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Melinda De Ross is the first Romanian to become a USA Today bestselling author. A prolific writer, she weaves humorous romance and tension-filled thrillers with the same enthusiasm. Her books combine the elegance of European literature with the modern appeal of American culture. While she's a law graduate and professional target shooter, she prefers to spend her days spinning tales for her readers. In her downtime, she'd rather read or watch a classic movie than go to a noisy club. She loves to hear from readers, so if you have a question or want to learn more about her books, visit her website: MelindaDeRoss.com

Looking for the summer… deals! #mgtab

When I was kid, summer seemed to last forever. Not just because I was young and had a higher tolerance for low temperatures—and in the south of Romania, where I lived, winters are vicious. But summer seemed to start earlier and end much later than it does now.

This year we started having real summer temperatures in July, and here we are, with August almost over. The weather fairy is ticking off the calendar days, and summer is already moving on. All year I have been dreaming of a holiday in the sun, lying on a warm beach somewhere, but due to Covid, this year it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, my husband and I decided to travel the country a little. It’s odd how we always crave going to foreign lands when we have such a beautiful country.

So off we went… Looking for the summer, as Chris Rea says.

We spent a few days in Brasov, where we got to enjoy the mountains instead of the sea, but missed seeing Dracula’s Castle due to a change in schedule.

Instead, we went to Hunedoara to see the Corvins’ Castle, one of the many architectural jewels we have in Romania, built in the 14th century, and beautifully restored. If you ever visit Romania, you HAVE to put this on your list!

And since Hungary is only a couple of hours drive away, we couldn’t miss seeing the Szeged Zoo, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Even though that lion was eyeballing me a little too closely, we had a great time and worked out quite an appetite, since the park is huge.

When we finally ended up home, we realized how much we missed our quiet little flat. And work! Yep, nothing worse for a workaholic than to take a vacation and stay away from work. 😂

I’m still finding my rhythm, so I don’t have a lot to share with you yet, but I do have a couple of book deals you might have missed:

A summer vacation, an inherited house, a sexy neighbor. Should be the formula for the perfect summer… Right?

When Marissa Nelson learns that she’s inherited a house from her great aunt in the small coastal town of Florence, Oregon, she’s more exasperated than excited. As a city life lover, she’d never considered living in a small town.
Planning to sell the house, she goes there to spend her vacation and figure out what the house is worth. What she doesn’t anticipate is that the house is half of a duplex, and the neighbor next door is a mouthwatering single dad. If Dylan doesn’t steal her heart, his son, Nate, surely will.
After two weeks spent with them, Marissa doesn’t look forward to returning to her old life, but vacation has to end sometime… or does it?

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Miss Trouble-Magnet meets Mister Troubled…

Yep, you guessed it. I’m Miss Trouble Magnet—not because I want to, I simply attract bad luck. My résumé of workplace disasters is unsettling. After almost setting an office building on fire, I flooded a pet shop, traumatized my best friend’s kid, almost killed a three-legged French pig… And the list goes on.
Then I meet Carter Evans, crime journalist and mouth-watering male specimen. He’s single, I’m single, so things should be simple, right?
As I get to know him, I discover his life is more complicated than mine. The last thing he needs is a relationship with a walking disaster, because Carter is trouble with a capital T…

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It’s not just summer that’s going away in August. Our awesome Christmas box sets, which made USA Today bestsellers list, are retiring. So if you haven’t bought them already and you’d like to enjoy them every Christmas like I do, this is your last chance to do so.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, wherever you are!



Apple Strudel and other news… 😊 @melinda_de_ross #mgtab

Happy Apple Strudel Day!

How do you feel about pastries? I adore them, which makes it really hard for me, because I have decided to cut back on sugar and carbs. The pandemic brought me a few extra pounds and a lot more aches and pains than a year ago. While I’ve been putting everything on account of being sedentary, I’m starting to think that eating sugar several times a day might contribute to all that. 🤔

However, I have a lot to show for all those hundreds of hours spent with my butt in the chair, glued to my laptop. It’s been a while since my last news bulletin, so make yourself comfy! 😊

First of all, I am super happy to let you know I sold the gaming rights for three of my books: my suspense romance, The Diary, and two detective mystery romances, Killer Score and Silent Strike, written in my other pen name, Melinda Colt. I don’t know when the games will be developed or in what format, but if you’re subscribed to my NL or follow me on social media, you will be the first to know!

The other news is that you can grab not one, but TWO of my stories for free!

BANG! is a short story that is available exclusively through my newsletter.

The other one, HOOKED, is a re-release of a novella that I wrote last year and which is now free at all major retailers. Whether you’re going on a holiday this summer, you have two beach reads that will give you a free taste of my Lovestruck series – if you haven’t read it already.

Hopefully I left you with a craving for books (and probably pastry). Until next time, I wish you a wonderful summer, stay healthy and happy!






THE DIARY – between facts and fiction @Melinda De Ross

What do you miss the most about life before the pandemic?

For me, I think it’s traveling, and the freedom to go wherever you want to. Obviously, you can have all the freedom in the world if you don’t have the money, but sometimes you can have an awesome getaway without leaving the country, or even the state.

I live in Romania, a country known for its controversial history, picturesque landscapes, famous castles, and fantastic food. I don’t think there is a soul out there who hasn’t heard about Dracula, the legend that has its origins in Transylvania—the very heart of Romania, sheltered by the Carpathian Mountains. Stories of Vlad the Impaler have created this mythical vampire creature that has nothing to do with the real Vlad Țepeș, prominent Romanian ruler and national hero.

Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle

But there is one more historical figure whose reputation crossed the borders, and sadly, in her case the reality is far more horrific than the lore.

Countess Erzsébet Báthory (1560–1614), also known as Elizabeth Báthory, The Blood Countess, or Countess Dracula, was a Hungarian noblewoman who owned land in the Kingdom of Hungary (now divided between Hungary, Slovakia and Romania). She is known as the most prolific serial killer in history, having tortured and killed hundreds of young women, because she thought that bathing in their blood would keep her young forever.

The only know portrait of Elizabeth Bathory

The true story of Elizabeth Báthory remains mostly unknown, due to the lack of accurate historical information. But that didn’t stop people all over the world from being fascinated by this monstrous character, and over the years she was the subject of many books, movies, documentaries, etc.

When I decided to write my suspense romance, THE DIARY, I wanted to include the infamous countess’s legend and create a gothic setting for my characters. This is how the novel came to life, in a fictional castle from Transylvania, which had presumably belonged to Countess Báthory. Serena, a broadcast journalist, and Hunter, a cameraman, arrive to make a documentary about the Blood Countess, but when a murder occurs in the nearby village, they get a lot more than they had bargained for.

Although the book itself focuses on Hunter and Serena, there is a strong suspense and mystery element to it, and a fictional diary of Elizabeth Báthory. I confess it was scary and disturbing to do my research on this horrific historic figure, especially since I take my books very seriously and live in them while I write.

However, I am proud and satisfied with the novel I created, and most of all, I enjoyed including elements of Romanian culture.

If you haven’t read THE DIARY yet, this is the blurb:

In the legendary Transylvania, a castle belonging to Countess Erzsébet Báthory is discovered. Cameraman Hunter Cole and broadcast journalist Serena Scott arrive to make a documentary about the discovery, and the sinister Hungarian noblewoman, known as the most prolific female serial killer in history.

The two Americans could cope with roughing it in a fifteenth-century castle, with no modern amenities. They can even cope with each other, despite their initial mutual dislike for one another, which gradually turns into a mind-blowing attraction.

But when two girls are tortured and killed in Báthory copycat style, the nearby village is shaken to the core. In terror, they wonder who will be next…

Author’s Note

Erzsébet Báthory (1560-1614) is a known historical figure and was a Hungarian countess, also known as Elizabeth Báthory, The Blood Countess or Countess Dracula. She has been labeled the most prolific serial killer in history, being responsible for the torture and murder of hundreds of young girls. The exact number of her victims is unknown, but is estimated at six hundred and fifty. It is speculated that she kept a diary with the names of all her victims, but if such a document exists, it has never been made public.

*This work is entirely fiction.

Buy THE DIARY from Amazon or read free in Kindle Unlimited.

☘️ Something special for Saint Patrick’s Day! ☘️

Saint Patrick’s Day is by far the most famous Irish holiday, and it has come to be celebrated all over the world. Saint Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary whose name marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Today, he is the foremost patron saint of Ireland. On March 17 many people across the globe celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with parades and festivals, Irish traditional music sessions, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. At the end of the celebrations, a shamrock is put into the bottom of a cup, which is then filled with whiskey, beer, or cider. It is then drunk as a toast to Saint Patrick, Ireland, or those present. The shamrock would either be swallowed with the drink or taken out and tossed over the shoulder for good luck.

As fun as this sounds, no wonder so much of the world celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’ve become fascinated by Irish culture through several Nora Roberts books, so much so that I’ve decided to create my own series that takes place in Dublin. The Irish Garda Squad is a series of detective mysteries/police procedural books with a touch of romance. Each book features exciting new characters and follows the journeys of the Irish Police detectives, the complicated cases they solve, and the challenges these cops face in their personal lives.

All the stories can be read as stand-alone novels, in any order.

The first two books, Dare Game and Killer Score, have both received Crowned Heart Reviews of Excellence from Ind’Tale Magazine, a distinction that is not given lightly. I’m particularly proud to have gotten two such reviews for two books in a row, and I hope the third Garda book will live up to the standards.

To be honest, I planned to release Silent Strike, the next Garda book, today on March 17, but I weaved such a twisted plot I got tangled in it myself. 😂 After many ups and down, I’m finally working on the last chapters, and with a bit of luck from Saint Patrick himself, I will be releasing the book in April. If you’d like to be notified when it’s published, make sure you follow me on Amazon and BookBub, or subscribe to my Newsletter.

If you haven’t checked out the published books yet, you can find them on Amazon and read them for free in Kindle Unlimited.

I hope you have a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day or not. We could all use a bit of luck right now. 😉

Stay safe and read books!