Why I chose to write about such a controversial subject?

After watching so many “Breaking News” reports about school shootings, I got to wondering what I would do if I was on public transport like a bus and saw a young boy acting strange, looking scared, and yet defiant. I imagined him  fiddling with his backpack in a weird manner, and then as he stood to get off at a stop near a high school, I saw a rifle barrel poking out from the bag’s flap.

In today’s world, one might just use a cell phone and call it in. In fact, that would probably be the smartest thing, but what if a person thought that it might take too long? Maybe a warning at the school would be best? Yet if the kid knew he’d been seen, would he start shooting right away?

Seriously… the more I got thinking about it, the more I knew it had to be the beginning of one of my  books. And so I wrote Special Agent Walker. In my story, Lori Page is an FBI profiler on her way to a job interview.

She deals with the situation…. in her own way.


Agent Walker drops his beloved goddaughter off at the same school where minutes later a shooter begins the devil’s work.

Lori Page, an FBI profiler, spots a boy on a bus who’s acting strange. When he disembarks, she notices what appears to be a rifle in his backpack. Suspicions triggered and her instincts screaming, she follows him into his school where all hell breaks loose.

Intrigued by the weird behavior of a mysterious beauty, Beau follows her into the school and they both find themselves at the same crime scene. He eventually pairs up with her to stop the coming violence.

After the first incident, these two are forced to work together to stop more of these bizarre school shootings.

Too bad…

Too late.


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