A Fabulous Spring

In the Washington, DC, area where I live, this has been a spectacular spring–better than any other in recent memory. I think it’s due to the weird weather. First, we had unseasonably warm days that made some flowers bloom early. Now we have cooler weather which has kept a lot of flowers blooming longer than usual. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, making sure I take in the show of nature’s splendor.

My spring adventure started with my finding a new pansy at the local garden center. I was planning to buy yellow and blue pansies and combine them in pots, but this lovely bloom has both colors in each flower.

Another burst of color came from the tulips and daffodils planted around the area. Here are some spectacular tulips planted outside the athletic club that I go to three times a week.

One thing I envy about cooler climates: residents can plant vibrantly-colored primroses and have them come back year after year. Although most of the varieties won’t survive the stifling days of a Maryland summer, there are a few exceptions. These bright red ones have been in my garden for four years.

Unfortunately, that’s the only color they come in. But I do have some new candelabra primroses that a friend gave me. They do have flowers in several shades.

And here are the pretty wood hyacinths that come back year after year. Not only do they come back, but they keep multiplying.

Of course, the stars of the DC spring are the azaleas. This is one of my favorites, right near my front door.

I have a lot of them around my property but nothing compares to the wonderful azalea garden about twenty minutes from my house. It’s maintained by–of all organizations–the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. Along the shore of one of their reservoirs, they have planted a truly awe-inspiring display. Here’s the entrance.

This picture shows you how tall the azaleas are.

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