At Home by Mona Risk

Is it four weeks or six weeks that we have been locked at home? I can’t remember, but it seems like two years. Getting dressed, wearing a few pieces of jewelry, and fixing my hair are now nice memories. I stopped opening my closets. What for? My getting-dressed routine of the morning consists of choosing between two pajamas pants and a few black t-shirts–easier to wash it all together.

We live in a high-rise and we used to have a gorgeous view. Not anymore. In September, our building association had contracted a company for concrete restoration. So all balconies were blocked in September, the rails removed and the balconies’ floors repaired. And then the Pandemic started and the workers stopped coming. No rails, no balconies. No beach and no pool.

Who cares? For every problem, there’s a solution. Right?

Two weeks ago, I discovered that the catwalk, a walkway around the building used as an emergency exit, was still accessible, yet not used by anyone. A bit too high for my taste considering I suffer from ‘Acrophobia’ or irrational fear of heights. But in time of need, one would adjust to anything. At first I held my husband’s hand, and just looked at the floor, and then it got better…

The walkway became my walking track, with fresh outdoor air to breathe, no need to wear a mask, and a view to lift any mood. So now I walk four to five miles a day. Soon I’ll stop worrying about the extra weight I added at the beginning of our confinement. And I published a book, and started a new one.

Here is my new book, just released last week:

A Dance for Prince Eric: A ballerina with a promising career on the run for her brother’s sake. A charismatic prince who saved them both. Do fairytales exist?

I am also happy to share two new boxes, one with hilarious books and another with tender, emotional stories.

Sweet & Sassy Daddies

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Cute but Crazy


Party on!

Yesterday, The Authors’ Billboard had the first of three (at least) Cabin Fever Quarantine Reading Party. I kicked off the event at one o’clock Pacific Daylight Time with kudos to all who volunteer to help others. Rule number one for a hostess: make your guest feel at home. Well, since so many folks are tired of being at home, I did my best to make our guests feel comfortable with what they’ve done for others.

Loads of free ebooks and audiobooks were given away outright, plus there were contests to #win some of the bigger prizes. It was fun finding out what everyone was wearing (mostly sweats, pajamas, yoga pants, and tee-shirts), finding companionship with people around the world with our dress and attitudes.

Did you miss out? No worries. FIRST, three of our WEDDING BOX SETS are still #FREE until Sunday, April 19. SECOND, we’re having Facebook Parties at ABB PARTY PLACE for the next two Fridays, plus we’ll be giving away different box sets. Here are the links for the sets available now. Sweet and Sassy Weddings, Sweet and Sassy Brides, and A Wedding She’ll Remember.

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Remember: set your Calendar/Alexa/Google Home reminders (or put a note on the refrigerator) to come to Facebook’s ABB PARTY PLACE at one o’clock Pacific Daylight Time (which is otherwise known as four o’clock Eastern Daylight Time). We’ll have more #Giveaways and Safe Social Distancing diversions for you with more of the authors from The Authors’ Billboard.

For giggles and guffaws, check out CUTE BUT CRAZY – WACKY, WONDERFUL WOMEN

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Friday the 13th -Lucky for me and you!

I was born on a Friday the 13th (June), and that day has always been lucky for me! Today it’s lucky for you – and it’s better for your eyes too!

In the world of technology, where we all have our noses stuck to television screens, computers, tablets, and cellphones, if you’re like me, your eyes need a rest. Generally, I am up by 5:30 every morning and on the computer within ten minutes of waking up. That’s after using the bathroom and pouring that first cup of coffee. Somedays, I am literally on my computer working for 12-15 hours.

So when I have a few hours off, the last thing I want to do is read because I need to give my eyes a break. It doesn’t help that I’m getting older and my eyesight is starting to change. The problem is, I used to read voraciously. I could read a 300-page book in several hours, and I used to read several books a week. Now I might read a book every other month.

What I have started doing is listening to audiobooks. I get a chance to relax my mind, enjoy a story, and clean my house, or cook something good in the kitchen. Sometimes, I just sit back and do nothing while I enjoy one!

I love audiobooks, and I know a lot of people are starting to enjoy them too. That’s why I am slowly having my books turned into audio productions! And this is where the fun begins!

I currently have several books in audio, and I’m going to give away 25 copies of several of them to you! All you have to do is look over the books on the sign-up form and pick your first and second choice. Then in a few days, I will send you a link and a code to download it for FREE from Audible.

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When Joy Prevails With Mixed Emotions

Personally, February presented me with a whirlwind of ups and downs – First, I traveled to California to visit my youngest brother Don and his lovely wife and, in spite of my fear of the coronavirus outbreak, had a terrific time visiting Disneyland during the busiest weekend of the year – President’s Day Weekend. The wine tasting tours were nothing to sneeze at, either.

While I was staying with Don, I needed to do a conference call with social workers, case managers, nurses, and supervisors regarding my brother Eddie, many of whom you know is physically and mentally challenged – and now very ill. The conference call was to set up palliative care for him, a challenge for all parties concerned since he resides in a group home with minimal staff. Long story short, he’s currently on hospice at the group home with 24/7 care, but will not be receiving treatment for his pancreatic cancer. (This is a bummer.)

Christmas 2019

Professionally speaking, February has been outrageously joyful for several reasons. Before I left for California, our new Romance collection IRRESISTIBLE VALENTINE (Irresistible Romance Book 3) went live and achieved a Number One New Release Status in the Love and Romance category, among others on Amazon almost immediately – which brought professional cheer to a sore heart since this author’s story is associated with an Amazon Bestselling Set. The best part? This Collection was Published via the sweat and tears of the talented, Internationally Read, USA Today Best Selling Author Tamara Ferguson. She’s amazing!

Find Your Irresistible Valentine…
Celebrate the season of love with EIGHT BRAND-NEW, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED STEAMY STORIES From Nine New York Times & USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors:

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Then, just this past week, The Authors’ Billboard launched its FIRST Romantic Comedy Collection, another set I’m privileged to have contributed to: Cute But Crazy: Wacky, Wonderful Women: Enjoy EIGHT side-splitting tales of love and screw-ups from this international slate of USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Authors. With gracious thanks to the Multi-Talented Dani Haviland, an Internationally Read, USA Today Best Selling Author who harbored a dream and inspired the other authors in this set with her wisdom, clever words, and total patience to make this set rock and cares for us all. Take that curtsy, woman! You deserve the lime light here!

Undeterred by misadventures and challenges, these strong-willed ladies take life and love by the ears, embracing the men they have chosen through good times and bad. Furious ex-wives – ghosts and angels with their own agendas – the challenges of PTSD and imaginary friends – even Cupid, chickens, and a bumper crop of marijuana won’t get in the way of true love for these wacky, wonderful women. You can call them cute. Just don’t call them crazy.

PreOrder here: Just 99 cents or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

These wonderful collections have only been made available during the past three weeks – so, if you’re a reader with romance, suspense, humor and lover’s hijinks embedded in your mind, these are your current, go-to collections. I promise you’ll love them.

Hey, I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention our fearless leader, the incomparable Mimi Barbour, the New York Times Best Selling Author who made certain we were all able to follow our dreams, via her expert guidance. If I were to write a story about Mimi, I’d call it She’s A Joy to Work With.

One more thing: As always. The Authors’ Billboard is about to hold their March 2020 Reader’s Contest – You can win Amazon Gift Cards, FREE eBooks, and have a dang good time. Won’t you join us here >

Thanks a bunch for tuning in! I appreciate you.

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