is look for it in books…

She has the money; he has the brains. In their quest to cure others, can they also heal each other?

Gerard Leon is a physician and researcher. Linda Coriola is an artist and philanthropist. After losing loved ones to this silent killer, they both fight cancer in their own way—her with money, him with scientific breakthroughs.
Neither expected to fall in love, but when they do, it’s hard, fast, and mind-blowing.
But they have a common enemy who will stop at nothing to see them fail. Can they give into their feelings, stay focused on their goal, and live to fight another day?

International Affairs: LONDON is the first book in a new series of suspense romance novels, International Romance Collection. I hope you will love these stories as much as I enjoy writing them!
If this isn’t in your New Year’s resolutions list, remember: stay healthy. When it comes to most illnesses your body will give you signs so you can do something before it’s too late–don’t ignore them! It doesn’t matter that you’ll keep your job, or get that promotion, or keep that relationship, or do whatever you want to do if you won’t live long enough to enjoy them. We can find love, build fortunes, make dreams come true, but the one thing we can’t buy is our health. It’s the most precious thing we can have. Take care of yourselves above all else. ❤

Here’s a photo of me on Christmas Day. I had the best time of my life during the holidays because hubby took two weeks off work, so we spent every minute together. We didn’t go to any parties or fancy events, we just enjoyed our time together cooking, watching TV, staying at home, shopping or just walking the streets and goofing around. 🙂