Unforgettable Satisfaction

The talented authors from the Authors’ Billboard have done it again! 

Unbelievable Satisfaction – Secrets and Courage – features eight novels from highly acclaimed authors that are guaranteed to keep you reading all night. 

Face danger and death with dedicated police officers, discover the truth with wrongfully convicted felons, tip the scales in an election, listen to the voices of the past to find necessary answers, locate the crying child through mysterious instincts, discover the power of love in the face of danger…and embrace the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Mimi Barbour – Special Agent Makayla: Only Makayla hears the cries of children in trouble. USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Author 

Callie Bardot – Tracked by Trouble: Trouble. On my trail. Tracking me like a killer. I’d rather be tracked by love. USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Author 

Patricia Rosemoor – Fake ID Wife: No cover charged… no ID required… safety guaranteed… USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Author 

Rebecca York – Scene of the Crime: Can he find out who framed him for murder? USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Author 

Taylor Lee – Ain’t No Place for No Heroes: Mathis Cross, the hard-driving police commissioner, cleaned up a corrupt city and a more corrupt police force. Taking Gen. Patton’s advice to heart, his motto is “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.” USA Today Bestselling Author 

Susanne Matthews – Echoes of the Past: Born Mohawk, raised white, Michelle Thomas is trapped between two worlds—can she solve the murders, save the sacred waters, and fulfill her destiny? Award-winning and Bestselling Author 

Susan Jean Ricci – Shady Knoll: Will her forbidden pregnancy keep her from getting a second chance at love? USA Today Bestselling Author 

Stacy Eaton – Garda – Welcome to the Realm: Will Brock be able to direct Corey down the right path, or will she cross the line and fall from grace? USA Today Bestselling Author 

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