Destiny’s Dream

Destiny Baker promised herself, she’d never make the same mistake twice. She’d put her trust in a man once, and she wound up in the Witness Protection Program.

No more boyfriend.
No more dog.
No more heartache.

That is until a pooch by the name of Coop, shows up in her backyard. She could handle the dog, but the dog owner is a different story all together. The last thing Destiny needs is a man, especially one as sexy and charismatic as Assistant Police Cheif Mason Cooper.

For companionship, Mason Cooper trusted one creature: his German Shepard. All women had have done was lie to him. He preferred to keep his free of simple and free of conflict. However, there is nothing simple about his new neighbor and she has a secret. One that he wants nothing to do with. However, when an unknown threat presents itself, he’s duty bound to protect her. 

When a deadly secret from her past not only threatens her life, but Mason’s family as well, he takes matters into his own hands and loses his heart.

Even if he saves Destiny, he’ll still have to say good-bye to the only woman in his life who had earned his trust.

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