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Have you ever been up against a deadline and the words won’t come? Yep, welcome to my world.


I have a holiday novella due by the end of September and it’s kicking my butt. Some people thrive under stress- I’m NOT one of them, lol.

I’ve been staring my climatic moment in the eye for weeks now and it just won’t cooperate. My vision for this story is a sort of cross between Beauty and the Beast (not the Disney® version but the 1987-1990 television series) with a sensitive, lonely ‘Beast’ and the beautiful kind-hearted woman who draws him out of his shell.



And the Hallmark® Christmas movie, The Mistletoe Inn featuring an aspiring writer 🙂 who signs up for a writing retreat after being dumped by her novelist boyfriend.



I took these two concepts and came up with my hero, Noah Kincaid, a scarred, lonely man (though he thinks he’s fine) in need of a new publicity partner after the recent death of his aunt, and the young and pretty single mother who takes the job.

Molly McCarty is used to tough challenges. Divorced and raising a five-year-old boy is no easy task, especially when she’s surrounded by her ex’s friends and family who all want to help get them back together again.

Desperate for some breathing room, Molly searches the web for opportunities and comes across the position of innkeeper in Christmas, Michigan. Her curiosity about the town named after a famous holiday leads her down a road filled with possibilities.

If only she can break through her partner’s tough shell.


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Here’s a short exclusive excerpt

Molly hurried to keep up as Leo wove in and out of the evergreens on display, the air tinted with the scent of pine and balsam. His childish laughter warmed her heart. He’d was unhappy leaving Alberta and his family behind. She couldn’t blame him, she’d been feeling down herself. Ever since her divorce from Jason, she’d been coasting, searching for… well, she wasn’t really sure. She just knew it wasn’t in Edmonton. That was her past, Christmas was her future.

Or, so she hoped.

“Leo, where are you?” she called, half laughing, half worried. The fairy lights strung in graceful arcs across the large gazebo-type structure were pretty, but they didn’t make finding a little boy in a dark jacket easy. Nearby couples glanced in her direction, then joined in the search. It wasn’t that big an area, but there were a lot of hiding places a mischievous little boy might discover.

“I’ve got him.” Noah strode out from between two thick conifers with Leo in his arms. He looked like an outdoor magazine model with his lived-in face and burly shoulders. Molly heard the appreciative sighs from the women around her and her heart stuttered. He really was a handsome man.

She thanked the searchers and shook her head as Noah reached her side. “He was there one minute and then he was gone. You seem to be making a habit out of coming to our rescue.”

He gazed at her with those dark eyes, his hair ruffled by the chilly breeze, and she had the strongest urge to reach up and kiss those uncompromising lips. He’d probably think she was crazy. She’d have to be to try, he hadn’t given any sign of a mutual attraction, and besides, they barely knew each other.

“He was just chasing after a puppy. I’m sure he’s sorry he worried you.” He nodded to Leo. “Better apologize to your mother, now.”

Leo looked at her, excitement sparkling in his eyes. “Mommy, you gotta come see. The puppy is so cute. He’s as white as snow and has blue eyes. Can I have him, Mommy. Please.” He kicked his booted feet, narrowly missing Noah’s groin. Noah winced and set him down.

Molly gave him an apologetic glance, then crouched beside her son. “Honey, you need to calm down. First, Noah is right. You should say sorry for disappearing the way you did. That’s a dangerous thing to do, and I don’t expect you to do it again. Capisce?”

Chastened, Leo scuffed his feet in the snow. “Capease.”



I’m close. I just have to rip out their hearts so I can hand them back again.

Easy, right?

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A Wonderful Life is a heartwarming story based on an old movie. Can you guess which one? #mgtab @mimisgang1

Have you ever had a favorite movie, one you watched every year with your mother or a member of your family, specifically every Christmas? Well the movie I watched with my mom every holiday season was an old 1946 release called – It’s a Wonderful Life. It starred a super actor called, Jimmy Stewart.

Considering it was a dud at the box office, we loved it. (See the Telegraph post from Dec 2017 here where they say, the title had started as a Christmas card.) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/2016/12/22/13-things-didnt-know-wonderful-life/

We’d laughed and cry together each time we saw that movie, and after I left home and started one of my own with my husband and kids, I still took the time every year to watch that film, knowing that she would be watching it too.

We’d laugh about it together on the phone, and when it came out in the old VHS form, she bought me a copy so I would have it on hand. Then it came out in Video and she bought me another copy, as I did her.

It became a special time for me. Each year I used that movie night to wrap my Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I surround myself with paper and ribbons, scissors and bows –  and most important – a glass of Bailey’s and a dish of newly-baked cookies. Then I’d let myself sink back into the nostalgia of a young girl spending those precious hours with one of her oldest and who became one of my dearest friends.

I’m sad to say, I lost mom two years ago. But I have no doubt she’s sitting in her favorite easy chair she always appropriated when she came to visit and is peering over my shoulder, pointing out her favorite scenes and sobbing along with me when poor old George is on the bridge, begging for help from above.

That specific moment in the movie always touched us both so much that when it came time to write my story, A Wonderful Life, I just had to start there.

I truly hope you will enjoy my rendition – my characters Noel Bradford and Mary Star – as they work their way through a time of conflict to find their own wonderful life.

***I’ve added my Prologue and Chapter One so you will get a peek into the story I’ve created. 


“Clarence, you haven’t stopped watching Noel Bradford for days. What in the world is happening to that young man?”

“I’m glad you noticed my preoccupation, Sir. I’m afraid he’s not doing too well. Do you remember a man called George Bailey?”

 “Certainly, I do. Wasn’t he the reason you got your wings?”

“Yes, that’s him. Well poor Noel Bradford is heading in the same direction; he’s on the bridge right now, ready to jump. I’m thinking it’ll take the same interference to stop him from killing himself that it took to prevent George so many years ago.”

“I see. Then what are you waiting for, Clarence. You must go and save him.”

“I suppose you’re right. I just hate the thought of that icy water. It took me forever to warm up the last time.”

“Clarence, if you stop that poor fellow from ruining all the lives of the people who will one day love him, I’ll send you the wherewithall to get warm, now off with you. There’s no time to waste.”

Chapter One

Noel Bradford never believed himself to be a coward, a weakling who gave up in troubled times, a man whose shoulders were so narrow they couldn’t bear misfortune.

He was wrong.

Four days ago, when the police had knocked on his door to give him the horrifying news that his parents, and their driver, his only brother, had all been killed in a car accident, he’d thought nothing could get worse.

They were heading to their favorite resort in Aspen when their car careened over the bank of the mountainous road, dropping into a lake probably 400 feet below. The back end of the car, where the license plate could be seen through binoculars, proved it was their vehicle and the chance of any survivors was nil. If they hadn’t been killed in the crushing decent, they’d have drowned in the icy water.

Because the weather had deteriorated in that area, preventing him from travelling there and visiting the scene himself, he’d been forced to accept the news from the officials who were kind, but adamant, that his family was gone.

In that moment, his life had spiraled out of control. Fighting his way through the pain and guilt associated with having refused their invitation to join them had been excruciating.

Exhausted from a long, drawn out battle in a New York court where the jury had taken longer than was predicted, he’d finally won his case and would be paid millions for his percentage of the settlement. Relieved, but totally bushed, he’d bowed out from leaving with them that day.

Instead, he’d teased his mom back into a good mood and wished them a fabulous trip, promising he’d join them in within forty-eight hours. Relieved that he still intended to come, they’d agreed he needed some down time and left him with good-natured hugs.

He’d stayed home with his warm slippers, a satisfying nightcap and wrapped in a blanket on his deckchair to watch the rare snowstorm. Occupying the penthouse garden was a favorite pastime, a place to think, to recuperate from the battles of trial and to thank God for his wonderful life.

He’d imagined his family having a fun time, driving to their lodgings and relishing their skiing the next day. His brother Harry, who happened to also be his best friend, would take the loving older couple to a late dinner at nearby expensive steak restaurant that night, after they’d arrived. It was what they always did the first day. They considered it a well-deserved treat before the Christmas festivities hit them full-on in a few weeks.

Though his airline ticket would be useless, he’d decided to be out the money rather than be a cranky party-pooper and spoil their fun by falling asleep and snoring throughout the meal or grouching about the road conditions.

Therefore, he’d been home in his penthouse apartment on Fifth Avenue when the police had rung his bell to inform him of the tragedy and leave him with more tears to shed than he’d ever thought possible.

And that news would have been enough to bring any good man to his knees. What devastated him to the point where he now stood on a dark bridge in the snow, contemplating suicide, was finding out that months ago his father had bankrupted one of his companies, had stolen huge amounts from his stockholders and his brother was in cahoots.

His father’s most trusted friend and business partner in their firm, James Lauer, had personally visited, to share the terrible news. James had explained that the factory had all but closed, while their workers faced unemployment at the very worst time of the year.

Heart sore, he’d gone to Bedford Falls, a few hours outside of New York, to investigate the impact on that town himself. Boarded buildings and sad faces were seen everywhere. It had increased his misery to such an intolerable level; he didn’t think he could survive. Everything he’d held dear all his life had been destroyed – crushed under a depression that brought him to his knees.

After the grueling months working his last case and being drawn into the cruel depths humanity displayed by the lying and terrible underhanded practices of their rivals, he’d gotten the feeling he’d never feel clean again. During that intense time, he’d clung to his own wonderful family, their happiness and normality.

And now…

How all this had happened right under his nose, he still didn’t know. His family hadn’t talked about it. They’d kept him in the dark. It was that nightmare that had deflated him, had taken every ounce of caring from his lost soul. Just today, he’d seen the proof of their deviousness, and it had led him to the point of jumping to eliminate the pain.

Poised on the bridge, leaning over the railing, uncontrollable tears streaming, he prayed. “Lord, if you can hear me. Send me a sign. Help me! I’m at the end of what’s tolerable.” He wiped his eyes and stiffened his backbone. He waited and nothing happened, no internal messages to bring solace.

A long while later, he sighed and stopped fighting his fate. He took off his shoes and lifted one leg over the steel barrier. That’s when he heard it… a loud scream. To his right, he watched an older man flailing around in the water, panicking and begging for help.

What choice did he have?

He jumped.

Love, Christmas 2


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My Favorite Time of Year! #mgtab @NatalieAnn121

My Favorite Time Of Year!

What is your favorite time of year? Do you even have one?

In Upstate NY most people are begging for spring after a cold winter. But oftentimes we don’t get a spring and it jumps right into summer. That is how it seemed to happen this year.

There was a record number of days over 90 and we even hit 100 a few times. We had 4 days over 90 just last week and frankly, I’m sick of it.

But now it’s September and I’m looking forward to my favorite time of year.  Fall!!

Nice days and cool nights. Sleeping with the windows opened. Football Sundays and best of all apple picking!

It’s a tradition I’ve had with my son since he was a toddler. We’d go once in September, pick a big bag of apples and I’d come home and make apple sauce and his favorite apple cake. I only make it once a year since it’s such a rich decadent dessert.

I love Fall so much, I just released a new book this week, Autumn Love. It’s based around a beloved community’s apple orchard. When the orchard got to be too much for Ali Rogers’ mom to handle she decided to sell it. Liam Sullivan is a contractor that wanted to bring the orchard back to life and found that it’s more than a business venture when he falls for Ali. Add in Ali’s meddling grandfather’s ghost and it’s a great book to curl up with!

This story has so many things in it that I love personally and I hope that you will too. It’s just 99 cents, or FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.

And if you want to try out my famous Apple Cake, here is the recipe for you!

3 cups of flour

4 teaspoons of cinnamon

2 teaspoons of nutmeg

1 teaspoon of baking soda

½ teaspoon of baking powder

3 eggs

2 cups of sugar

1 cup of oil

1 teaspoon of vanilla

4 cups of diced apples (no skin)

  • Mix all the dry ingredients together and set aside
  • Beat eggs, then add sugar and oil
  • Add vanilla and then the dry ingredients
  • Once all is mixed well, add the apples. Mix until blended, but not until the apples are broken up. Using the mixer will bring some of the juices of the apples out and make the cake extremely moist, but you still want to leaves some small chunks in it.
  • Pour into a greased 13 x 9 cake pan
  • Bake at 350 for an hour (test by sticking a toothpick in the center. If batter comes away, continue to cook until the toothpick is clean)
  • Frost with vanilla or cream cheese frosting
  • Cover and keep at room temperature for about a week