Enchanted Romances – Mystical Passion

Come into our world, where guardian angels protect you, Fountain of Youth waters revive you, and supernatural beings comfort you. Eight paranormal stories with romance and happy ever after endings by eight award winning and bestselling authors. Enjoy the ride into our mystical fantasies filled with superb entertainment!

His Devious Angel – by Mimi Barbour, NYT & USAT Best-selling author

A girl who hates men and a man desperate for love!

Gorgeous man-hater gets mixed up with a hotshot soldier when he runs her down with his convertible. Now she’s stuck having to accept help from him and his angel.

The Guardian – by Jacquie Biggar, USA Today Bestselling Author

Can two lost souls stop a crazed madman?

Lucas Carmichael and Scott Anderson had it all, money, fame, and fortune. But one night’s stupid mistake takes everything they thought they cherished and dumps it upside down.


Just My Imagination – by Suzanne Jenkins, Award Winning, Bestselling Author

Was the mysterious stranger real or just her imagination?

Sheila spends twenty-four hours nursing the half-frozen handsome stranger who appears at the door of her rustic cabin back to health. The next morning, he’s gone, and Sheila longs for the mysterious Tom Caldwell. Was he ever with her or was it just her imagination?


Time in a Little Blue Bottle – by Dani Haviland, USA Today Bestselling author

Her fantasies fulfilled

The quest for the little blue bottle of Fountain of Youth elixir just got more complicated for Bella. A vampire, Elvis, and Mark Twain are after the same thing, plus her young escort has a crush on her!


Garda ~ Welcome to the Realm – by Stacy Eaton, USA Today Bestselling Author

The Angels are Always Watching

Sometimes decisions in death are as hard as the decisions in life. When Officer Corey Hamilton dies in the line of duty, she trains to be a Guardian, but will her choices change her destiny?


Black Tied by Rachelle Ayala, USA Today Bestselling Author

Caught between a wok and a hard man

When ordinary you and the Son of the Kitchen God are all that stand between a playboy apocalypse and true love.


A Knight’s Sorceress by Katy Walters, USA Today Best Selling Author.  

A deadly love flowers in an enchanted forest.

A Tania Roberts searches for her lost love, a search that will take her through time to a distant world of the Tree people, an ancient tribe of Britons who lived and worshipped the mighty trees, a world where Lord Devlin the Black Warrior, encounters Forestyne, the Sorceress. deadly love flowers in an enchanted forest.


Honeymoon in Coffinville by Susan Jean Ricci, Best Selling Author

Bones in the garden and secrets in the attic.

An ancient, haunted mansion, a white cat with different colored eyes, and more visions than they ever imagined leads lovers Shannon and Rick to wonder if their newly acquired cat is a guardian angel or a creature of darkness.

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