Unforgettable Loyalty

Faithfulness, devotion, commitment…

Is there anything more important in a relationship than loyalty from the one you love?

Knowing that person will always be there for you….

And they aren’t.

What happens then?

In these 9 romances written by NYT & USAT Bestselling Authors, we deal with these problems, find solutions, and reach memorable Happy-Ever-After endings.

Books included:

Mimi Barbour: Special Agent Jennie – Agent Jennie hates only one man. The same guy who comes back into her and her daughter’s life and rips it apart. How can she allow him the power… how can she not?

Susanne Matthews: The White Lily – Uneasy partners, Jacob and Lilith must learn to trust each other to find the monster as they fight their growing attraction. When Lilith’s greatest fears materialize, can Jacob set aside his own rage to save the woman he loves?

Rebecca York: The Man from Nowhere – Alex Shane’s special assignment plunged him and Sara Delaney into a vortex of murder and deception. Or were they playing for opposite teams?

Mona Risk: A Bodyguard for the Princess – The spirited princess didn’t look for trouble, but it had found her. Again. Could he help her without falling in love?

Taylor Lee: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – She’s a go-it-alone detective. He’s a psychiatrist and FBI profiler. A serial killer brings them together. In more ways than one.

Nancy Radke: The Prisoner Returns – Hired by her father as a bodyguard, Tripp Richards finds himself the new target as he tries to keep the heiress alive.

J.L. Campbell: Grudge – On a visit to the exotic island of Xantrope, Phillip uses his detective skills to find answers to why someone wants to put the lovely and lively Corra six feet under.

Dani Haviland: Luke the Unexpected – Brought together by their love of vintage motorcycles, Luke and Holly have more than just an out-of-tune Indian Chief to deal with. The town’s leggy crime boss, Tanya, wants revenge for being spurned.

Tamara Ferguson: That Incredible Kiss –After ten years apart, Ashley Mitchum and Brian O’Neill are fatefully reunited in Crystal Rock. Will unveiling their families’ dark family secrets heal Two Wounded Hearts?

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