Using TV Shows to Help Write Characters

My favorite TV shows are the Korean K-Dramas. In general, they are clean and wholesome—no sex, no swearing (especially the offensive F— word), which is the way I write.


Many of the TV characters have exaggerated personality traits, helping the viewer keep them apart. If I, as an author, want to have a certain type of character in my novel, I can easily see the personality traits associated with that type of person, and pick and choose the traits I want. I can always tone them down for my book, if needed. There are books containing this information, but the Korean shows are more fun to access.

How heroes win hearts…

I particularly enjoy how the heroes win the heroines’ hearts. These ways include pulling her out of harm’s path, solving a problem she is having—often from her job or family, encouraging her in reaching her goals, and warming her up when she is cold. The heroes are always quick to give her their coat or umbrella, or offer her a ride. Depending on his personality, he may tease her in little things—never being offensive, but with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

The latest book I wrote where I used some of these ways was “Dangerous Inheritance.” An earlier book which used these methods was “Scorpion’s Trail” which is on sale this month.

Don’t forget the twist…

Then there is the twist, where the poor girl tells an overly demanding rich guy to “eat the food whether you like it or not and stop being high-maintenance.” I love that spunky response, and want to use a variation of it in one of my future books. Once, I almost used it when a fellow said he didn’t like plastic forks when we were at a picnic. I could have easily given him silverware, but I told him to use what everyone else was using. Fortunately, it made him laugh.

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