Self Isolating and Entertainment

If you’re like me, we’ve been waiting for Spring to arrive in all its glory, so we can move on to Summer – but that’s not what happened, as you know. Instead, the globe has been infected by a deadly virus, leaving us scared, uncertain, and well, you know…but we’re all in this together.

Whether you’ve decided to pass the time self isolating with a baking marathon or doing a thorough spring cleaning, you need downtime from the news, the fear, and a route to escape the madness that’s become part of this dreadful new normal.

That’s where we at the Authors’ Billboard come in – we are here to entertain you during these rough patches, and during the the not-so-tough times, too – Presenting our newest collections for your reading pleasure, along with my newest release.

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With a leap of faith, Nick shares his secret occupation with the woman he can’t let walk away, and Melissa relies on instinct to believe his sincerity.
As the couple’s new romance grows into a passionate relationship beyond their wildest dreams, is their bond strong enough to keep them together during the direst straits? 
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Stay Safe during these troubling times and Stay Home – God bless! #MGTAB @mimsgang1

Avoid Fear; Be Valiant by @JoanReeves #mgtab

Photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR, 1933, Photo from National Archives and Records Administration, Public domain

In 1933, during his first inaugural address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

FDR was talking about the fear that was pervasive in America at that time. The stock market crash of 1929 not only bankrupted 20,000 companies but also threw 15 million people into unemployment. More than 23,000 people committed suicide!

When FDR was inaugurated as President, the country was in crisis. Many people were literally starving to death. Back then the homeless were called hobos, and they road the rails and hitchhiked across the country—looking for jobs and food. My mother was a toddler in the 1930’s, but she remembered hearing men knocking on the back door of her home, begging for a piece of bread or any bit of food her mother could spare.

So FDR faced a dead economy, massive unemployment, and unsettling rumblings from Europe. People were desperately afraid of not having food to eat or a roof over their heads.

Fear Sculpture

Fear Sculpture by Adina Mayo

When Roosevelt uttered those words about fear, he was issuing a call to arms to the American people to believe that the crises they faced could be overcome—to be valiant and not succumb to an overall feeling of fear and panic.

We face pretty much the same situation today, but millions of people have never had to deal with a crisis like this. They don’t understand that perilous times call for all of us to dig deep for faith and optimism. Even the most frightened of us have the ability to “gut it out” and be valiant.


The dictionary defines this adjective as the ability to be brave or determined. Yes, determined. We don’t have to throw ourselves on a grenade to save others or any of the acts of bravery committed by soldiers and first responders. We just have to be determined.

Sign saying VALIANT

Valiant = Determined

Determined to: believe we as a country (whatever your country may be), and as a people will endure.

Determined that we will not yield to nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror but will be calm and think logically and follow sensible rules.

Determined to set a good example for our children so they will learn how to behave in crisis.

Determined that we will remain optimistic. Determined that we will help where and when we can.

Determined that we will not yield to panic and rush to testing stations when we have no Sign: Be a Warrior Not a Worrier.reason to think we have CoVid19, thereby conserving resources.

Determined to make the best of a bad situation. Determined that we will learn lessons from this awful experience.

Be safe. Be optimistic. BE VALIANT!

The Beauty Of March And Springtime…..

Winter has begun to loosen its grip on many areas of the country, and we can now look forward to the lovely month of March and perhaps some more spring-like weather. For many, this winter has been harsh, for others quite mild, but I think it is safe to say we are looking forward to the beauty of what lies ahead.

Where I live in North Carolina, we have had a mild winter and I have seen the occasional spring blooms popping from the ground. So bright and cheerful, announcing that we are nearly through with winter. Telling us to hang on just that little bit longer, that the daffodils, crocus, and tulips will appear to brighten our days. The chill will be gone, and everything will be new. What a great time of year!

We also have St Patrick’s Day, St Paddy’s to the Irish amongst us. A time when everyone claims to be Irish. A fun fact, 7 times more people are claiming Irish heritage in the US then there are Irishmen in Ireland!

The Irish will tell you there is no such thing as leprechauns or pots of gold, but fairies are another story.

Fairies are real and alive still to this day in Fairy Forts or Rings in the woods. The Irish claim they exist and will do their best not to disturb them for fear of what mayhem they may cause!

The beauty of spring, the renewal, the celebrations and the reminders of childhood fantasy are all here to enjoy this month. Be sure you take time to do just that!

Enjoy a spot of tea with a cozy blanket and read one of my books set in Ireland. May I suggest 1-800-Ireland, Oh Danny Boy, or Maeve? Or get all 3 romances in 1 sweet bundle: Irish Hearts!

Do you love the beauty of the season, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations?

Please leave your comments below.

On Shutdown

As of today Florida is on shutdown. The police is enforcing the order, Beaches Are Closed. An order that the young population on Springbreak looked at with incredulous snorts and simply ignored. Well today, police cars are bloking all accesses to the beach and the high rises locked their doors leading to the beach. Under a glorious sun, a gentle breeze and a perfect weather, the beaches look like deserted islands now.

Spring break in Fort Lauderdale

In the supermarkets, people amble around empty shelves, wondering if they could find something more to stock. Most of the restaurants are closed. Today Florida churches received the order to close too. We were advised not to ride the elevator wih other people!

So what do we do? We watch TV, read, and try to keep busy. I have been editing two books and I am plotting a new one. I am sure you will be thrilled to know we can offer you several boxes of books to keep you entertained.

DOCTORS IN LOVE-Passionate and Dedicated

DOCTORS IN LOVE- Sexy and Determined