About Melinda De Ross

Melinda De Ross is the first Romanian to become a USA Today bestselling author. A prolific writer, she weaves humorous romance and tension-filled thrillers with the same enthusiasm. Her books combine the elegance of European literature with the modern appeal of American culture. While she's a law graduate and professional target shooter, she prefers to spend her days spinning tales for her readers. In her downtime, she'd rather read or watch a classic movie than go to a noisy club. She loves to hear from readers, so if you have a question or want to learn more about her books, visit her website: MelindaDeRoss.com

Knocking on Heaven’s door


Dear friends,

I hope all of you are doing well and hanging in there through these rough, crazy times.
Personally, I am going through the worst time of my life, having lost my dad on May 8th to lung cancer. I’ve always sympathized with people who fight this horrible disease every second, helped and donated whenever I could, but living it alongside my father was more heartbreaking than I could put into words. You never really know how awful cancer is until it happens to you or a loved one.
My dad was always a fighter and he battled the illness until the very last second. He always said it wasn’t the result of the battle that mattered, it was the beauty of the fight. I don’t feel that he’s lost the fight with cancer, I feel that he’s earned the right to walk in a better place, where there is no illness, pain, death or suffering.

Just the week before he passed away he officially became a published author himself – a dream he’s had for a long time. I’d like to think I inherited his talent with words, and he was especially proud of me being the only Romanian writer who’s a USA Today bestselling author and a RONE award winner.
After Killer Score won a RONE award in 2021, I didn’t imagine it was on such a rough occasion that I would share with you the news that another one of my books, Silent Strike, is nominated for a RONE award this year. Maybe you guys can help me feel more excited about it.
In order for the book to reach the judging round, it needs to get readers’ votes first. As you can imagine, promoting my book and asking for votes is the last thing I want to do right now, while grieving for my father. But being a writer is like any other job: you just have to do it, no matter what problems you have at home or how shattered your heart is from losing a loved one.
So here I am, thanking again to all of you who voted last year, and asking you to please vote for Silent Strike. If you have an account on indtale.com, you already know the process: log in, go to RONES/CONTESTS, then 2022 RONE AWARD READER VOTING, scroll down to Week 6, click Suspense/Thriller: Steamy and then select Silent Strike by Melinda Colt, and press the Vote button.
For those of you who don’t have an account, I made a few slides to help you through the process:

Access indtale.com from your browser.

I thank you all so much in advance for your votes, time and support. Any shares of this email are much appreciated, and may your kindness and patience return back to you a hundred times stronger!
I wish you and your families stay healthy, happy, and strong.


Start spring with a FREE book!

Dear friends,

As Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a wasted day.”
The world has had enough drama. We only have to watch the news to get depressed, because the ugliness of reality beats any thriller or horror novel. The world needs laughter and escape in cute, lighthearted books that brighten the days.
This is why I’ve written the Lovestruck series, a collection of romantic comedies featuring sassy heroines and the magnificent heroes who love them. Forget about formulas and prototypes. Each of these stories is different, but they all provide a nice, relaxing, heartwarming experience, quite a few steamy moments, and some great laughs.

It is my pleasure to offer you one of the Lovestruck novels, UNABRIDGED, for FREE today and tomorrow.

We need escape now perhaps more than ever, and if you’re reading this blog, it means you’re like me, someone for whom books are a spiritual need. You must take care of yourself before you can take care of others, so I hope you will enjoy this light and fun romantic comedy.

Unabridged is also available in Spanish and Portuguese, and you can also enjoy it in English as an audiobook. Listen to a sample here:


The Lovestruck books may be read in any order. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them!




The good, the bad, and the ugly

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since I was able to check in and give you an update. This is one of the most challenging things that I ever wrote, because the past months have been very difficult for me. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of November, so the holidays were dark and grim in my family. Just when the first spring sunrays seemed to head our way, war started in Ukraine. I live in Romania, which shares a border with Ukraine. It’s fortunate because we are able to help hundreds of thousands of refugees, but it also makes the horrors of war too close for comfort. However, I have no right to complain. I can’t even imagine what the poor people across the border have to endure every moment, living and dying in constant bombardment, as their country is destroyed, inch by inch.

The thought that this destruction might extend throughout the whole world is daunting. I’m only thirty-six years old, and already I’ve lived through a pandemic, the terrible illness of a loved family member, and now I am witnessing a war.

Needless to say that all of this has affected my creativity. I want to apologize to you all. I know you’re waiting for the next books, and I am struggling harder than you think to write the best mysteries that I can. That includes a lot of research, endless brainstorming, writing, deleting, not to mention mustering the physical and emotional state to write. I’ve had a lot more bad days than good, so the progress is slow, but I try to celebrate the small victories, like hitting the first 10k of a new book!

It’s a new series, which I’m very excited about. I can’t tell you anything about it yet, so please be patient with me. I just hope you will continue to share these small joys and make these baby steps with me.

In the meantime, I would love to offer you a free short story from my Lovestruck collection, which is available exclusively on my website, melindadeross.com. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 🙂☘️

Also, I have another series that I would love to recommend, because as a friend of mine says, we all turn to books for solace when reality becomes too harsh to endure.

If you would like to help the people of Ukraine in any way, fellow AB author Stephanie Queen has generously put together an anthology of ten stories, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to support Ukrainian refugees all over the world. Please consider buying this box set, so that someone who had to abandon their home can have a hot meal, medicine, or a bed for the night.

Stay safe,


New life, new me

Starting over can be scary for many people, whether it’s taking a new job, moving to a new place, giving love a second chance, or doing something that you’ve never done before.

I don’t know if it takes courage, madness, desperation, or guts to be able to pack your bags and begin anew. It happened to my husband and I five years ago, when he accepted a new job and we relocated from a small southern town to a big city in the west. We are still in Romania, but our lifestyle has changed tremendously for the better, and it was all because of that one decision.

Many of our friends were amazed that we had the guts to jam-pack our SUV with whatever essentials we thought we could use and just move across the country. I didn’t see it as an act of bravery, but as a natural progression that we had worked for up until that time. It was hard for me to understand why anyone wouldn’t do the same, given the choice for a better life in a cosmopolitan city, as opposed to our small, poverty-ridden home-town. But some people have deep roots, unbreakable bonds, or they simply don’t like big city life—things that I respect and admire.

In our case the choice was easy, as both my husband and I are city slickers at heart. The adjustment wasn’t easy, and although we speak the same language, sometimes it felt we moved to another country. But despite the hardship we sometimes had to face, we never regretted the move for a second. On the contrary, we thrive with excitement as today is our five-year anniversary of living here.

Timisoara is the third largest city in Romania, a mix of old and new, bohemian and antique, full of historical buildings, picturesque restaurants, and other tourist-friendly attractions. Even now, I discover new beautiful places here, I still feel like a tourist in the historical city center, listening to one of the many talented street singers, or having to share a delicious burger with a huge flock of pigeons, which have made the city famous.

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I suppose that personal experience played a key-role in my writing too, and it certainly reflects in some of my books. I began writing Celebrity when we were on holiday in France, and the idea of a young woman who has to rebuild her life resonated with me, as I’m sure it will with many women.

Kendra, my heroine, is forced into this choice by a cheating boyfriend and a large sum of money that lands into her bank account. She moves from Chicago to Los Angeles, buys a fixer-upper in Malibu, and finds strength and confidence she never thought she’d need. Scary, but oh, so thrilling! Add a Hollywood heartthrob into the mix, and that should be the recipe to happiness, right? Unless, of course, the villain is going to win…

Find out more about Celebrity and the rest of my books on my website, melindadeross.com

And still speaking of starting over, allow yourself to get Hooked on my Lovestruck series with a FREE book!

A summer vacation, an inherited house, a sexy neighbor. Should be the formula for the perfect summer… Right?

When Marissa Nelson learns that she’s inherited a house from her great aunt in the small coastal town of Florence, Oregon, she’s more exasperated than excited. As a city life lover, she’d never considered living in a small town.
Planning to sell the house, she goes there to spend her vacation and figure out what the house is worth. What she doesn’t anticipate is that the house is half of a duplex, and the neighbor next door is a mouthwatering single dad. If Dylan doesn’t steal her heart, his son, Nate, surely will.
After two weeks spent with them, Marissa doesn’t look forward to returning to her old life, but vacation has to end sometime … or does it?

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