Root Canal’s, Dentists, and romance?

So, this week I had to have TWO root canals. TWO. Now, I’m not a fan of dentists. As a matter of fact, I’m terrified of them. I’d rather have a colonoscopy than go to the dentist. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m one of the few people who get violently ill when doing the prep…so.

Anyway, there isn’t anything sexy about going to the dentist. Or is there?

In my novella, Playing with Fire, which is in the Unforgettable Charmers Boxset my heroine is a dentist. She’s super cute. Smart. But coming off a bad relationship. Her neighbor is a firefighter who also has a fear of dentists. So much so, he tried to avoid them at all costs. He’s even had the hygienist help him escape after having his teeth cleaned.

That is until he breaks a tooth.

Heather, our heroine, is very good at her job and not only manages to get our reluctant hero into her chair, but she steals his heart.

I’m always asked where I get my stories. And I always answer: From my life! Sort of.

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If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

Happy People

If you’re over 50—or if you’re currently enrolled in kindergarten—you’ll  know the title is from a song. Although whether we’re really happy or not may not be a simple thing to know, we all clap our hands anyway.

But how do we know if we’re happy, technically speaking? Well that’s a matter for experts to examine, including Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow and bestselling author on the subject of living long, healthy & happy. I’ve read Buettner’s articles and many others about happiness—took a whole college course in psychology focusing on what makes happiness tick—and I’ve come up with my personal best list.

Top 7 ways you know if you’re happy:

  1. You laugh a lot. Like every day. Multiple times a day. Sounds simple, right? But really think about this one before you answer it for yourself. How often do you laugh? (Also, how often do you cry?)
  2. You like going to work every day. Especially if you’re like me and you don’t have to go anywhere! It’s no surprise that a long commute can be a big negative in people’s lives according to Buettner. It’s also no surprise that liking your job can make you happy.

    But did you know that you don’t even have to like your job to be happy  if you like the people you work with? 

    In fact, according to Buetner and others, liking your fellow employees and having friends at work is more important than making more money. I can personally attest to the truth of this!

  3. You have a great social network and get together with friends/family often. Everyone agrees about how important the people in your life are to your happiness, right? Maybe it’s hard to put this into practice in  every day life, but those who do are happiest.
  4. You are healthy. While it’s not something we think about, according to statistics, it is harder to be happy when you’re unhealthy. So don’t take this one for granted.
  5. You make a decent living. No need for riches. But just in case, I did buy a Powerball ticket when the jackpot went to $625 million yesterday. It would be a kick to play Santa Claus with all that money. Which brings me to the next tell for happiness.
  6. You focus on others with acts of kindness, helpfulness, care, donating and/or volunteering. Or maybe you’re there for someone with a shoulder to cry on in a tragedy. Of course, you probably already know how these things can make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
  7. Life Balance. You have the right amount of work, socializing and sleep—and all those other personal care things to keep you healthy, like staying active. This is no news for anyone who spends too much time at work, or too much time sitting around. Or not enough time sleeping!

Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

I’m going to work on getting more sleep!

Tell me what you’re going to do to improve your happiness.


A New Cinderella Novel

by Nancy Radke

I think every girl has dreamed the Cinderella dream, with the handsome prince rescuing her from whatever trouble she is in. I know I did when I was a young girl. But the harder thing to do is to write a new slant on Cinderella that hits all the major plot points of the wicked stepmother, and the ball, and the prince…even the glass slipper and fleeing at the stroke of midnight.

I welcomed the challenge to come up with a fun Cinderella novel. This is not one of my action-packed suspense/thriller stories, but rather a gentle, Hallmark-type story to relax and enjoy. It is more like “The Holiday,” a novella I wrote for the Love Christmas 2 collection.

My Cinderella’s name is Elle, and she lives on a horse farm in a small kingdom in Europe. The king has two sons, and the older one is threatening to refuse the throne, while the younger one never wanted to be king. The younger man competes in national show-jumping events, and when he sees Elle’s horse jump, he wants it for himself. But she and her horse are already entered into that jumping event.

I really enjoyed writing my Cinderella story. I’m thinking of re-telling some more fairytales, just omitting the fantasy parts, unless they simply have to be put in. In the comment section below, put what fairytales you would like to see written as romances.

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My story in this set also involves a horse. This time it is a horse called Paca, an Appaloosa mare that her owner, Jo, keeps riding into trouble on and needing rescue by her handsome neighboring rancher.

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That’s all for today. Be sure to let me know about your favorite fairy tale you’d like to see turned into a romance.

Life’s A Home Run

Hey there, beautiful people! Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Spring day, and focusing on the positivity and joyful vibes God has blessed you with.

Living like your life depends on it is an ideal notion to cleave to, whether today’s aura is filled with trilling birds and butterflies, or sewer stinking issues that are difficult to cope with. You can’t control what’s going on around you, but you can mange the way you react, if you look on the bright side of the equation.

Being said, here’s my pro’s and con’s list for today:

Pro: Joe and I both woke up this morning, although he’s in a hospital bed, and I’m at home. Waking up rocks no matter where you are.

Con: I woke up with a hard cold. Pro: When I got home from the pharmacy with my cold relievers, the house smelled great because I’d started making chicken soup earlier.

Con: I had to let me daughter down by not babysitting my grandson Logan. Pro: I need the rest anyway. But he’s cute and here he is visiting Pop in the hospital a few weeks ago.

Con: Joe and I had to watch today’s NY Met’s season opener in different locations. Pro: The NY Mets won their first season opener in decades – and shut out the Nationals 2-0~

Here’s a blast from our past:

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That’s it for now and thanks for joining me! Happy Spring!

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