Sweet and Sassy at the Beach

From the Arctic coast to tropical beaches, Greek islands to the Jersey shore, love and romance swell with the tides. Find your perfect pair with Sweet and Sassy at the Beach, twelve titillating tales of love at first sight, second chance romance, Alaska villagers to a beachcomber billionaire, a rodeo clown to a Greek tycoon, sweet and sassy tales that will keep you grasping your Kindle ‘til the battery runs out. Keep your charger handy! You won’t want to miss any of these stories by award-winning, bestselling authors!

That Unbelievable Kiss (Kissed by Fate 3) – Tamara Ferguson

Bad boy Brian Lancaster marries Karen Andres so she can retain medical coverage for her diabetic brother. Can their long-distance marriage of convenience lead to a lifetime of love?

Sweetheart Cove-Jacquie Biggar

Sand, surf, and soft island breezes bring two lonely hearts together in this heartwarming tale of second chance romance and a love that lasts forever.

Her Greek Tycoon – Mona Risk 

Romeo and Juliette Greek style. Will the Greek Tycoon make peace with the past? Will the American lawyer find her happiness in Mykonos?

One Arctic Summer – Dani Haviland 

Was she his Red Raven or just another cheechako, a tenderfoot from the outside world looking for excitement or a news story in his remote Alaskan village?

Leanne Banks – Royal Dad  

What can a widower Prince do when a vivacious American tutor for his young son turns his world upside down? Can he ignore his burning attraction to the most tempting woman he has ever met?

Stephanie Queen – Beachcomber Billionaire

When two hearts from different worlds collide, will they stay together or continue in different directions?

Orchids & Hurricane Kisses – Stacy Eaton

It’s laughter and twenty questions for Rye and Amy as they get lost in a tropical island romance as a hurricane approaches the shores of Maryland. Will it take a tragedy or a miracle to bring them back together?

Nancy Radke – Trouble Never Knocks 

Evil men pursue them. Can Jesse and Karin stay alive and see the future together that they both want?

Rescuing the Cowboy’s Heart – Aileen Fish 

Can Nicole help retired rodeo-clown-turned-CPA Trevor realize that he won’t find lasting love with numbers, that if he expects to find ‘the one’ at a certain time with his logical schedule, he is doomed and may never recognize what his heart stands to lose?

Lucky in Laguna – Rachelle Ayala 

Tally shares a winning lottery ticket with Lucky, a reality show writer. She’s always dreamed of being on TV, so Lucky writes her into the show. However, sand, surf, and romantic nights in Laguna bring complications. Will the show go on? Or will love trump reality?

Sharing Sea Glass – Susan Jean Ricci 

After Peter rescues beach lover Jo Harrison from a near drowning at the Jersey Shore, this unlikely couple are inches away from falling in love. But are Jo’s emotions for Peter based on gratitude for saving her life? And is Peter’s attraction to her merely physical after watching her shower in a wet T-shirt?

Perfect for Him – Suzanne Jenkins 

When Jason’s beloved wife Harley gets sick, Tiffany jumps in and decides he’s fair game. What can a wife do to protect her handsome husband from the Tiffanys of the world?

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