The Irresistible Series Will Be Featuring Brand New, Never Before Published Stories From Several Of Our NYT & USA Today Authors’ Billboard Members.You Need A Hero…

Everyone needs a hero and you're sure to find yours in this steamy premiere series, featuring strong heroes and heroines in this collection of SEVEN BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED STORIES from eight multi-award winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

Does your dream man fight fires or catch bad guys as a cop or undercover? Maybe he’s a doctor saving lives? Perhaps he’s a military man, who’s put his life on the line as a wounded warrior or working security?

You’ll find each of these stories simply…IRRESISTIBLE.

Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes: Tamara Ferguson, USA Today bestselling author: When wounded warrior Captain Samantha Caldwell is being targeted by a terrorist in Crystal Rock after killing their leader in Iraq, can AFOSI Agent Captain Ben Nash keep her safe?

Simply Love: Natalie Ann, USA Today bestselling author: Being strong doesn’t make you a hero, but doing what is right does.

She’s Having A Baby: Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today bestselling author: During the worst fire season in California history, a wildland fire changes life for Mike and Aisling Saint and their best friend.

Johnny’s Girl: Cynthia Cooke, USA Today bestselling author: Will he choose the mission or the girl?

Fire Me Up: Alicia Street, USA Today bestselling author: After an FDNY fireman loses his fiancée to a rich Wall Streeter, he seeks a new start in a sleepy village on Long Island’s North Fork, only to fall for a shy schoolteacher who shakes up his world like never.

SEAL of Refuge: Alyssa Bailey, USA Today bestselling author: Becoming vulnerable for a chance at true happiness takes a special kind of courage.

Never Gone: Stephanie Queen, USA Today bestselling author: Joe is a regular guy from Boston–except when he’s called on by the Zero Go Team. So when he’s sent to protect a sexy Hollywood costume designer, the last thing he expects is a crazy attraction that’s anything but regular.

Handle With Care: Patrice Wilton, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: An ER doctor and a wounded veteran find each other, but can their love survive?

Watch For Future Irresistible Romance Boxsets:

  • IRRESISTIBLE HEROES – Released July 2, 2019
  • IRRESISTIBLE AT CHRISTMAS – Releasing November, 2019
  • IRRESISTIBLE VALENTINE – Releasing January, 2020

How to co-write a book

Traci Hall and I have been friends for fifteen years or so. We met when we were both unpublished in a critique group. Fast forward to 2019, and we now have 90 published books between us. Traci has written in many genres, myself only romance.

Now, the two of us have entered another playing field. We are co-writing a Cozy Mystery series for Kensington, using the author name of Traci Wilton.

Many of you probably wonder how two people, living 4 hours away from each other could possibly write a book together, little alone three. (hopefully many more if our sales our good!)

For us, it came easy. Traci has edited my books for years–she’s awesome at it! and we write in similar styles. It was a natural fit–the only problem being that neither of us had ever written a mystery. When our agent, Evan Marshall asked us if we’d like to try writing a book similar to The Ghost and Mrs. Muir as he had an editor friend from Kensington looking for that material, well, we didn’t say no! 

We did extensive research by meeting in Salem, taking in all the haunted, ghostly tours, the witch re-enactments, finding the perfect lobster, the exquisite cocktail. Hard work, but we did it well! In fifteen months we wrote our three books–one of us would do the first chapter, then the other would do the second, light editing all the way through. Occasionally we’d have our differences but we’d compromise and bury our egos for the sake of the book. Mutual respect is key in co-authoring, and keeping a sense of humor! In May we went to a writers retreat in Santorini and plotted out another three!

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost debuts world wide on July 30/19.

Available from Amazon

Charlene Morris knew Salem, Massachusetts had a spooky reputation. But when she decided to open her B&B there, she expected guests—not ghosts…
A grieving young widow, Charlene needed a new start—so she bought a historic mansion, sight unseen, and drove from Chicago to New England to start turning it into a bed-and-breakfast. On her first night in the house, she awakens to find a handsome man with startling blue eyes in her bedroom. Terror turns to utter disbelief when he politely introduces himself as Jack Strathmore—and explains that he used to live here—when he was alive. He firmly believes that someone pushed him down the stairs three years ago, and he won’t be able to leave until someone figures out who. If Charlene wants to get her business up and running in time for the Halloween tourist rush, and get this haunting houseguest out of the way, she’ll have to investigate. Though truth be told, this ghost is starting to grow on her.

Happy July everyone, and we’d love for you to add our exciting new Cozy to your summer reading list!



[as published in BOATING Magazine]
Changing wind and sea conditions dramatically changed this boater’s chances for a safe arrival.

In 2015, we took our Regal 35 SC on a six-day, 800-mile trip from Chicago to Mackinac Island, Michigan. To prepare, I plotted each stopover and secondary/emergency stops in a spreadsheet, and each harbor into my chart plotter.

Each leg was designed to keep at least 20 percent fuel in the tanks by arrival. The boat featured the latest in electronics: a sophisticated chart plotter, three VesselView screens, an EPIRB and two backup handheld VHF radios, in addition to the fixedmount radio, plenty of life vests and signaling equipment.

We filed a float plan with friends. We departed in flat seas and sunny weather, and it stayed that way for the next six days. It was a wonderful trip.

Our last hop would take us 90 miles from Holland, Michigan, to Chicago. I had planned to depart at noon, with an expected
arrival around 3 p.m. But we lingered to shop, despite the forecast for increasing waves.

We finally departed at 3 p.m. in rough waves of 4 to 6 feet, with a few
8-footers thrown in. The boat could barely make 10 mph. Any faster and it
would get mercilessly slammed. The kids already had their life jackets on. My wife and I donned ours, and despite the rough water I remained confident.

Then I checked the gauges. The boat normally gets 1 mile per gallon, and
at 90 miles to go with 162 gallons in the tanks, we had fuel to spare. Except
doing 10 mph in rough waves dropped the economy to 0.6 mpg—we’d run out of gas 20 miles from port in 6-foot waves, and it would be game over.

The alternative was to go back and try to hug the shoreline, but that was a much greater distance, plus the waves weren’t any calmer closer to shore. It was now 4:30 p.m. I realized that not only might we run out of fuel, but
we’d also run out of daylight.

If the marine forecast was accurate, the waves would slowly subside
the further west we went. If we drowned in the middle of Lake
Michigan, it would be because of the decision I was going to make
here and now, not in two or three hours.

I looked at the forecasts and fuel data again and again, and
decided to go for it. Then the sunroof belt broke, and it started slamming
back and forth with each rock of the boat. About an hour later, the waves had subsided a little, and I was able to increase speed to 5 mph. Then another hour passed, and we were doing 20 mph.

By the time we could see the Chicago skyline, we were on plane at 25 mph
and pulled into Montrose Harbor at 8 p.m. with fuel to spare. A trip
that should have taken three hours took five.

I learned a few things:
• Keep a close eye on the marine weather forecast. I’m now more conservative about departures.
• Know your boat, especially its fuel consumption in varying
• I carry seasickness wristbands aboard now. They really work!
Paul Risk

Rip tide

Wikipedia: A rip tide is a strong, offshore current that is caused by the tide pulling water through an inlet along a barrier beach, at a lagoon or inland marina where tide water flows steadily out to sea during ebb tide. It is a strong tidal flow of water within estuaries and other enclosed tidal areas.

I was recently in Costa Rica, and the moment we disembarked from our plane and entered customs, we were handed a pamphlet on rip tides. San Jose is almost two hours from the water.

How odd, I thought, especially since we are from Fort Lauderdale, where we recently witnessed a section of the beach lifeguards didn’t allow swimmers, due to rip tides.

Then, when we reached our AirBnB, the host had set out an array of books on the coffee table. Christopher started reading aloud, and I couldn’t believe it. He’d opened to a section on….rip tides!

What could this mean? I constantly am on the lookout for signals and meanings to ensure that I am on the right track in my life. I have chosen an unconventional lifestyle in that I work from home writing and editing. Money ebbs in, and flows out, lol, without a steady stream from a paycheck. The reason we were in Costa Rica was for dental work, which is much more affordable for implants than what I would have to pay, even with dental insurance, in the states.

Christopher, who thrives on metaphors and relating life to what is around us, continued reading—and we both burst out laughing at the sentence that read, “Experienced swimmers even find rip tides to be great fun.”


I remember being caught in a rip tide on the Pacific Ocean as a kid and it was terrifying, but exhilarating. My cousin ended up panicking and I swam back to him, and pulled him to where he could touch, using my flip flop. Not what you are supposed to do, but we were kids in the seventies–without the warning or pamphlets.

What did all of this mean—what is the advice when you are caught in an out of control rip tide?  (me, still trying to figure out this message from the Universe) I ran through things that were stressful to me…accomplishing enough is always a worry. Deadlines and writing projects, balancing down time, it can be overwhelming.

The advice in this scary situation is to, wait for it, swim sideways.


Yeah, instead of trying to fight the current and reach shore directly, earning a scary dunking and possible drowning, relax to the end of the current, which will stop on its own before you reach the big wide ocean, and then make your way back to shore by swimming parallel to the current.

I will share my take-away message with you all—relax, enjoy the ride, and go with the flow 🙂

Thank you for reading! On that note, I have a book releasing at the end of this month, co-written with my friend Patrice, and written as Traci Wilton. It is the first in a cozy mystery series titled Mrs. Morris and the Ghost. You can pre-order today, and check out our new website http://www.traciwilton.com/

Follow us on Facebook for games and giveaways closer to the release date. Don’t forget to play the July game on Author Billboard–good luck, and have a fun, safe, summer!

xoxo Traci