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With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it's a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

On the road!

So, the pandemic is still a thing. Christopher and I both work from home as writers and June 1st we each finished big projects. The state of the world has emphasized how important family is and we needed to safely lay eyes on our loved ones. June 15th we embarked on a road trip toward Washington state. We have been so cautious—mostly tent camping between short visits. No restaurants—yes to masks, hand washing, hand sanitizer. Six feet distance and outside when possible. We don’t have symptoms, and no fevers.

We traveled from North Carolina, through Chicago, then Minnesota. I had no idea that Minnesota was so green and lush. Very beautiful country. We entered Wyoming with a tornado warning, torrential rain, and a lightning storm. In Florida we get lightning but this was surreal and all around us as we drove. That night we camped in Bighorn National Park and the temps overnight were in the forties. Brr. The next day we toured Yellowstone by car. It was snowing, actually, and we were grateful to have new tires and a working heater! We camped that night in Harrison Lake Montana—the wind was howling worse than a Cat 1 hurricane and our tent barely remained upright—all night long. We were up and packed by six in the morning toward Spokane, and warmth lol.

Lightning in Wyoming

We have been with Mom almost a week and we are keeping our bubble small. No visits with cousins or friends, just those Mom already has in her house. Nobody has symptoms. We hope we are doing the right thing as cases explode all over the US. This is a risk we have all agreed to take. My grandmother is 91, and she is tested often because of her health, always negative.

An underlying fear persists that we might somehow contract Covid and pass it on—I hate it, but it is necessary to be aware and do everything that we can to be safe and healthy.

How are you dealing with emergence after months of isolation? Is this wariness just a fact of life in 2020?

I will say that being in nature has done so much for my mental health. I love the beach, but rivers and trees and green also cheer the heart. Best of all is seeing my mom and being in her bubble <3

Last week, Murder in a Scottish Shire came out—my first cozy mystery in a series that takes place in Scotland. I hope you check it out! What an escape J

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What a five months it’s been!

June 2020

Since my last blog…

Restrictions have been lifted in stages across the states though Covid-19 is still a thing. Some states are actually seeing higher numbers right now than at any time since the beginning of the pandemic. I live in Fort Lauderdale…you must wear a mask in the grocery stores and public spaces. We don’t go out often, and I am happy to do my small part.

Riots erupted over the wrongful death of George Floyd, killed by a policeman on May 25th. Like, looting, shooting, and vandalism. Peaceful protest also happened. The policeman has been rightfully charged with murder.  #Black Lives Matter went viral. My family is a mix of everything and we were not raised to see anything but the person. Are you an a**hole? Well, stay over there.

SpaceX launched two American astronauts into space on May 30th from the Kennedy Space Station—the launch brought chills and happy tears. Thank you, Elon Musk. He’s a genius. He recently had a baby and named it something so odd the state of California made him change it to…ready? X Æ A-Xii

I hope they just call him X.

Here it is June, and six planets are in retrograde. Hurricane season just started June 1 and we’ve already had 3 named tropical storms.

I’ve just finished three big manuscripts and I am taking a small breather before starting the next on July 1st.My mood the last few days has been kind of frenetic…I need a mental break. A physical vacation. Despite the gray and stormy weather this morning, we walked along the beach. The crash of the surf matched my emotions and I feel a little better.

blustery Fort Lauderdale beach

It’s a great day to read. Books have been my lifesaver—writing and reading them, escaping into stories is how I cope…and if you’re reading this blog post, it probably is how you cope too lol. If you have any great tips for mental health, please put them in the comments to share!

Don’t forget to enter the ABB contest, and good luck!

Stay healthy,


Still at Home Covid-19 2020

It’s May 6th.  This is my third post about being under quarantine. In South Florida, they’ve loosened the reins slightly and opened some parks. The beaches are not open yet, but Sunday, Christopher and I found a secluded bench with a view of the beach so we got to enjoy the salt in the air, the sound of the waves, and ocean breeze. I was beyond grateful to get some ocean air, even if we couldn’t do toes in the sand.

Lauderdale by the Sea

We have been pretty good about staying home—we’ve gone to the store maybe four or five times. We have masks, hand sanitizer, gloves. I miss my family. I can’t wait to give my kids, my mom, my granddaughter, big hugs. I hope for a window of travel time this summer to see them all before a possible second wave hits. The idea of it exhausts me. We are actually considering, once our books are turned in, taking a road trip.

We’re hoping that we’ll be able to get to Costa Rica in July for the last of our dental work. Maybe August.

There is so much out of our control. What I can control? Getting out to walk! How much time I spend on the news. Hitting my writing and editing deadlines. Celebrating holidays, birthdays, and book releases in different ways. Mrs. Morris and the Witch hit the Barnes and Noble Mass Market list at #24—it was a great surprise since Patrice, my co-author, and I had to cancel our book signings. Mother’s Day will be on Zoom or FaceTime.

I’ve been trying to accept, and let go. To be grateful for every moment. I am so glad that my job is to dive into stories because I can lose myself in another world and hope that the world I create allows other readers to escape too! Always with a happy ever after.

Stay safe! And if you’re looking for a great deal on box sets—Authors’ Billboard has got you covered! Be sure to enter the Dear Santa contest to be a part of the Christmas set. Good luck J


Covid-19 –a new normal?

April 6th Coronavirus 19 The New Normal

My blog post last month was from a scared standpoint, an OMG, this can’t be happening surreal end of the world, we’re seriously having a pandemic, kind of thing. Here I am thirty days later, amazed at how well we humans have adapted to the new normal.

Our routine at home hasn’t changed much—other than the ability to go to the beach or meet with friends and family on Sunday. I’m craving a cheeseburger from BurgerFi, and a pizza from Priamanti Brothers. We used to walk a few times a week at two different parks that are closed so we have adjusted and do a double loop around our marina in our apartment complex.

Once I was able to settle down and go from “holy crap” to, “this is it” I was able to make a deal with myself and have lower expectations for what creative content I can produce. I am grateful to escape into Charlene and Jack’s world, and Paislee and Grandpa’s.

Since my last post, everything in the next few months has been canceled. My daughter and granddaughter missed their trip; the friend’s wedding has been postponed. Greece is being rescheduled—I just got word yesterday that I should be getting my flight refunded. We’ll see if it actually happens but that’s better than what I’d hoped—they said “force majure”. I’ll take it—and book again with Kiwi when we return to Greece—whenever that is.

Patrice and I have a book out at the end of the month, and the signing has been cancelled. The signing in June in NC? I’m thinking cancelled. Right now I am hoping and praying that we’ll get to travel to Costa Rica to finish the dental work I started a year and a half ago—supposed to go in June. I have everything crossed we’ll be able to go in July. I am getting my writing done, but it’s a slower process.

We have been to see my BF’s parents twice to get groceries, but things are heating up in South Florida and I think the next two weeks will see a climb, and then hopefully we will get on the other side of this. We are going to order our groceries for the parents, as well as for us, just to be safe. I haven’t seen my son and daughter in law in a month, other than Facetime. I am so grateful for that. My daughter and granddaughter in San Diego, my mom in Washington state.  Technology has been a blessing in all of this to help us be connected. I am including the link the dashboard I watch for the numbers of people with the virus.


I look three times a day, and that’s it. Instead of CNN I try to get in a few minutes of local news to be aware of what’s important. My gratitude goes out to those on the front lines of this, and those who are not able to stay home. Thank you!

So, I’d like to end on some exciting news—Mrs. Morris and the Witch will be available April 30th.

Patrice and I have finished our first draft of Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress and are working on rounds two and three. It will be off to the editor by May 1st ish.

Paislee and the third Scottish Shire book will be to the editor June 1st. That is all I have in my control, so I’ll consider it a win!! What are you doing to stay motivated? Share your tips. Be sure to enter our Authors’ Billboard contest.

Stay healthy,