Dedicated Service

Sunday Blessings, one and all. I was stumped for a while about the content of my post on this Memorial Day Weekend. Then I thought it might be timely to share a few loving memories about my late husband, Joe, and his military service in the US Navy.

While Joe was still with us, I wrote a fictionalized story about his service in the US Navy, as he was very proud of the time he dedicated to our country. Although he had a horrific accident when he was stationed in Bermuda which shortened his military career, he still managed to work as a civilian on aircraft engines at the Lakehurst Naval Base in NJ after his honorable discharge, which is very close to where we lived, and I still do now.

The story is called Dedicated Service and is free on Amazon today through tomorrow, and although I took some literary liberties with the main character’s family life and romantic endeavors, the details of his enlistment, boot camp, and education, plus the accident and grueling recovery are very real. Joe was a very good historian.

The Blurb: “Michael Burke, the rising star baseball player of his high school class, rethinks his future plans after someone dear to him dies in Vietnam.

As Michael’s goals collapse along with his dreams, he forgoes a college scholarship and puts his marital intentions on hold with his high school sweetheart Ellie Roberts.

Will Ellie be able to endure Michael’s sudden decision to join the Navy and leave her behind? Can she sit by the sidelines and wait while Michael overcomes his nightmares regarding his brother’s death?”

I hope you’ll pick it up and someday find a few hours to read it, and I’d like to wish you a safe and happy remainder of this holiday weekend. Please remember those who’ve served our country over the years, throughout the wars, and have given their ultimate sacrifice, so we can presently enjoy the privilege of liberty and all the perks that go along with it.

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  1. Susan-

    What a lovely post. This weekend, I remember my Uncke Benny, who was in both the Battle of the Bulge and D-Day, and returned home safely.
    BTW-I just b ought you story and look forward to reading it.
    G-d bless you and the memory of your husband.

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