Irresistible – Shh…It’s A Secret Baby

Shh…it’s a SECRET BABY…
Some parents would do anything for the sake of the kids they love.


TWO HEARTS’ EVASION by Tamara Ferguson, USA Today Bestselling Author: After losing her husband while he was serving in Afghanistan and discovering she was pregnant, Celine Broussard keeps her child’s existence a secret when a series of strange accidents nearly cause a miscarriage. After five long years, she’s shocked when a mysterious stranger enters their lives. How was it possible for him to be the spitting image of her late husband, Alex?

UNEXPECTED DELIVERY by Natalie Ann, USA Today Bestselling Author: One wrong delivered package is the start of many challenges and compromises that Evan and Parker must face on their journey to the biggest surprise of their life.

MY BEST MISTAKE by Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today Bestselling Author: A chance encounter would open up an opportunity that Calista had only dreamed of, when Austin showed up at the door. Was this a chance of a lifetime? Or Calista’s worst nightmare? Only time would tell if it would be happily ever after.

A PLACE CALLED HOME by Cynthia Cooke, USA Today Bestselling Author: Home is supposed to be a safe place filled with people who always have your back and never lie. That’s what home should be. Too bad for Davis it’s not, nor has it ever been.

BABY PLANS by Mona Risk, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author: Competing colleagues and past lovers, they meet at the artificial insemination clinic. Zach is researching the procedure for his article. Audrey is secretly getting a baby. When her secret explodes, all hell breaks loose, but artificial insemination works in many ways…

SECRETS, LIES & ALIBIS by Jacquie Biggar, USA Today Bestselling Author: An elusive danger brings two obstinate lovers together for the sake of their unborn child.

IRISH WHISKEY by Jen Talty, USA Today Bestselling Author: Irish Whiskey left his cousins farm years ago to join the Army and he never looked back until he gets a phone call one of the many broken hearts he left at port shows up at Whiskey Ranch claiming to be carrying his child.

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