Be Persistent & Watch it Pay Off

Anything we undertake comes at a price, whether in expense or energy. For writers, add some blood, sweat, and tears and we’re complete.

I’ve been trying to republish a series that I’ve been holding on to for a year and a half. I got the rights back in 2021 and finally decided to get them back on the market. My part went swimmingly, but when it came to formatting and uploading most things that could go wrong did.

Anyhooo, I think I’m almost there and it’s a testament to what persistence can do. There were times when I felt the urge to quit, but I’d outsmarted myself by putting the novels up for pre-order, so that gate was shut.

Still, all’s well that ends well and the books were even linked on Amazon today, so I’m giving thanks for that.

Is there anything you’ve been trying that hasn’t come together quite the way you expected? Have you been able to resolve the issue?

The In Medias Res Series is about two friends, one of which has been stuck in limbo after the loss of her family. One night, she does the unthinkable and her life unravels … until love knocks at her door.

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National Bestselling Author, J.L. Campbell writes in a range of genres. Campbell, who hails from Jamaica, has penned forty books. She is a certified editor, and book coach. When she’s not writing, Campbell adds to her extensive collection of photos detailing Jamaica’s flora and fauna. Visit her on the web at or

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