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I’ve lately become a fan of audiobooks and can blame it on my niece who has switched to this type of entertainment completely. As a young working woman with a busy lifestyle, her reading time is extremely limited. Because she does love a good story, she’s opted to find time to keep up with this pastime while she’s on the go.

Listening to her favorite authors while driving her car has become her favorite way to pass the time. When exercising, she takes along her phone and now uses wireless earphones and has noticed she’s been walking for longer periods due to wanting to get to the end of a chapter.

She even uses her audiobooks while making supper or baking and finds that she doesn’t mind doing the daily cleanups or the normal household chores. She’s got me hooked and so I’ve started putting my own Undercover FBI series into audiobook form. You can find them along with all the Author Billboard’s authors who have this type of product listed on our Audiobook tab above on this website.

So when an author friend, Uvi Poznanski, invited me to join her party of audiobook authors, I was thrilled. I hope you can make it and join us for this fun experience.

A select group of authors has joined forces with me to bring you amazing audiobooks, beautifully narrated.

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Is the Pacific blob terrifying? Oh yeah!

Since I lived in Chile from 1992 to 2000, I’m always interested in any articles about the wonderful country where I found the people charming and the style of living slow and delightfully easy. The country is situated along the western seaboard of South America, and I often think of it like a quilt filled with every type of climate one could look for. That included the southern Antarctic as in cities like Punta Arenas to Antofagasta in the north, which is considered the driest desert in the world. Anto was our home, and we loved it. (see the red cross on the apt across from the ocean)

So…when I read the following article, it stopped my heart. I know there have been weather variables happening everywhere, but for some reason, now that I’m back in Canada, I’ve focused more on the North American situations.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is sharing her mean streak with everyone. In some areas, more so than in others.

This is the article that scared the daylights outta me:

Researchers from Victoria University of Wellington have helped identify a “blob” of warm water in the Pacific Ocean thought to be responsible for a 10-year drought in parts of South America.

The research showed the area of intense warming in the South Pacific Ocean had shifted storm systems towards Antarctica and away from the west coast of South America, the university said.

That had caused a decade-long, uninterrupted sequence of drought years across central Chile and adjacent portions of the Andes Mountains and Argentina.

The blob covered an area of about 8 million square kilometres – about the size of Australia.

Dr. Kyle Clem, a lecturer at Victoria’s School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, said the winter storm systems that brought most of the rain to the drought-hit areas had been replaced with a large ridge of warm and dry high pressure.

That ridge extended from New Zealand to the central South American coast, and was rooted in the large region of rapid ocean-warming east of New Zealand.

While sea-surface temperatures had risen by a global average of about 0.5 degrees Celsius between 1979 and 2018, the temperature of the blob had risen by 1.5C – three times faster – during the May to September winter season.

The area of warm water reached depths of about 100 metres, and a recent study suggested it accounted for as much as a quarter of total global heat absorption in recent decades.

Computer models had managed to replicate the blob without taking into account greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans. But the speed of the rise in the blob’s temperature could not happen under natural variability.

“So while the blob’s formation may have been triggered by natural processes, greenhouse gases have significantly contributed to the remarkable rate of warming and heat uptake in recent decades,” Clem said.

It was unclear when or if the blob would dissipate and break the Chilean drought, with rainfall and mountain snow. Clem figures 2021 would be another very dry year.

Original post by Michael Daly Aug 27, 202


After the catastrophic recent events closer to home, I ask myself, what can I do? Me… one person? And then I understand. I can vote for the people who care. Those who are most likely to take the climate situation seriously and do something about it.

Does that make me feel any better?

Not really! But it seems like we’ve played around for far too long. Now we must do what we can and pray those with power will step up.

At this moment, I’m writing my 2021 Christmas story and as usual the main character will be a tiny white puppy such as my Holiday Heartwarmers series always showcase. If I can slide in just a small reference to my protagonist’s interests in this climate debate, hopefully, those reading the book will think a little more on the subject too.

My small way of reaching out…


I miss smiles…

Last night, my small family sat around the table after dinner to toast in the New Year. We all gave our goals for 2021. They laughed when I said mine was to see people’s faces again. I couldn’t explain then, so I thought about it, and it came to me why this mattered.

I was walking with my puppy the other day, and we approached an older couple who always stop to make a fuss over the dog. They’re the sweetest pair who I’d say are in their 80’s. I can see it’s hard for the old fellow, who’s slightly plump, to bend over to pet my frisky little toy American Eskimo, yet he doesn’t hesitate.

His wife baby-talks to her, and they are clearly happy to be with a mischievous fluffball who’s so obviously filled with joy at their attention. This breed actually smile, and their little eyes light up. One can feel their love.

I notice myself in a similar way, grinning like a fool and filled with affection for these two. Maintaining a safe distance, they look up at me and wish me a good day, Glee oozes off them as they beam… and I return their smile, letting them see how happy they make me. Their smiles fill me, and my step is lighter.

Unfortunately, it’s not the same in every situation. Walking through the aisles in the store where one would automatically grin at a stranger who spoke for any reason is not the same. The smile is there but it’s covered. Same thing when the clerk gives one a little extra attention, just a joking comment or even have a good day is enough. I look at them, and all I see are their eyes that don’t meet mine for any longer than a few seconds. It used to be the smile that would be shared to let you know how the other person felt. Staring always seemed rather rude and most shied away from connecting like that.

My goodness, I can’t even begin to imagine how many times in a busy day one would use a smile with strangers because it seemed to be the right thing to do… especially if one caught your eye.

I find myself still smiling, but the mask covers the expression, and I know I’m not making the same connection. It’s sad. I miss those sweet glances more than I thought possible.

I can’t wait until we’re safe again, and we can finally let a stranger, or a friend know by the look on our face that they matter.  



Will it be a… Merry Christmas?

It’s hard not to question whether we should be focusing on this holiday when we see such doom and gloom on TV. Or hear it on the radio. Even from friends who know people… or are people who’ve been sick themselves, or who’ve lost loved ones.

But… we must remember why the day itself is special. For instance, it’s a precious day in the church, the day that Jesus was born. Do you remember singing carols like Away in the Manger as a child and experiencing the glory of the birth of Christ? I do.

Of course, as a child, the most important symbol for Christmas was Santa Claus. I knew there was a bearded spirit who loved every child enough to bring them a gift. Today, I know that he’s just the symbol for us adults who do his deeds. Thank goodness we keep his existence alive for our children to experience the joy of the day that meant so much to us… engraving a memory in their hearts so they can look back as adults.

It’s the joy we need to remember and try to rekindle. Even if we spend the 25th quietly, we must remember to celebrate the day itself. Lord, I can’t bear to think of those who will be isolated… so if every one of us takes a few moments out of the day to send blessings from our hearts to someone we love, pick up the phone and make a call to that person you know will be alone, maybe by thinking of others who have an empty home, we’ll feel better about where we are ourselves.

From my home to yours,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a New Year that gets better every day.


Christmas photos that make me smile!!