Thoughts about creating blurbs and investing in travel insurance for your vacation.

Blurb construction is an art form that either comes easily or bugs the dickens out of some authors. In order for me to concoct a description of my story to attract would-be readers, Mother Earth has to be tilted just so. The weather has to cooperate, and the mood must equate to the whimseys of the gods.

I’m not kidding – creating blurbs is tough. We know if you are not captivated by a few strong KEY sentences about our work, you, the reader, will move on. Far more challenging is penning a tagline, for me anyway. Sometimes it’s easier to write an entire story than to compose a great come hither in two short sentences or less. Personally, I thought this tagline was a good one: “A Free Pass for a Lifetime.” But I’m fairly sure a friend helped me with that one – Lynn Lamb. Anyway, this story is about the conclusion of a marriage beyond a couple’s control.

Let’s not rant on about this blurb topic because I’ve already heard a chorus of groans from my author friends. Better yet, let’s talk vacations.

My grandson Robbie had his eighteenth spin around the sun two weeks ago so my daughter, who owns a travel agency, invited me to celebrate this monumental birthday in Play Del Carmen, Mexico with them.

On our way to Isla Majerus, a beautiful island north of Cozumel we toured via golf cart.

And we had an absolute blast – but thank goodness we had purchased travel insurance before we left because after sitting through numerous delays for eight hours at the airport to return home, our flight was canceled, which is a bizarre story for another time. Or perhaps you’ll be reading a fictionalized version in one of my next books.

Regardless, if we didn’t buy the travel insurance, we’d have slept in the airport in a foreign country on hard benches, instead of resting in comfy beds after a delightful meal in a hotel by the beach. And in a way better mood, because travel insurance reimburses those unexpected travel financial expenses.

In the meantime, I’d like to share one of my sweet stories about family and second-chance love – this one’s a challenge for both parties because my heroine is pregnant. I’m hoping you’d like to read it because the sequel is in progress, and boy, is it a zinger!

“Melanie Kirk discovers the man she’s considered spending her life with was only using her to achieve a means to a selfish end. Abandoned with a baby on the way, she swears never again to be taken in by a guy’s superficial words, or allow any diversions to interfere with her responsibilities.

Taylor Hutchins’s arrival in town couldn’t have come at a worse time. Hoping to stay with his brother & Melanie’s twin sister, Mary, until he finds a place to live, Taylor’s unaware the couple has been unsuccessful in starting a family. Sensitive to both her sister’s plight & the secret attraction she harbors for Taylor, Melanie offers him the guest suite in her home.”

You can read this for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or purchase it for just 99 cents.

Thank you for stopping by today and enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs!

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