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The New Day Challenge by Jennifer St. Giles


New Day Challenge

So, here I sit amid the dog days of August feeling grateful for so many things in life. Loved ones are recovering from serious injury, others were spared from harm in bad accidents. I’ve had unexpected career changes, and though difficult and extremely time-consuming now, it will be so much better for me in the future. So why am I in the dog days then?

My entire creative life feels suspended in mid-air. It is either hanging inert above my head or moving so slow any progress seems negligible. Books I excitedly started a year ago still have just a few chapters written. Books I desperately want to write, sit untouched on my computer. I did manage to write two more short stories in my Exposed Paranormal Crime Series, so I now have the Kaylee’s Justice novel and four case files (Card of Justice, The Dead Rise, Dying to See, and Zena Knows). I am working on a film script for the series, too. The title at this point is Murder by State. But it too is unfinished. Did I take on too much? As I age, am I losing my ability to juggle so many balls in the air? Am I allowing life to drown my passion for writing in a sea of mundane responsibilities? I don’t know.

I heard someone say the other day, the key to success is realizing you are responsible for everything in your life at this moment. Choices you made or didn’t make have placed you exactly where you are. It’s not someone else who put you there. It isn’t fate or circumstances that have you there. You are where you are, because, you either had the passion to find a way to make things happen. Or you found and accepted an excuse, which led you to disillusioned frustration, and where you are today.

But none of that matters now. What counts is today and each day going forward! Every dawning day gives us a new chance to change our lives. Our past decisions determined today, but today’s decisions shape tomorrow.

So, what is the New Day Challenge?

Decide what you want your tomorrow to be. Decide on what steps (no matter how small) you need to take to get there and take a step every day.

This blog is my first step. I have let work and exhaustion overrun my life. I have lost contact with readers, with friends in the writing community, with friends who share my passion and my heart. I need to reconnect and stay connected. Next month I will blog about my next step in reshaping my life. Does anyone out there feel the need to reshape their own life?

What is your first step in the New Day Challenge?

Love,  Jennifer St. Giles

(Remember every day to dream, believe, create, inspire, love, heal, succeed, and grow and share wealth…one matters)


Contrary to popular thought, Dog Days don’t necessarily refer to the doldrums produced by extreme heat. Instead, they refer to Greek and Roman thoughts about Sirius, a star in the Canis Major (dog) constellation and its position in the heavens, which may be associated to heat but more likely to sickness, war, and catastrophe It’s  NEW day. No more Dog Days.


Everyone Can. Will You? #mgtab #beenblessed

My dilemma today is to post two things in my heart which may or may not flow together, but I’ll do it anyway. First, I’d like to share a labor of love from a group of authors. If you have not read Love Christmas yet, then have a cup of delicious hot chocolate and treat yourself to a heartwarming collection of stories before the Holiday rush consumes your life. I guarantee your spirit will be singing with love, laughter, and cheer by the time you finish. You can find Love Christmas on Amazon.
It’s hard to believe the Holidays are here already. The time of year where our hearts and minds focus our blessings and the ones we love with a little more intentionally than the rest of the seasons. The time of year we rush around looking for the perfect gift or special recipe that says I love you! It’s a time of joyous chaos, gratefulness, and yes, a time of sadness for loved ones who are beyond the reach of our loving arms. So, we bring them close with our memories and pray they’ll know how much they were and are loved.
It’s also a time where many people for different reasons feel as if they are left out in the cold. There isn’t a warm fire of love in their homes. There isn’t the hope of the season in their lives. There isn’t a cheery smile to encourage their day. Which brings me to the second thing I wanted to share with readers today. I recently heard a story of Mother Teresa asking a person what they were doing to help the poor. The person said they replied, they were doing nothing to help, and her answer to him was, Everyone, Can Do Something.
She was right. No matter how little. No matter how seemingly insignificant we can all share a smile, an encouraging word, and a helping hand. We can take a minute out of our lives and show a stranger in any tiny way they are important in life. And for those who can reach out with other resources, there are many other ways to show someone they matter. Samaritan’s Purse (Samaritanspurse.org) sends shoeboxes of love to children around the world. Can you fill a shoebox for a child? Many local organizations minister to those in need and can always use the help.
So, reach out and take an extra moment to do something special for another. If you have either shared or have been blessed with kindness take a moment to tell others with #beenblessed or tweet it out with #beenblessed and share this post with your friends.
Much Love
Remember every day to dream, believe, create, inspire, love, heal, succeed, and grow and share wealth. One Matters.


Get Your Bloom On! #mgtab

When my first gardenia flower bloomed from my new plant last week, I posted the flower on Facebook. I took the flower to work and shared with the people in the office. I was so excited to I finally have gardenias blooming in my yard. It’s such a simple thing on the surface that some of you will read this and say, What’s the big deal?” Flowers bloom everywhere all the time, right? And this wasn’t the first flower to bloom from plants or bulbs I’ve ventured to grow in the Georgia red clay surrounding my home. So why was this special?

Because it was one of those little things that I’ve desired for almost thirty years, that I had promised myself to have one day, but never seemed to make happen for one reason or another. So, when I walked outside one morning and saw this beautiful, perfect gardenia blooming by my front door, it made my heart and soul smile. My son jokingly said, it’s as if that flower set your world aright and brought a ray of hope to shine. I laughed, but the more I thought about it, I realized it was true. Not because I had a gardenia in my hand, but because I made a “someday thing” happen today.  No matter how you live life, as busy as things are, we all have undone someday things.

What I’ll-do-it-someday-things are you carrying around in your heart?

I’m encouraging you to get your bloom on and make them happen now!  Even if it is something as simple as planting a flower or as complex as writing a book. As wild as backpacking through your dream place or as tame as making a gourmet dinner.

Give me a shout out on what your “bloom” is by commenting here, or sending me a tweet @jenniferstgiles, or email me from my website jenniferstgiles.com.  And while you’re there check out some of my books.

Happy Reading

Jennifer St. Giles, Jennifer Saints, JL Saint

Remember Every day to dream, believe, create, love, heal, succeed, grow and share wealth

Inspiration #mgtab


Spring is usually my most motivating season of the year. When the warming days chase away the chill of winter and a rainbow of blossoms brighten the world. I then want to rejuvenate everything in my life, all at the same time. From Spring cleaning the house to reorganizing my life to revitalizing my writing. This year, the energy to make all that happen seems to be trickling into me rather than coming in familiar, mountain moving bursts (LOL I say mountain moving because if you truly saw what all I want to accomplish in my heart then you’d understand.) What does Spring do for you?

Not sure why the winter blues are lingering with me, but this week three inspiring things did my heart good. So, I thought I would share them with you in case you are in the same boat I am. You know that one with the troubling leak that makes it seem as if you’re sinking no matter how hard you bail or how fast you paddle. Sound familiar?

First event, on Tuesday when a slew of ginormous storms hit my area, I didn’t huddle in my Mom-cave, wondering if I’d be swept to Oz. I went to the Georgia Ensemble Theater and saw The Million Dollar Quartet. The level of local, musical talent on the stage amazed me. There are two things in life that inspire me the most, song and story. I generally walk around with a song in my heart and a book in my head. Million Dollar Quartet delivered both song and story in spades. If you are anywhere near Roswell, Georgia go see it. If you aren’t then look up the actors online and give them a shout of encouragement. Chris Damiano as Jonny Cash, Chase Peacock as Elvis Presley, Christopher Kent as Carl Perkins, Ethan Ray Parker as Jerry Lee Lewis, and Alison Brannon Wilhoit. Bravo!

Next, the awe-inspiring Peter Hollens released Dragonborn, a music video he shared. My heart soared and my fingers itched to write a book which would capture the spirit of the song. LOL I hope to, but first have a number of other promised projects to finish. Yet, some of it may come sooner than I think. If you’ve read my Shadowmen Series, you’ll know Siruis is leader of the Pyrathian Band of warriors, who are dragon-like in their spirit forms. They breathe life into humans when evil tries to take them too soon from this world. I am currently writing book five in the series, Bewitching the Wolf. You can catch Peter and Dragonborn here and follow him to get a regular dose of inspiration:


Lastly, to end out the week, my daughter kidnapped me and took me to see The Shack, a movie out based on a book by that same title. Just wow. A journey through grief and a story of forgiveness and redemption that I won’t be forgetting. See it if you can even if you’re not religious. Some elements of life and humanity transcend barriers and this one does.  Mackenzie’s story is a deep and worthy one.

What stories or songs inspire you the most? Let me know what you think of Dragonborn and The Shack, and Million Dollar Quartet.

Give me a shout out on Twitter @jenniferstgiles Also, my website was hacked and my mailing list destroyed. It would be fabulous if you popped over to jenniferstgiles.com and joined.  Get Touch a Dark Wolf and Wild Irish Ride for free. Current bargain books are Mistress of Trevelyan, Midnight Secrets, and Collateral Damage. 

Happy Reading and remember every day to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, Heal, Succeed, and Grow and Share Wealth.

Jennifer St. Giles, aka Jennifer Saints and JL Saint.