Sexy & Seductive

Eight Steamy Stories, Four All New, From Multi Award Winning, International USA Today Bestselling Authors.

A deputy and undercover agent, a nerdy geek or a hardcore biker, a sexy playboy and billionaire or a seemingly broken wounded warrior, each of these page turning, steamy stories will keep you reading until the very end.

Whether it’s romance on a remote island, or during a natural disaster, in a small town or casino, this collection is filled with sexy stories, seductive heroes/heroines, romance, love, and happy ever after.

FAMILY BONDS-HUNTER AND KAYLA (new) by Natalie Ann, USA Today Bestselling Author: Will Hunter and Kayla fall for the legacy of Amore Island when neither of them are even looking?

THAT CAPTIVATING KISS (new) by Tamara Ferguson, USA Today Bestselling Author: When Special FBI Agent Brynn Landers shares a captivating kiss with Army Ranger, Nick Foley, she knows she’s met the man of her dreams, although Nick gets the wrong impression since she’s working undercover. When they meet again four years later after Nick is critically injured, will fate give them a second chance?

COLOR ME FREE (new) by Jen Talty, USA Today Bestselling Author: Was he willing to risk his heart to make the necessary changes he’d been too afraid to deal with in the past? Or would he continue to live his life in a bubble, pretending to make a difference?

MISTLETOE FANTASIES by Stacy Eaton, USA Today Bestselling Author: Wallie has been a bodyguard at the club since it opened four years ago, and over the last year, he’s developed quite a crush on Ms. Reba.

JOSIE’S REFUGE (new) by Alyssa Bailey, USA Today Bestselling Author: Walker brought Josie home to help her overcome her biggest problem, but how do they defeat a threat to the ranch that may come from within?

JASON’S RESOLUTION by Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today Bestselling Author: When a protester outside of Jason’s successful casino in Atlantic City catches his eye, she helps him make his dream come true.

CATCHING NATE by Angela Stevens, International Bestselling Author: Only one woman ever stole Nate Chase’s heart– it’s just a shame she’s off limits.

TANYA by Taylor Lee, USA Today Bestselling Author: She’s a brash deputy. He’s an undercover agent. When sparks start to fly, a murderer might be the death of them.

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