On Handling Goals Differently

I had the days before and after Christmas off from work, but being Catholic, I get to spend a fair amount of time at church during the season. That meant time away from home but I certainly had enough left to make resolutions. Of course, I didn’t.

It’s easy to make a list of goals to achieve during the new year, but not so easy to stick with them. The property where I work houses a gym, and the parking lot has been full since the start of 2024. I know that by next month the traffic will taper off because as we go further into the year, the urgency of resolutions fade.

While talking to a friend recently, she mentioned monthly resolutions and it was as if a light bulb went on inside my head. While a long list of items can be overwhelming, a short list that can be managed at a monthly level works with people like me, who somehow tend to do too many things all at the same time.

So, this will be my approach. Monthly goals that are easily handled and of course, carry over if they’re incomplete. Sooner, rather than later I’ll break out the small parts and keep moving forward.

Have you handled your resolutions differently this year, or are you following the same model you’ve always used?

We’re not so far past the season that I can’t share a Christmas read with you, so here goes …

The last thing Toni wants for Christmas is more responsibility, but her daughter has other ideas. A near accident not only brings them a dog in need of a home, but puts Toni back in contact with Matthias Laing, a hot-shot footballer from her past, who she’d prefer to stay there.

Matthias can’t believe his luck when a lost pooch puts his high-school crush back on his radar. Given an opportunity to grant a wish for Toni’s daughter, he can’t resist going into Santa mode. Christmas is about to be the merriest one in ages, until Toni discovers the deception surrounding Ridley, her daughter’s new pet. Check out Jade and Ridley at this link.

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