Moving along, very slowly

So 2020 is over, but the new year didn’t start on the right foot and the level of stress hasn’t decreased at all. Talking about stress, how do you cope and survive? How do you deal with that unbearable itching that seems to eat at your heart?

Last year I locked myself at home, avoiding public places since March 2020: no supermakets, no restaurants, no hairdresser, no dentists, no ophthalmologist, no mall, no retail stores,…

The doctors’ appointments were all postponed until further notice. My hairdresser went out of business. Our ophthalmologist died and our dentist moved to another state.

My husband handles the grocery shopping and I haven’t seen my friends in ages. After avoiding the grandchildren for a couple of months, now we meet them on the beach–one of the benefits of living on the ocean.

I learned to overcome my fear of height and walk for hours on the terrace of our high-rise where no one ever comes. My biggest problem is nibbling non-stop, mostly on dry fruits and frozen fruits, since I don’t like chocolate–dried plums with breakfast, dried figs and dates for snack, dried mango with a 5:00 o’clock tea at 4 pm, dried apricot for dessert with frozen mixed berries. The only dried fruits I threw away were the gingers. After I opened my mouth to scream at the bitterness, I couldn’t even close it. But the ginger chews are delicious and excellent for the stomach.

Writing helped me keep my sanity. Between September and December 2020, I published the following books: Sunshine Over Snow; His Son, Her Daughter; Half a Dozen with Love; Love in the ER; Love on the Slopes.

Secret Kisses is released today, and Between Babies and Girlfriends will be my Valentine book.

In addition to the above, there are five books that were part on ABB boxes and will be published later in 2021: Dalia’s Christmas Wish, Baby Plans, Rescue Plans, Sailing Away Plans, Flirting Plans.

SECRET KISSES: Love You Doc Series, book 4

Katy Mahoney, Hoda Seif, and Sarah Kohn. Three girls from different backgrounds and religions pledged to maintain their friendship forever.

Worried that their daughter Hoda might adopt the behavior and habits of the Western world, her parents choose an Egyptian fiancé, eager to immigrate to the United States. Too young to know any better, Hoda agrees, until she meets Katy’s cousin, the handsome medical resident, Liam Olson, and receives her first kiss. With Katy’s help, Hoda stays in touch with the man of her dreams.

On high school graduation day, things get complicated when Hoda’s fiancé shows up to claim his reluctant bride. and doesn’t hide his concern about her negative attitude, especially once he notices her lovely friend, the bubbly Sarah, and falls in love with her.

Meanwhile Katy meets Hoda’s oldest brother Tarek, a dark and handsome medical graduate who can’t take his eyes off her. The graduation weekend ends with Hoda and Omar breaking off their engagement, Omar renting a room in Sarah’s house, and Tarek and Katy going on their first date. Three best friends, three secret and forbidden romances. For five years, the three friends meet and exchange confidences and advice.

Will the three friends manage to convince their families to let them marry for love or will tradition tear the lovers apart?


Can you read this?

The ability to read is too often taken for granted

If you can read this, be grateful for a multitude of blessings. First and foremost is you have the gift of sight. Even if you wear glasses, contacts, or had corrective surgery, you can distinguish dark and light on a very detailed level.

Second, give thanks for electronics. You could break that down to the device (smartphone or computer), information sharing system (wi-fi, cable, or telephone wire), and good ol’ electricity to power that digital screen that flashes the words in front of your eyes. Yup, more than one gift in that one.

Third, thank your teacher. Whether you attended public or private school or learned from a parent, sibling, or friend, be grateful they spent time encouraging you. You were – and are – worth it.

Right now, I want to share my experience with the gift of sight. When my grandmother saw me as a newborn, she said, “What big, beautiful eyes. She’s going to be nearsighted.” She was right. Lasik  – my first two surgeries – corrected it, though. I was very happy for years not having to buy glasses or contacts.

Surgeries three and four were for cataracts. Those surgeries were not nearly as successful. I guess the ophthalmologist didn’t calculate (guess) the right strength of the implanted lenses, I was back to glasses.

Vision degradation was ongoing and for no reason other than old age. I had a macular pucker that was tugging and distorting my retina, the ‘projector screen’ at the back of my eye. I was getting a new prescription twice a year. Images seen with my right eye were ten to fifteen percent bigger than my left. That translated to double vision to my brain.

After five years of regular check-ups on its progress, the doctor decided it was time for surgery.

My fifth eye surgery was last week: vitrectomy and membranectomy. I’ll look like a pirate for at least a few more days. Here’s hoping my ‘double-vision’ will go away and I can write more!

UNFORGETTABLE REVENGE: When once is not enough.

In the meantime, check out the newest release from The Authors’ Billboard. If you love Romantic Suspense, here’s a great one: UNFORGETTABLE REVENGE. Loads of new stories, too.

New Year – New Goals

Happy New Year to all of you. I know many people vow to do a certain thing, like quit smoking, eat better, exercise more, spend time with family this time of the year. Personally, I think those are things you should vow to do everyday, but I don’t do those kinds of vows.

Instead, I create goals, especially for my writing. Last year I published 12 books, and like most people, it was a very rough year.

Besides the regular trials and tribulations of life, we had the Virus to deal with. Man did that wreck havoc with my depression and stress levels. I lost one of my fur babies in May and then had my father living with me for 13 weeks while I cared for him while he was on hospice, and then another month of grieving after he passed in September. That’s a whole lot going on with a busy writing schedule.

So this year, I have my fingers crossed that all goes a little smoother, and there aren’t as many emotional ups and downs as there were last year. My goals for this year are to finish writing eighteen stories, and have sixteen published in 2021. That doesn’t count the audiobooks that are underway, or the boxsets that I will join either.

I plan to finish up my Loving a Young Series, and start a spin-off series for them. Plus, I have a couple more Finding Love in Special Places short stories coming this year. There are at least two more Unexpected Series books coming out this year, a couple books in my Rise Again Warrior Series, and I’d at least two more Blue Blood Returns books. On top of that, I am looking at adding to my Pleasure your Fantasies Series, and starting a new series that has not been named yet.

So I have a lot on my plate for this year! Wish me luck!

Huntley is the third book in the Loving a Young Series and is Stacy’s Latest Release! You can grab a copy on Amazon!

Moose Roast (Roast Beef) by Nancy Radke #mgtab

When we were married in 1959, my husband and I lived with his folks in Anchorage, Alaska. My mother-in-law belonged to the Anchorage Woman’s Club and they put out a recipe book that I still use. Many of the women were military. These ladies came from all over the world, so the book contains recipes from Spain and Japan as well as the lower 48 (Alaska term meaning the states).

I don’t make the Spiced Moose Tongue, Jellied Moose Nose, the Stuffed Ptarmigan Breasts, or the Caribou Shish Kabobs, but I do use many other moose recipes since moose meat is similar to bison. It tastes like rich beef meat and has more vitamins in it than regular beef. Like many Alaskans, I prefer moose to beef.

The amounts in this recipe are for a very large piece of meat. You might want to halve the amounts if your roast is average. I have used this recipe with beef heart and it turns out great. Also, you might want to adapt this for an Instant Pot.

1 1/2 T. vinegar
3 T. shortening
1 T. cinnamon
1 T. ginger
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 T. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 1/2 c. water
3 c. apple juice
1 can condensed tomato soup
1 c. chopped onion
1 tsp. chopped garlic (optional)

Melt the shortening in the bottom of a Dutch oven and brown the meat. Blend the vinegar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Mix these with the water and apple juice; juice from cooked dried apples is excellent. Pour over the meat. Then spoon the concentrated tomato soup, the onion, and garlic atop the moose hump. Cover and cook in enough heat to keep the pot simmering for four hours or until the meat is tender. Thicken the gravy with flour and then give a yell, before some nose-twitching stranger wanders into your house and eats it all himself.
— Recipe by Mrs. Clayton A. Schule

One of the ladies was Peggy Loft who ran the Airport Cafe. Her recipes give quantities to serve 100 people, such as 10 loaves of bread and 200 rolls, 4 gallons of ice cream, and 3 pounds of cheese. For tamale pie, you need 15 pounds of ground beef and 20 eggs, along with the other ingredients.

My story in the New Year’s Short collection is Changing Horses, about a rancher (Glen, from Zsuzsa’s Christmas Wish) who is pursuing a lady vet. She loves someone else, and Glen has to put a brake on his feelings and search for someone who puts him first. Right now Changing Horses is only available in the New Year’s Shorts collection.

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