The Handsomest Man in the Country


I enjoyed THE HANDSOMEST MAN IN THE COUNTRY (#1 THE TRAHERNS) by Nancy Radke. This is my first exposure to Ms. Radke’s work, and I found it quite different (not in a bad way) from most of the historical fiction I’ve read. This novella (roughly 70 pages) is an interesting blend of frontier challenges, wagon train life, marriage of convenience, coming-of-age, and tender romance. The content is wholesome (rated G). Frontier and historical setting-appropriate violence is off the page (the reader is just told about it having happened)– perhaps ranking a PG rating.

The storytelling is authentic…from setting to dialogue, historically accurate conflict to dialect. While there’s little “showing” and a lot of “telling,” I found the storytelling captivating enough that I didn’t mind. This first exposure to Radke’s writing reminds me a lot of the sweeping saga of western expansion written by Dana Fuller Ross (each book had the title of a State’s name, i.e., MISSOURI!, IDAHO!, etc.) and the sweet historical romances written by Willo Davis Robers (CAROLINE, ELIZABETH). Amazon Reviewer, PBK

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