Kindle Instant Book Reviews – Special Agent Booker – (99 cents)

I’ve put Special Agent Booker on sale for 99 cents this month and wanted to share this bargain with you.

When I came up with the premise for this book, I remember it seemed to write itself.

Number one, I had just returned from Waikiki in Hawaii and was thrilled with my vacation. I had been a few times before but never actually saw it through the eyes of a writer, creating a story.

I had come up with the idea of one person living with more than one father figure. In today’s world where we often have two men bringing up a child, I knew I had to play with that idea and make it fun. I found that while conceiving Booker’s three dads, they made me laugh. Hope you get the same reaction when you meet them too

Anyone who’s visited the island knows that they have ABC convenience stores on every corner. One day while I was shopping, I saw a young native girl appearing upset and watching out the window. From what I could see, she was trying to hide. Turns out it was just from her brother. When he showed up, all was fun and laughter.

But…having a wild imagination, I took that vision home with me, created a lot more drama, and began plotting a scene for my heroine where there was a teen in trouble. Then I knew I wanted her to do this for more than one young person and Agent Alia took shape.

Also… while I was there, I saw a program on the television about terrorists infiltrating an American neighborhood and my imagination again took off. I could see the action, but I could also see that because of the way some people look, they might be mistaken for the bad guys. So… in my story, I fleshed out the idea that not everyone should be hated because of the difference in the color of their skin or beliefs.

It was a fun book to produce, one I hope you’ll enjoy.

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