The Memory of a Dog

“Dogs are often known for their loyalty, intelligence and maybe even their short attention spans. But a study published in Current Biology found that a dog’s memory may be better and more complex than we previously thought.” Global News

I just read an article on Google that couldn’t be more appropriate.

Bosty is a happy dog who loves to play with friends.

He was due for a grooming appointment at the same place where his mommy has been taking him for four years.

Professional dog grooming comprises the cleaning and hygienic care of a dog, including bathing, hair removal, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Good groomers also check for signs of health problems by looking out for swelling, parasites, heat, cuts and thrush. Regular dog grooming helps a dog stay fresh, keep calm and enjoy a coat that’s free of tangles and fleas.

Bosty is always happy to go out, whether walking or riding in the car to run an errand with his mommy.

Today, when the car stopped in front of his usual pet groomer store, Bosty stared through the window and barked. His mommy opened the door for him to jump out. Instead he shook his head, backed up to the other end of the car and cowered on the floor, whimpering and refusing to move. There was no way to make him move from his corner. His mommy gave up and returned home.

It turned out that at his last grooming, the tech cut near his ear by mistake, a tiny cut that must have hurt him, although his family didn’t notice and the store didn’t report it.

Now Bosty will go to a new dog groomer.

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Pets are a staple in nine out of ten households, and while dogs and cats are popular choices many families cherish a variety of other creatures such as chickens, llamas, bunnies, birds, gerbils, and even mice!

Above is a photo of Harley, our nine-year-old calico. She grew up with a German Shepherd for company and consequently thinks she’s our protector. We had to put a sign out front, Beware of Cat, lol.

People get a kick out of seeing Harley going for a walk by leash. She enjoys the time out of the yard and a good back scratch on the rocks!

Summers are spent outside soaking up the sun and watching the hummingbirds flit around our yard.

Lately, she’s taken to sitting in this odd way- funny girl 🙂

In response to this month’s Becky’s Squares challenge theme of ‘Odd.’ See more responses here.

And finally, this is our sweet Annie.

The man who owned her was going to have her put down because she was the rut of the litter and was extremely skittish. Bob couldn’t let that happen, so he brought her home and spent two days laying under our lilac tree in the backyard trying to gain her trust. She was just six months old, skinny, and frightened, but slowly, he won her over and she became his shadow for the next eight years.

We lost her near Christmas in 2019.

Jamaican Christmas Traditions

In Jamaica, we have no snow or anything that resembles it, but the weather does get a little cooler at Christmastime and we start feeling what we call “Christmas Breeze” by late November.

Jamaicans love to party, so the festivities start with office parties and move into friend and family gatherings as it gets closer to Christmas. Like any other nation, we have a host of traditions, but I’m going to share five of them with you today.

Household Cleaning

While some folks like spring cleaning, all Jamaicans do a general cleaning before putting up Christmas decorations. Some still take this tradition to the extreme and stay up late putting the house to rights on Christmas Eve. These people wake up exhausted on Christmas morning, which is no fun.

Drawing “Sorrel”

Sorrel is a deep burgundy drink that comes from a herbaceous plant in the Polygonaceae family. The petals of the plant are reaped and steeped in hot water to release the flavor and color. The drink is sweetened with sugar and rum and spiced with pimento seeds. It’s slightly tangy and takes a little getting used to, but sorrel is one of the staples at this time of the year. While it’s available year round, most Jamaicans only indulge at this part of the year.

Sorrel drink and sorrel petals


We don’t see this much anymore (and with good reason, I’d say) but Jonkanoo “characters” dress up in scary costumes and frighten the bejeezus out of kids. It’s part of the legacy of slavery and among the “actors” there is the devil and the horse head. This makes me wonder if it was a way of keeping children in order and determining who’d been good or bad leading up to Christmas. Needless to say, no child I know ever liked this part of the festive traditions.

Grand Market

On Christmas Eve, street vendors have a legal right to ignore vending zones and fill certain streets in each town with their wares. All of this takes place under the guidance of the parish councils, but on this one night, they are allowed to sell their goods into Christmas morning. Kids love Grand Market as parents get to do last-minute shopping and may give in to requests to buy this or that toy in the last-minute rush.

The Christmas Feast

Most people who don’t go to church in any other season, go at Christmas and Easter. The rest of the day is spent preparing the ham, rice and peas, vegetables, and a variety of meats. Earlier in the month, the decision is made on which family member will host in the current year and every relative descends on that house to eat up a storm.

These are some of the activities that take place in this part of the world. Of course, there is the exchange of gifts and people are kinder and gentler than at any other time of year. Would that we’d continue this sentiment all year long!

Have you ever been to the tropics at Christmastime?

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Zero Tasking Day

Hey, cats don’t seem to have a problem doing nothing.

Lazy Cat 1

Lazy Cat 2

Lazy Cat 3


Zero Tasking Day

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