Happy Anniversary!

Since my sister and I were married around the same time of the year, we like to celebrate our anniversaries together with our husbands. Usually, we book rooms at a nice hotel and go out for a special dinner.

Over the years our favorite anniversary spot has been The Inn at Little Washington, located in Washington, Virginia. It’s a posh bed and breakfast, and the restaurant is now Michelin three-star rated. Recently added is a less expensive restaurant across the street where you can have lunch and dinner.

The Inn started out as a restaurant located in a former gas station but became a bed and breakfast to accommodate diners who wanted to spend the night after the hour and a half trip down from DC. We first stayed there for my birthday perhaps 30 years ago, and I remember looking out our bedroom window to see massive plantings of pink tulips in the garden.

The interior is meticulously designed, with every room charming and unique. I like the ones at the front of the building because they have large balconies.

Over the years the chef has added buildings to the inn’s campus. You can now stay across the street in one of the rooms of The Parsonage. And if you’ve got the bucks, you can book the whole Claiborne House mansion. It’s across the street behind the main building and across from an extensive formal garden.

Because the Inn is very popular, we book way in advance and look forward to this anniversary treat for months. This year was no different.

The staff always greets overnight guests with a cocktail. Next is a lovely afternoon tea with little sandwiches and sweet treats like scones and small pastries–and exotic teas. The next morning, there’s a continental breakfast, but protein options are available for an additional charge.

This year there’s a new addition to the main building, a Victorian greenhouse room. During the pandemic, the chef set up a large tent in the garden so that he could spread out the diners. He liked the extra space so much that he replaced the tent with the greenhouse. Below is the interior followed by the exterior.

My sister and I like to walk around the grounds. There’s a small farm with vegetables and herbs and also sheep, goats, a couple of llamas and chickens. Look at the palatial accommodations for the hens.

Dinner is a limited “tasting menu” in the main restaurant. The number of choices has gotten smaller over the years. There used to be three basic tasting menu options. Now there are only two–with one being vegetarian. Between courses there are small surprises–like Caesar salad ice cream–that are served to everyone. And the bread is fabulous. But I fear, sadly, this will be our last trip to the inn. I don’t mind splurging on a beautifully appointed room. But the dinner is now more than $400 per person. That’s $800 per couple–not including wine. (The price is the same for the vegetarian menu.) Given that we could book a spectacular hotel room in downtown DC for $800, I simply can’t justify paying that for dinner.

Finally, here’s the view from our balcony.

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