My sweet little pet keeps me sane!

How many of you reading this post have a pet you love? Cats, dogs, hamsters, whatever – there are so many choices. I bet there’s quite a few. And… no doubt you agree with me that if you live by yourself, having something to look after is the reason you might get up in the morning and even out the door. Especially during this mangy month of January.

My puppy Charli – who I got as an eight-week-old puppy and is now three-years-old, a gorgeous white fluffy American Eskimo – is my reason for being a happy soul. I never feel alone with her always beside me. She’s funny and silly and makes me laugh a lot. Plus, she gets me. As the years passed, she began to understand certain words and always senses if I’m sad or upset.

Kinda like my husband did when he was alive. Only he never laid beside me with his muzzle on my lap, staring up adoringly. She does, and it always brings the back my smile. I do have to be careful watching sad movies because I’m a watering pot when it comes to those suckers, and she doesn’t quite get it.

Every morning after I do my writing stint, I take her for a walk – oh wait – right – she takes me for a walk because she stops at every smell, and I patiently wait till she’s ready to move on. After all, she stays beside me on the bed, drapes herself over my legs while I bury my head in my laptop, so I figure this is her time.

While outside, we visit with other dogs and of course their owners. In fact, I’ve met wonderful folks just because of her. I now know my neighbors all along the street and feel a lot more secure in the neighborhood. And I swear my kids come to see her rather than me or at least they greet her first. I’m thinking I should get down on all fours, jump on their legs, and bark until I get the loving they show her.

I love the sweet intelligent breed so much that I have a whole series called Holiday Heartwarmers with puppies like her as characters. Her happy smiles and sweet ways are really… heartwarming.

I released the latest story just before the season called Christmas is for Everyone. The reviews have shown that readers like puppy stories too.

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