Have you ever met people who instantly make you feel good?

Meet Marius and Nick holding my spoilt dog, Charli.

I was very fortunate recently to have met these two young fellows who’d put a post on Facebook looking for temporary employment on Vancouver Island. They were from Germany and wished to see our beautiful province of British Columbia. Of course, they needed a source of income to support their travels. And the only way they could make money for the year they’d planned to stay was to take on small jobs.

My son happened to see this enquiry on his stream and knew I was hoping to get my fence painted before the end of the summer. Unfortunately, he was totally inundated with work himself and didn’t have the time. Not that I would have asked because he’d painted with me and a friend the last time that old fence needed it.

On my behalf, he made an offer to them, and they agreed to come and spend the better part of two days to get it done. Thrilled to know I could cross that chore off my to-do list, we bought the supplies they’d need before the big day.

What I wasn’t prepared for was just how nice those boys were.  

Because I wanted to get to know them better, I prepared some special meals for them, delayed their painting time by striking up different subjects about their home and their travels…basically getting to know what wonderful boys they were. It was a huge treat for me because they were more than happy to share, and we had some great conversations.

I was happy that they’d be leaving with their bank account refilled and hopefully with more good memories of kindness from the people of B.C.

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