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Authors’ Billboard Blog Traci Hall Jan 6th 2023

Holy smokes—2023!!

Boy, 2022 was a lot of ups and downs—we got married, we got Covid, I turned in 6 books, and stayed in California for almost a month to babysit my granddaughter since my daughter is in the Navy. There were fourteen-hour days, and then some time to chill out and recover.

Instead of goals, I dusted off my vision board skills for 2023. I used to do them all the time—I am a fulltime author ready to go to the next level…what does that mean? I don’t know exactly but a streaming series would sure be nice, lol. I am open to what comes next.

Last year I tried to write a gratitude journal—I can’t read my sloppy handwriting, so I decided to type instead and now I spend five minutes with my coffee in the morning, saying thank you and sending out loving vibes to my family and friends. It’s amazing how this small exercise warms me up for the day.

Want to do a vision board? It’s fun and easy!

Things you need:

Poster board

Old magazines

Pictures that mean something to you




I added feathers to mine this year because I read that they are a sign from the angels giving you a wink that you’re on the right path.

Here is a page on Pinterest that has quotes and other things if you want to print out your own and skip the magazine! Or blend it with your magazine—it’s totally up to you how want to create it.

I cranked music I love and set my supplies out, really feeling the joy of creating and visualizing what I’d love most. Why not a house on the beach? As you cut out each thing, feel the happiness it gives you.

Now, you can’t just put some pictures on a page and wait for your ship to come in, lol. You still have to do the baby steps toward those dreams.

Example? I want a streaming contract, so what does that mean?

I’m watching videos on how to write a screenplay. I’m a busy woman, so I found a guy who teaches a 55-page pitch. I can write that, and it is nowhere as intimidating as the 120 pager.

Next, I’ll send it to my agent. Hoping for the best, the whole way.

If he says no? Well, there are places you can pitch that don’t require an agent. Also, I plan on attending conferences this year where they will teach screenplay writing and have contacts in the industry. I am a big believer in networking.

This is how I followed my dream to be a published author, so why not see if it works toward a streaming series?

Whatever your dreams are, I wish you the luck and fortitude to go after them, no matter what!

The ladies here at Authors’ Billboard write stories to take your breath away—I am so pleased to be part of the latest Christmas boxed set, Unforgettable Christmas Miracles.

Be sure to get your copy now!

Happy New Year,



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