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With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it's a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

Baby, it’s cold outside–what’s for dinner?

60 Degrees in South Florida –brr!

I realize that most of the country has real cold weather, but this is chilly for us Floridians–and I love it. I have the windows all open and I turned the air conditioner off. A hot cup of coffee on the balcony would be wonderful, but I recently had dental work so I had to settle for warmish. It is the perfect Crock Pot kind of day.

We have family coming over for dinner, so I’m making pork roast. The Crock Pot is amazing for fixing and forgetting, which works since I am awesome at forgetting lol. There are so many stories going on in my mind that it is easy for me to forget what I was just doing, like, a minute ago.

This is a flavorful meal, and so simple–a pork roast, a small jar of minced garlic, chicken broth, onion, carrot, potato, and after a few hours, I add a bag of fresh green beans and some lime. When it’s done, you can shred the pork and serve on top of the veggies. Christopher likes to slice his and make sandwiches. This is best accompanied with French bread and real butter.

With leftovers, you can create shredded pork tacos or add to rice and black beans. Yum! What are you having for dinner?

Happy Sunday everyone, love, Traci

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Love, Christmas 2 Release Day! 26 Holiday Novellas

Today is the day!!! Release Day!!

At long last Love, Christmas 2 is available for sale—last year we had such fun celebrating all new holiday novellas that we decided to do it again! We have 26 award-winning authors in a collection so festive it will make your jingle bells ring. I’m a sucker for a Christmas story, no matter what time of year. What I love the most about them is the happy ending, no, the hope, no, the great feeling…what is your favorite thing about Christmas movies?

My contribution to this amazing set is Love, Actually By the Sea, #16 in my contemporary romance series, and I’ve dedicated it to Sarah Riddle—the winner in our Fresh Fiction contest who picked Love, Actually. Love Actually, minus the comma, is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, with Hugh Jackman dancing—gets me laughing every time. And the little boy saying that there is no worse agony than falling in love? Crying while laughing is a bonus. I need to watch it again!

Here’s a little about my novella,  Love, Actually:

One year ago, widowed Harper Philips closed her eyes and stuck her finger on the map to escape another holiday in grief—she landed in South Florida where she met a handsome stranger on the beach beneath the stars.

Agreeing to no names, they spend an intimate night so powerful neither can forget.

Jacob Orman credits his Christmas Angel for the courage to put all his worldly possessions on the line to turn job loss into an entrepreneurial opportunity. They’d agreed to be strangers—but, if they wanted, they could meet again at the bench by the sea in exactly one year.

Sometimes magic fades in the light of day. What if the memory of the person from a year ago can’t measure up to the reality? How could those feelings actually be love?


If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Love, Christmas 2 for just .99 cents, get it now! It will fill your heart with holiday joy 🙂


Work Life Balance

First off, I can’t believe that this is August. What happened to July??? We have a vague memory of fireworks…

If you follow my posts you are aware that last fall Christopher and I made a concerted effort to achieve some semblance of balance. Because we are self-employed, work days can be long as things are often project-orientated rather than an hourly wage. We love what we do but after so long in the trenches we realized there was burn out because we weren’t prioritizing US in the mix. We chose Sunday as a day to walk away from the computer and just have fun. South Florida is full of outdoor things to do that are away from the beach(which I love!) and vary in cost. Groupon is amazing because you can usually find interesting places to eat at a discount, or new things to try.

We have traveled all over the United States and utilize Yelp for awesome food choices. We have never been let down, though the outside of the place might seem sketchy, Yelp offers honest reviews.

Which brings me to the point of the blog lol–since we have moved from Lauderdale by the Sea we are looking for local places to try. Christopher put in a Yelp search and Barn Bites came up–five miles away, we’ve never heard of it, but why not? Chicken and waffles, mimosas–let’s go. Siri did not mention that she was taking us to a Farmer’s Market.  But not just any market–this place is huge. As we search for a spot we decide to stick with our plan to go with the flow and see what happens but it looks like a fair ground that might be food trucks–we aren’t sure, and the area is fenced so you can’t see what is going on.

Sundays are the days of adventure so we find a space at the end of a long driveway because the parking lots are all full. I had forgotten my phone and decided to just leave it otherwise I would have pictures but here is the link:

We walked inside and were blown away by all of the competing smells of BBQ meat, spicy Mexican food, egg dishes, organic foods, Thai, Salvadorian, and Venezuelan–which is where we were hooked for barbecue beef, arepas, tostones and roasted corn on the cob. After our amazing meal, we realized this was just the outside of the market and there was so much more to be discovered inside. We didn’t find Barn Bites, our original destination, until after our BBQ, a coconut smoothie, a craft beer from Biscayne Bay,  a local beer–a mango mimosa and pulled pork samples. Vats of olives, pickles and homemade mozzarella cheese…fresh fish, and so much produce. There was no way we had room for anything else though we found the Barn Bites booth and decided immediately that we will be coming back. The chicken and waffles were golden!

I highly recommend this place if you are in South Florida and looking for something unique and fun to do–five minutes away, but it felt like we were in a different country. We found out that Gordon Ramsey actually filmed a segment at the market!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer, wherever you are, and taking advantage of the beauty around you. If it is too hot for adventure, then maybe relax in the shade with a glass of whatever refreshes you, and dive into romance





Do you enjoy listening to your romances on the go? Amazon and Audible have a romance program designed just for you—it works like a subscription. Ambrosia by the Sea, my first book in the By the Sea series is in this program. Click below to find out more:

My next three audio books are available on Audible, and Amazon.  Choosing a narrator is really important—I used the ACX program via Amazon. You want someone that gets your book and can deliver the story in an emotional way. I picked Evelyn Marcail for the last three and I couldn’t be happier with her performance.  We are thinking of putting them together in one boxed set on Audible as a marketing tool.  While checking out Audible I discovered my author page where you can see all five of my romances:

Today I am celebrating my newest audio release, Forever by the Sea.

Forever by the Sea is the ebook that is in our newest Unforgettable bundle,

Unforgettable Weddings. I sometimes like to read a book that I’ve listened to on audio and if I’ve read a book before hearing it on audio I sometimes catch different things. Just another way to get my romance fix!


I love that there are so many ways to deliver a story—do you have a favorite?