With Passion

Today someone asked me, “What are the things you like best? The things you like doing with passion? What would you do for hours without complaining?”

Can you answer any of these questions spontaneously–the first thing that crosses your mind, without deeply thinking about it?

My answers came right away:

1-Writing a story: I can sit at my computer for hours–my record was 12 hours–writing non-stop, ignoring the world around me

2-Taking care of my grandchildren, playing with them, chatting with them, cooking or baking for them. That was true until two years ago. Now they are teenagers and drive themselves around, and certainly don’t need babysitting.

3-Swimming in the pool.  A few years ago I would have added, walking on the beach. Unfortunately, my knee hurts now if I walk on the sand.

4- Reading. If I start reading a book I like, I have to finish the story in one sitting.

So how about you? Share your answers.

Here are two newly released boxes of books you won’t be able to put down.

The Senator’s Family Series #1

The Senator’s Family Series #2

If there is one thing Senator Howard Dutton hates, it’s scandal, and all that it entails, juicy gossip, paparazzi, tabloid magazines, and the likes that could negatively affect his career. A family man with political ambitions, he’s happily married to a beautiful woman and he adores his four sons, David, Joshua, Ethan, and Brian, and his only daughter, Julia. Fiercely protecting his stellar reputation, he taught his children at an early age to work hard and avoid disreputable people.

Always elegant and generous, Nancy is the perfect senator’s wife, involved in many charitable events, in addition to her career as lawyer. While in college, the children made him proud, until things turned rotten … just before a re-election campaign.

His sweet Julia, the apple of his eye and a gorgeous fashion designer, breaks her engagement a week before her wedding—the wedding of the century with seven hundred guests, all loyal supporters of Senator Dutton.

Joshua, a successful lawyer and his father’s right hand, now feeds the tabloids by flaunting a new beauty every week. David, a dedicated doctor, has marital problems and is going through a messy divorce. Senator Dutton would rather not talk about Ethan, the black sheep of the family who dropped out of college after a noisy argument with his dad. And what could he say about the relatives who add their share of problems. Thank God, young Brian discreetly restricts his amorous pursuits to his medical school and hospital.

Senator Dutton is ready to issue a warning. They should reform, at least during his campaign season, or else…

Dear Readers,

To thank and help the wonderful members of the Authors’ Billboard and the authors who work hard to provide you with hours of entertainment, please read the following post prepared by Joshua Loyd Fox and apply it.

Thank you and Happy Reading

Facebook How-To: Update My #Facebook Feed

I have heard a dozen or more of my Facebook friends complain about seeing the same posts, over and over, in their news feed. I have offered each a solution that has worked for me. With just a single click (or at most, two clicks), you can start reading the latest, most up-to-date news from your family and friends on Facebook. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Facebook.com and use your password to log in.
  2. Look in the top left-hand column for “Most Recent.” Clicking Most Recent will reload your Facebook News Feed with the most current news and information that’s been posted by those you follow.

  1. If you do not see Most Recent listed in the top left-hand column, simply click “see more” and your list of options will open fully.

Facebook Most Recent 2

  1. Now click “Most Recent” on the list. Once you click Most Recent a few days in a row, the option will appear closer to the top. And clicking it will become more convenient.

There you have it. A simple and easy way to view all the latest posts from those you follow on Facebook.

The authors at Authors’ Billboard hope you find this information helpful! Are there any other Facebook problems you’re having? If you have further questions, I invite you to ask in the comment section. I’ll address other issues in future posts here on the Authors’ Billboard Blog.

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