Rescue Pet Update!

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Rescue pet update:

So, our dog bit the mobile groomer. Since taking out her teeth is not an option—and we do love her—I need a solution.

One of the few times CH was able to hold her, when we first got her, and it was just for a minute at the airport

Pazia is not friendly. She is scared of everything but me, and if I move too fast, then even I am suspect. We have had her for nine months. We are making progress, but it is slow going. I bought anti-stress treats to make car rides less of a thing. Christopher can pet Pazia now, but still can’t pick her up. She will jump out of anybody’s arms and twist to get down, but biting the groomer was a new OMG moment. I was shocked, felt terrible, and literally threatened to have her teeth removed if she ever did it again, mostly joking, but she gets a mix of soft and kibble for breakfast so she can have soft. I can’t have a dog that bites.

Now, I was just in California for three weeks and she and Kennedi got along great. Not a nip, not a growl, I think she was so glad to have a human her size lol.

There were two other big dogs there and not a single freaking bite! I was careful of course to keep her in her own space in the back bedroom and she had her own crate. It wasn’t a problem.

This would have been the second time to use this mobile groomer. It was a woman rather than the man last time—last time, she still tried to twist out, but I had brought her into the van and he hooked her collar to the bar.

This woman might have been new. She didn’t speak English. She tried to take her from my arms, but I kept repeating that Pazia is skittish and afraid and a rescue. That language was in every text and email. So, she tried to take Pazia from my arms and my little 6 pounder twisted and bit the poor woman. She dropped Pazia so it was a good thing that we still had her leash on, or she could have darted off.  I thought it was a scratch, but she was speaking Spanish and showed me her finger—which was bleeding!! And I asked if it had been a scratch and she nodded but I don’t think she understood my question. She called her boss, and they had a long conversation that I couldn’t understand and then the boss was like, do you know your dog bit the groomer? I was like, no, I thought it was a scratch—I felt awful, but I was also very glad to have had the emails repeating over and over that she is a skittish dog, a rescue, and scared. The man who had bathed her before, who I had requested but he was off, didn’t say a word about Pazia biting and I think he would have mentioned it. Long story short, Pazia still needs her nails clipped and a bath because she sheds like crazy, and CH is allergic. The owner said that they would give Pazia a bath again if she wore a muzzle.

I have two that I bought that very afternoon. Pink, and black.

Should we change her name her to Cujo instead of Golden Peace? We wanted a dog that would fit in our apartment/travel lifestyle. For the most part, she is great for that. She doesn’t bark, she is great in the crate and sleeps all night, she doesn’t have accidents. She walks on the leash. She uses the grass on the balcony.

She doesn’t let anybody but me pick her up or hold her. It’s been nine months. She no longer fears Christopher and they have a wonderful relationship built off of his patience and treats—but he still can’t hold her in his arms.

I think writing this blog was therapeutic for me lol. We thought, rescue is the way to go. Pazia was so broken that maybe next time, I’d get a puppy. Whatever happened to her during her first year must have been so traumatic that it will take even more time and patience, and there is no guarantee that she will be “fixed.” There is way more good than bad—and now we have two muzzles to choose from so that she can still be groomed.

I am currently writing a dog rescue romance called Mistletoe on Misty Beach for our Unforgettable holiday boxed set about a female firefighter and a retired chief from the navy. Kara and Antonio already have their issues and I won’t be giving them a chihuahua mix who bites. A nice golden lab maybe who wants to cuddle and take long walks on the beach😊

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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